Marvel Snap Tier List: Decks & Cards

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Marvel Snap Tier List Unveiled: Meta Decks, Cards, and Builds

Explore our Marvel Snap Tier List, meticulously curated by experts. Uncover major deck archetypes, top cards, and optimal builds for new players. Regularly updated for the latest meta trends.
Marvel Snap Tier List featuring top decks and cards for the evolving meta.
Marvel Snap

Meta Decks and Tier Guide

Silent Performer:

- Good Cards Junk – Great in Conquest [Guide 🆕]
- Ongoing Thanos

Tier 1:

- Thanos Lockjaw – Good in Conquest [Guide]
- Lockdown – Great in Conquest [Guide]

Tier 2:

- Good Cards Darkhawk – Good in Conquest 🔽 [Guide]
- Ongoing Tribunal 🔽 [Guide]
- Hela Lockjaw 🔙 [Guide 🆕]
- Electro Ramp – Good in Conquest [Guide ⭐]
- Pure Evolutionary 🔼 [Guide]
- Good Cards Black Knight – Good in Conquest [Guide ⭐]
- Good Cards Loki – Good in Conquest [Guide]

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Tier 3:

- InSheNaut 🔽 [Guide]
- Deadpool Destroy [Guide]
- Silver Surfer 🔙
- Discard Dracula 🔙 [Guide]
- Galactus 🔙 [Guide]

Budget Decks:

- Ongoing Kazoo [Guide]
- Devil Dinosaur Destroy
- Swarm Discard Aggro
- Ongoing Two Locations
- On Reveal Control [Guide]
- Big Cards

Latest Report

Our comprehensive Tier List is complemented by in-depth meta reports. Dive into the full article for detailed deck insights, justification of ranks, gameplay strategies, and alternate card builds.

Tier Explanation

- Silent Performer:

Decks with a notable presence, showcasing Cube Average and Win Rate worthy of Tier 2 or better. These can be rising archetypes or unchecked gameplays.

- Tier 1:

Decks with exceptional strengths, reliable in the current meta, offering diverse play patterns, and explosive turns. Ideal for strategic investments.

- Tier 2:

Very good decks with a slight drawback—less reliable draws, countered by popular decks, or still in progress. Requires skillful play patterns.

- Tier 3:

Decks with pervasive issues compared to higher tiers. Could be rising archetypes, old ones on decline, or niche strategies requiring substantial expertise.

- Good in Conquest/Great in Conquest:

Indicates a deck's Win Rate above 60%/65% in that mode. Cloud Power for Roblox

- Budget:

Competitive decks using only Pool 1 and 2 cards, suitable for players with similar Collection Level, Rank, and MMR range.

Data Source

Explore Marvel Snap Tracker for daily updated meta stats and analytics.

Meta Cards

Series 1 - S, A, B, C Tiers

- Notable cards include Blue Marvel, Carnage, Devil Dinosaur, Iron Man, and many more.

Series 2 - S, A, B Tiers

- Highlighted cards include Killmonger, Iceman, Morbius, Vision, and others.

Series 3 - S, A, B, C Tiers

- Key cards feature Death, Sera, Silver Surfer, Shuri, Shadow King, and more.

Series 4 - Tiers 1-5

- Introducing new cards like Darkhawk, Zabu, Knull, Snowguard, and more.

Explore the full Marvel Snap Tier List for detailed insights into the evolving meta landscape!


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