GTA: San Andreas In-Depth Guide

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1. Carl Johnson “CJ” – Voiced by Young Maylay

Carl Johnson, known as CJ, serves as the central character in “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.” Returning to Los Santos after five years in Liberty City, CJ’s primary motive is to uncover the mystery behind his mother’s murder. Caught by corrupt police upon his arrival, CJ navigates the complexities of his old gang, the Grove Street Families, dealing with his brother Sweet, sister Kendl, and friends Big Smoke and Ryder.

GTA SA Characters

CJ’s reluctance to engage with the gang stems from past skirmishes, but familial ties and the memory of his deceased brother ultimately propel him into action. Despite the challenges, CJ discovers new allies and explores various locations in the San Andreas area.

2. Sean Johnson “Sweet” – Voiced by Faizon Love

Sweet, CJ’s older brother, assumes a leadership role within the Grove Street Families gang. Resenting CJ’s departure to Liberty City and holding him responsible for family tragedies, Sweet’s loyalty to the gang is unwavering. While protective, his commitment sometimes borders on obsession, making him a complex and integral character in CJ’s journey.

3. Brian Johnson

Although absent from the game, CJ’s younger brother Brian’s legacy plays a crucial role. Brian’s death in a car accident serves as a constant reminder of the dangers associated with gang life, shaping the family’s dynamics and influencing CJ’s decisions.

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4. Kendall Johnson “Kendl” – Voiced by Yo Yo

Kendl, CJ’s sister, takes on the responsibility of caring for the family following their mother’s death. Concerned for CJ and Sweet’s safety, Kendl attempts to keep them away from dangerous situations. Her relationship with Cesar, the leader of the Variors Los Aztecas gang, adds complexity to the family dynamic and introduces additional challenges for CJ.

5. Beverly Johnson

The recent murder of CJ’s mother, Beverly, becomes the driving force behind CJ’s return to Las Santos. Despite her absence, Beverly’s presence is felt through the family’s discussions and the sole picture in their Grove Street home, symbolizing CJ’s quest for justice.

6. Lance Wilson “Ryder” – Voiced by MC Eiht

Ryder, an old friend of CJ, emerges as a prominent member of the Grove Street Families gang. Often seen with a hand-rolled cigarette, Ryder’s drug-induced intelligence becomes a focal point. However, as the narrative unfolds, CJ discovers Ryder’s involvement with rival gangs and betrayal, leading to a dramatic confrontation.

7. Melvin Harris “Big Smoke” – Voiced by Clifton Powell

Big Smoke, another member of the Grove Street Families, faces scrutiny due to his weight and love for fast food. Despite his jovial demeanor, CJ discovers Smoke’s darker side, involving him in illicit dealings with the Ballas gang. Smoke’s complex character adds layers to the narrative and sets the stage for a consequential showdown.

8. Cesar Vialpando – Voiced by Clifton Collins

Cesar, the boss of the Variors Los Aztecas Gang and Kendl’s boyfriend, adds a layer of complexity to the story. As CJ’s childhood friend, Cesar’s unique mannerisms, funny voice, and tattoos make him a memorable character. The conflicting loyalties between gangs and personal relationships create tension within the narrative.

9. Frank Tenpenny – Voiced by Samuel L. Jackson

Lieutenant Frank Tenpenny, a corrupt police officer, establishes an uneasy alliance with CJ. Manipulating him for personal gain, Tenpenny’s character evolves through various missions. The culmination of their relationship occurs in a high-speed car chase, marking a pivotal moment in the narrative.

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10. Eddie Pulaski – Voiced by Chris Penn

Pulaski, another corrupt policeman, operates alongside Tenpenny. Driven by a deep-seated animosity towards CJ, Pulaski’s character contributes to the narrative’s tension. The “High Noon” mission serves as a climactic moment, severing CJ’s ties with Pulaski and shaping the story’s trajectory.

11. Jimmy Hernandez – Voiced by Armando Riesco

Officer Hernandez, the last of the not-so-good but fair policemen, maintains a quiet demeanor. Unfortunately, his colleague Tenpenny orchestrates his demise in the “High Noon” mission, adding a layer of tragedy to the narrative.

12. Wu Zi Mu “Woozie” – Voiced by James Yaegashi

Woozie, an Asian character, emerges as a respectable figure in society. Owning several casinos and leading the Triads Gang, Woozie becomes friends and business partners with CJ. Despite his blindness, Woozie actively participates in races, shooting, and other activities, earning respect and admiration.

13. Ran Fa Li – Voiced by Hunter Platin

Ran Fa Li, Woozie’s business partner, plays a significant role in missions involving San Fierro. As a mute character, he communicates through sounds, relying on his translator. CJ’s interactions with Ran Fa Li contribute to the overall narrative and demonstrate the game’s diverse character lineup.

14. Su Xi Mu “Suzie” – Voiced by Richard Chang

Suzie, the right arm of Woozie and Ran Fa Li, aids them in business matters in San Fierro. While not the central focus, Suzie’s presence complements the broader narrative, showcasing the intricate connections within the game’s world.

15. Mike Toreno – Voiced by James Woods

Mike Toreno, a spy working for the government, assigns various missions to CJ. Toreno’s intriguing personality and unconventional manners keep players on edge. Despite initial conflicts, Toreno ultimately becomes a friend, aiding CJ’s brother’s release from prison.

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16. T-Bone Mendez – Voiced by Kid Frost

T-Bone Mendez, a Mexican character with a criminal past, collaborates with Toreno, Jizzy, Ryder, and Big Smoke. Engaged in dirty deals, T-Bone’s affiliation with rival gangs sets the stage for a climactic confrontation, contributing to the game’s overarching conflict.

17. Jizzy B – Voiced by Charlie Murphy

Jizzy B, the owner of a porn shop in northeast San Fierro, engages in deals with CJ. Known for his egotistical and rude nature, Jizzy becomes entangled in high-speed car chases, meeting his demise as CJ navigates the game’s intricacies.

18. Catalina – Voiced by Cynthia Farrell

Catalina, Cesar’s cousin, partners with CJ in various burglaries. Their relationship evolves throughout the game, leading to a captivating narrative twist. Catalina’s past ties to GTA 3 and her role as a cartel boss add depth to her character.

19. Claude Speed

Claude Speed, the protagonist from GTA 3, makes a cameo in San Andreas. Racing with CJ, Claude’s departure to Liberty City with Catalina marks a connection between the two games, reinforcing the game’s expansive universe.

20. Salvatore Leone – Voiced by Frank Vincent

Salvatore Leone, a Mafioso from GTA 3, reprises his role in San Andreas. CJ collaborates with Salvatore in missions involving the Caligula’s Casino, establishing connections to previous titles in the GTA series.

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21. Maria Latore – Voiced by Debi Mazar

Maria, Salvatore’s girlfriend in San Andreas, plays a role in CJ’s missions. Saving her from dangerous situations, including encounters with Catalina, culminates in CJ marrying Maria. This interconnected storytelling reinforces the cohesion within the GTA universe.

22. Ken Rosenberg – Voiced by Bill Fichtner

Ken Rosenberg, an old friend from Vice City, appears in San Andreas. Initially working with CJ in the Caligula’s Casino, Ken’s character reflects his cowardly nature, carrying over from his role in Vice City.

23. Kent Paul – Voiced by Danny Dyer

Kent Paul, a familiar face from Vice City, transitions to San Andreas with an interest in music and casinos. While not central to the narrative, Kent Paul’s appearances in intros and specific missions contribute to the game’s continuity.

24. Maccer – Voiced by Shaun Ryder

Maccer, a British rapper, aligns himself with Kent Paul and arrives in San Andreas. Obsessed with Madd Dog’s music, Maccer’s eccentric personality adds a touch of humor to the game. While limited in appearances, his role showcases the diversity of characters in San Andreas.

25. Madd Dog – Voiced by Ice T

Madd Dog, a Los Santos rap star, commands attention with his well-known music. CJ’s mission to steal original sheet music from Madd Dog’s villa adds an intriguing twist. The liberation of Madd Dog’s villa with Woozie’s assistance further solidifies their relationship.

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26. Jeffrey Wilson “OG LOC” – Voiced by Jonathan Anderson

OG LOC, aspiring to be the best rapper, becomes a character intertwined with CJ’s missions. Initially seeking CJ’s help in various tasks, OG LOC’s transformation into an arrogant personality serves as a dynamic element within the game.

27. Old Reece – Voiced by Bill Cobs

Old Reece, CJ’s “personal” hairdresser and an old friend, adds a touch of familiarity in Los Santos. Operating near Grove Street, Reece’s salon becomes a recurring location, providing a sense of continuity within the game world.

28. Barry Thorne “Big Bear” – Voiced by Big Boy

Big Bear, a longstanding member of the Grove Street Families gang, remains loyal to the cause. Despite his thin stature, Big Bear’s presence in various missions within Los Santos showcases the enduring connections within the gang.

29. Emmet – Voiced by Eugene Jeter

Emmet, a Los Santos gunfighter and weapon dealer for the Grove Street Families, plays a role in CJ’s early missions. Teaching CJ to shoot and offering free guns, Emmet establishes himself as a valuable ally in CJ’s arsenal.

30. Marc Wayne “B-Dup” – Voiced by Jayceon Taylor

B-Dup, a member of the Grove Street Gang, takes a darker turn after CJ’s departure. Engaged in illicit activities with the Ballas Gang and deeply involved in drugs, B-Dup’s character presents a nuanced exploration of the impact of CJ’s absence on the gang.

31. The Truth – Voiced by Peter Fonda

The Truth, a Dutch hippie, introduces CJ to missions in the countryside. From stealing a harvester to burning a marijuana field, The Truth’s eccentric character and occasional laughable moments contribute to the game’s diverse narrative.

32. Jethro – Voiced by John Zurhellen

Jethro, one of the car mechanics and Truth’s friend, becomes a valuable asset in CJ’s journey. His involvement in CJ’s garage and the suggestion to obtain a driving license in San Fierro adds depth to his character.

33. Dwaine – Voiced by Navid Khonsari

Dwaine, the second mechanic and also Truth’s friend, plays a role in CJ’s garage operations. His unique involvement, including the persuasion to incorporate Hot Dogs into his kiosk, showcases the game’s attention to diverse character interactions.

34. Zero – Voiced by David Cross

Zero, a specialist in computers, operates within the garage and invents a machine for robbing the Caligula’s Casino. CJ’s acquisition of Zero’s shop with remote-controlled toys cements their partnership, presenting a unique aspect of the game’s narrative.

35. Johnny Sindacco – Voiced by Casey Siemaszko

Johnny Sindacco, a member of the mafia in Las Venturas, becomes a focal point in missions for Woozie. His involvement in the casino business sets the stage for a high-stakes confrontation, contributing to the overarching conflict in San Andreas.

Certainly, here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas”:

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Q1: When was Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas released?

A1: “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” was released on October 26, 2004, for the PlayStation 2 in North America.

Q2: On which platforms is the game available?

A2: Initially released for PlayStation 2, “San Andreas” is now available on various platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Q3: What is the storyline of GTA: San Andreas?

A3: The game follows Carl “CJ” Johnson’s return to Los Santos after the murder of his mother. CJ becomes entangled in gang conflicts, corruption, and a vast criminal underworld as he seeks revenge and strives to rebuild his gang, the Grove Street Families.

Q4: How large is the game world in San Andreas?

A4: “San Andreas” features a massive open-world environment, comprising three fictional cities—Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas—connected by rural areas and highways.

Q5: Can you customize the protagonist, CJ?

A5: Yes, players can customize CJ’s appearance, clothing, and even hairstyles. Additionally, CJ’s physical attributes can be enhanced through activities like exercise and diet.

Q6: Are there multiple endings in the game?

A6: No, “San Andreas” has a linear narrative with a single ending. However, player choices throughout the game can influence the story and certain outcomes.

Q7: What activities can you do in San Andreas besides missions?

A7: Players can engage in various activities, including gambling, driving, cycling, working out at gyms, dating, and exploring hidden collectibles. The game offers a wide range of side activities to enhance the gaming experience.

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Q8: Are there cheat codes in GTA: San Andreas?

A8: Yes, “San Andreas” includes a variety of cheat codes that can modify gameplay, provide weapons, or alter the in-game environment. However, using cheats may disable certain achievements.

Q9: What is the soundtrack like in San Andreas?

A9: The game features a diverse soundtrack spanning various genres, including hip-hop, rock, reggae, and electronic music. The soundtrack is renowned for its depth and cultural representation.

Q10: Can you switch between cities in San Andreas?

A10: Yes, players can freely travel between the three main cities—Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas—via highways and rural areas, providing a seamless and immersive open-world experience.

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