Evil West: Pro Tips for Dynamic Hunts

Embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey in Evil West, a gripping action title set in an alternate Wild West infested with vampires. Assume the role of Jesse Rentier, a formidable vampire hunter, and dive into the following in-depth gameplay insights:
Evil West gameplay featuring vampire hunter Jesse Rentier facing hordes with electrifying powers and deadly weaponry.
Evil West

1. Thorough Exploration for Riches:

The seemingly linear Evil West conceals treasures off the beaten path. Take your time exploring to find hidden alcoves, breakable walls, and bodies holding valuable Bucks. Keep an eye on what’s above, as shooting down hung bodies reveals additional currency.

2. Strategic Mission Replay:

Fear not if you miss collectibles; the Lore tab in the in-game menu allows seamless mission replays without affecting story progress. This proves invaluable for gathering overlooked Bucks necessary for upgrades.

3. Mastering Zapper Pull and Dash:

As hordes descend upon you, leverage the Zapper Pull and Zapper Dash. These electrifying abilities redefine battle dynamics. Pull weaker enemies, electrocute them, and follow up with melee attacks. Use dashes for crowd control or unleash energy attacks and shotgun blasts.

4. Rentier Boomstick Dominance:

Prioritize the Rentier Boomstick (shotgun) for close-quarters mayhem. Upgrade it with Bucks to enhance cooldown speed and overall effectiveness. This weapon is a game-changer against both smaller foes and larger adversaries.

5. Virgil’s Workshop Strategy:

Calico’s hub town features Virgil’s workshop, where you can reset perks for experimentation. Fine-tune your playstyle without any cost, ensuring adaptability in the face of evolving challenges.

6. Strategic Free Bullet Upgrade:

Early on, invest in the Free Bullet upgrade. This enables you to shoot weak points without expending bullets, a crucial advantage against formidable enemies with interruptible weak points.

7. Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment: 

Evil West accommodates various difficulty levels. Tailor the challenge to your preference, ensuring an immersive and enjoyable experience. Keep in mind that achieving all trophies or achievements may require completing the game on the highest difficulty without lowering it.

8. Co-op Dynamics:

While primarily a single-player experience, embrace cooperative play for added excitement. Scaled health and damage maintain balance, and the ability to resurrect each other enhances teamwork. Note that only the host progresses in the story during co-op play.
Immerse yourself in Evil West’s intense, action-packed universe with these comprehensive gameplay strategies, mastering the art of vampire hunting and conquering the challenges that await!

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