GTA Chinatown Wars: Crime Unleashed

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Welcome to the wild world of crime and chaos with "Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars" (GTA CW)! 🚗🔫

GTA Chinatown Wars logo on Liberty City skyline background
GTA Chinatown Wars DS


Rockstar Leeds, Rockstar North, War Drum Studios (Android)  


Rockstar Games, Cyberfront (Japan)  


Leslie Benzies, Gordon Hall  


Dan Houser, David Bland  


Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, Apple iOS, Android OS

Release Dates:

- Nintendo DS: March 17, 2009 (Get ready for DS mayhem!)
- PlayStation Portable: October 20, 2009 (PSP players, it's your turn!)
- iOS: January 17, 2010 (iGangsters, your wait is over!)
- Android: December 18, 2014 (Android adventurers, it's time to roll!)


Liberty City in 2009 – prepare for an urban playground of crime! 🏙️

Meet Huang Lee:

The protagonist with a vengeance and a penchant for chaos. Get ready to step into his stylish kicks!

Plot Twist:

Family sword stolen, father murdered – it's time for Huang to shake up Liberty City's underworld.


Isometric views, high-speed chases, explosive missions – GTA CW is your ticket to a handheld crime spree! 🔥

Unique Features:

- Drug Dealing Mini-Game: Test your entrepreneurial skills on the streets of Liberty City. (Nintendo raised an eyebrow, but who cares?)
- PDA Power: Missions, online shopping, and criminal connections – all in the palm of your hands!

Development Shenanigans:

- Rockstar Leeds, Rockstar North, and the mischievous War Drum Studios teamed up for this pocket-sized crime epic.
- Imagine the DS handling the chaos of GTA – think again. Chinatown Wars proved the DS could handle the heat!

Critical Acclaim:

Critics went wild for this handheld adventure, praising its technical prowess, engaging gameplay, and rebellious spirit.

Controversy Alert:

A drug dealing mini-game raised eyebrows, but the allure of Liberty City's chaos won the day!


Chinatown Wars remains a standout in handheld gaming – defying expectations and keeping the GTA spirit alive in your pocket. Get ready for crime on the go! 🎮🌆 #GTACW #ChinatownWars #DSMayhem

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