Apex Pro TKL: Ultimate customizable gaming keyboard.

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Revolutionizing Keyboard Excellence: The Apex Pro TKL

Embark on a new era of mechanical keyboards with the Apex Pro TKL, a groundbreaking innovation that redefines your typing and gaming experience. This keyboard marks a significant leap in technology, introducing adjustable mechanical switches for unparalleled customization.
The Apex pro TKL
Gaming RGB Keyboard

Key Features:

1. Adjustable Mechanical Switches:

   - Tailor each key's sensitivity to your preference, accommodating diverse needs from gaming to work tasks.
   - Experience featherlight touches for rapid gaming responses or opt for deeper actuation for precise typing.

2. Record-Breaking Speed and Durability:

   - Enjoy an 8x faster response, 5x faster actuation, and 2x durability for a gaming edge that surpasses all expectations.

3. OLED Smart Display:

   - An integrated command center offers real-time information from games and apps, eliminating the need to tab out for essential details.

4. Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy Frame:

   - The Series 5000 metal frame ensures a lifetime of unbreakable durability, making it the centerpiece of any high-end setup.

5. Premium Magnetic Wrist Rest:

   - A detachable soft-touch magnetic wrist rest provides full palm support, enhancing comfort during extended typing and gaming sessions.

6. Multimedia Controls:

   - Navigate your multimedia experience effortlessly with a clickable metal roller and dedicated media keys for volume adjustment and playback control.

7. USB Passthrough Port:

   - Conveniently connect USB devices directly to the keyboard, eliminating the need to crawl behind your PC.

8. Three-Way Cable Routing:

   - Keep your desk tidy with built-in channels, allowing you to choose from three cable exit points and preventing stretching and tangling.

9. Dynamic Per-Key RGB Illumination:

   - Customize your setup with millions of color options and reactive typing effects, syncing seamlessly with other SteelSeries gear for a visually stunning arrangement.

Technical Specifications:

- Switch Type:

OmniPoint Adjustable Mechanical Switch (Analog Hall Effect Magnetic Sensor)

- Actuation Point:

0.4mm to 3.6mm

- Force:


- Response Time: 


- Lifetime:

100 Million Keypresses

- Top Material:

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy Frame

- N-Key Roll Over: 

104-Key (All)

- Anti-Ghosting:


- Illumination:

Individually controllable per-key RGB

- Weight:

1.7 lbs

- Height:

40.44 mm

- Width:

139.26 mm

- Depth:

355.44 mm

- Compatibility:

Windows and Mac OS X, USB port required

- Software:

SteelSeries Engine 3.15+ (coming soon) for Windows (7 or newer) and Mac OSX (10.11 or newer)

Elevate your gaming and working environment with the Apex Pro TKL – where innovation meets unparalleled performance.

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