Rainbow Six Mobile: Global Launch in Sept 2024

Rainbow Six Mobile launches globally in September 2024, bringing tactical action to mobile.

Rainbow Six Mobile: Arriving September 2024

Rainbow Six (R6) Mobile is set for a global launch in September 2024, promising to bring the celebrated Rainbow Six Siege experience to mobile devices. Originally slated for a staggered release in Canada and Mexico in 2023, the launch was postponed, much to the disappointment of eager fans. Despite this delay, anticipation remains high. But will the mobile version of this tactical shooter live up to the expectations set by its PC and console counterparts? Only time will tell.

When is the Release of R6 Mobile?

While the exact launch date hasn’t been disclosed, September 2024 is the confirmed window for all players worldwide to join the siege. This marks a significant shift from the initially planned staggered release, which would have given certain regions earlier access. By opting for a simultaneous global launch, Ubisoft aims to provide an inclusive experience for all players right from the start, ensuring that everyone can dive into the action at the same time.

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The decision to move away from a staggered release might stem from the desire to create a unified player base, enhancing the multiplayer experience by avoiding regional disparities. It also suggests a high level of confidence in the game’s readiness for a global audience, hinting that Ubisoft is taking the necessary steps to ensure a smooth and polished launch.

What Caused the Delay?

Ubisoft has not provided specific reasons for the delay, but it’s not uncommon for game developers to extend development time for various reasons. This additional time could be used for further refining the mobile experience, fixing bugs, optimizing the game for different devices, or even adding more content such as new maps or Operators. Here are some potential factors that might have contributed to the delay:

1. Technical Refinements:
Adapting a game as complex and content-rich as Rainbow Six Siege to mobile platforms is a significant technical challenge. The delay could be aimed at ensuring that the game runs smoothly across a wide range of devices, from high-end smartphones to more budget-friendly options. Optimization is crucial to provide a consistent and enjoyable experience for all players, regardless of their device.

2. Bug Fixes and Quality Assurance:
Ensuring a bug-free launch is essential for any game, especially one as high-profile as Rainbow Six Mobile. Additional development time allows Ubisoft to thoroughly test the game, identify and fix bugs, and refine gameplay mechanics. This is especially important for a tactical shooter, where even minor issues can disrupt the gaming experience.

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3. Content Additions:
The delay could also be used to add more content to the game, such as new maps, Operators, and game modes. This would ensure that players have a rich and varied experience right from the start, increasing the game’s replay value and long-term appeal.

4. Player Feedback:
Ubisoft has conducted multiple beta tests to gather feedback from players. Incorporating this feedback to improve the game could be another reason for the delay. Ensuring that the game meets player expectations and addresses any concerns raised during the beta testing phases is crucial for a successful launch.

Why I am Excited for Rainbow Six Mobile

R6 Mobile is a free-to-play tactical shooter and the eighteenth installment in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six franchise. It aims to bring the intense, strategic action of Rainbow Six Siege to mobile devices, offering players the chance to experience the thrill of tactical combat on the go. Here are some reasons why fans, including myself, are excited about Rainbow Six Mobile:

1. Core Gameplay Experience:
Rainbow Six Mobile retains the core elements that have made Rainbow Six Siege so popular. This includes strategic 5v5 matches, destructible environments, and a diverse roster of Operators with unique gadgets and abilities. The mobile adaptation aims to deliver the same depth of strategy and tactical gameplay that fans have come to love.

2. Shorter Matches and On-the-Go Gaming:
One of the major advantages of the mobile version is the shorter match duration, making it ideal for on-the-go gaming. This allows players to enjoy quick, intense matches during their commutes or in short breaks, without having to commit to the longer sessions typically required by the PC and console versions.

3. Customizable Controls:
Rainbow Six Mobile offers customizable controls, allowing players to tailor the game’s HUD to fit their play style and level of comfort. This level of customization is essential for mobile games, where control schemes can vary widely based on individual preferences and device capabilities.

4. Free-to-Play Model:
The free-to-play model ensures that Rainbow Six Mobile is accessible to a wide audience. This approach has proven successful for many mobile games, attracting large player bases and generating revenue through in-game purchases and cosmetics rather than upfront costs.

5. Rich Visuals and Immersive Experience:
Ubisoft has a reputation for delivering visually stunning games, and Rainbow Six Mobile is no exception. The mobile version is expected to feature high-quality graphics and immersive sound design, enhancing the overall gameplay experience and making it comparable to its PC and console counterparts.

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Rainbow Six Mobile Beta Testing

The closed beta tests for Rainbow Six Mobile were not made globally available. Ubisoft opted to test the game with a limited audience in specific regions to gather feedback and identify areas for improvement before the wider release. There were two reported phases of closed beta tests, each serving a crucial role in the game’s development process.

Rainbow Six Closed Beta 1.0:
The initial phase likely occurred sometime before June 2023. While details about this phase are scarce, it’s common for early beta tests to focus on core gameplay mechanics, stability, and performance. This phase would have provided Ubisoft with valuable insights into how the game performs on various devices and allowed them to address any critical issues early on.

Rainbow Six Closed Beta 2.0:
The second phase ran from June 6th, 2023, to mid-July 2023. This phase likely involved a larger pool of testers and a more refined version of the game. The focus would have shifted towards balancing gameplay, testing new features, and gathering feedback on user experience. By running multiple beta phases, Ubisoft can ensure that the game meets player expectations and delivers a polished final product.

What are the Mobile Requirements?

R6 Mobile is now available for pre-registration on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Ensuring that your device meets the necessary requirements is crucial for a smooth gaming experience. Here are the registration requirements for each platform:

iOS (iPhone and iPad):

  • Requires iOS 14.4 or iPadOS 14.4 and later
  • Must have the A12 Bionic chip or later

Download Rainbow Six iOS


  • Devices that can pre-register are compatible
  • Most Android devices with 4GB RAM or more can install R6 Mobile

Ensuring compatibility across a wide range of devices is essential for a mobile game, as it allows more players to access and enjoy the game. By setting clear requirements, Ubisoft can help players determine if their devices are capable of running the game smoothly.

The Verdict

The wait for Rainbow Six Mobile has been extended, but the prospect of strategic siege action on mobile remains highly exciting. With Ubisoft’s commitment to quality, this delay could translate into a fantastic mobile adaptation that captures the essence of Rainbow Six Siege. The decision to extend development time suggests that Ubisoft is dedicated to delivering a polished and enjoyable experience for all players.

1. Ensuring Quality:
The additional development time allows Ubisoft to refine the game and ensure it meets the high standards set by the franchise. This commitment to quality is crucial for a successful launch and long-term player retention.

2. Unified Player Base:
Launching the game simultaneously worldwide helps create a unified player base, enhancing the multiplayer experience and fostering a strong community from day one.

3. Addressing Feedback:
By incorporating feedback from the beta testing phases, Ubisoft can address any concerns and improve the game based on player input. This iterative approach helps create a game that resonates with its audience and meets their expectations.

In conclusion, Rainbow Six Mobile promises to bring the intense, tactical action of Rainbow Six Siege to mobile devices, offering a rich and immersive gaming experience on the go. With its global launch scheduled for September 2024, fans have much to look forward to. Here’s hoping that Ubisoft’s dedication to quality results in a mobile siege experience that lives up to the legacy of the franchise.

Rainbow Six Mobile: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Rainbow Six Mobile?

Rainbow Six Mobile is the mobile adaptation of the popular tactical shooter game, Rainbow Six Siege. It retains the core gameplay elements of strategic 5v5 matches, destructible environments, and a diverse roster of Operators, all optimized for mobile devices.

2. When is Rainbow Six Mobile releasing?

Rainbow Six Mobile is set for a global release in September 2024. The exact date within that month has not yet been confirmed.

3. Why was the initial release delayed?

While Ubisoft hasn’t provided specific reasons, delays in game releases often occur to allow additional time for refining the game, fixing bugs, optimizing performance, and potentially adding more content to ensure a high-quality launch.

4. What are the system requirements for Rainbow Six Mobile?

  • iOS (iPhone and iPad): Requires iOS 14.4 or iPadOS 14.4 and later, and the device must have the A12 Bionic chip or later.
  • Android: Most devices with 4GB RAM or more can install R6 Mobile. If your device can pre-register the game, it is compatible.

5. Is Rainbow Six Mobile free to play?

Yes, Rainbow Six Mobile will be a free-to-play game, making it accessible to a wide audience. Revenue is likely to be generated through in-game purchases and cosmetic items.

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6. What can players expect in terms of gameplay?

Players can expect intense tactical gameplay similar to Rainbow Six Siege, including strategic 5v5 matches, destructible environments, and a wide array of Operators with unique gadgets and abilities. Matches will be shorter, designed for on-the-go gaming, and controls will be customizable.

7. Will Rainbow Six Mobile support cross-play?

As of now, there has been no official announcement regarding cross-play support between mobile and other platforms. Rainbow Six Mobile will primarily focus on delivering a seamless experience for mobile players.

8. What was the purpose of the closed beta tests?

The closed beta tests were conducted to gather player feedback and identify areas for improvement. Ubisoft ran two phases of closed beta tests in specific regions to ensure the game meets player expectations and to refine gameplay mechanics before the global release.

9. How can I pre-register for Rainbow Six Mobile?

Players can pre-register for Rainbow Six Mobile through the Apple App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices. Pre-registration ensures that you will be notified when the game is available for download.

10. What type of content will be available at launch?

While specific details have not been fully disclosed, players can expect a robust selection of Operators, maps, and game modes. Ubisoft may also introduce additional content and features post-launch based on player feedback and ongoing development.

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11. Will there be microtransactions in Rainbow Six Mobile?

As a free-to-play game, Rainbow Six Mobile will likely include microtransactions. These could range from cosmetic items like skins and weapon charms to potential in-game currency and other purchase options. Ubisoft typically ensures that such purchases do not impact the competitive balance of the game.

12. What regions were included in the closed beta tests?

The specific regions for the closed beta tests were not globally disclosed, but Ubisoft chose a limited audience to ensure focused feedback and to identify region-specific issues that might need addressing before the wider release.

13. Will there be any exclusive rewards for pre-registering?

Pre-registration often comes with exclusive in-game rewards or bonuses. These could include special skins, early access to certain Operators, or other unique items. Players should check the official pre-registration pages for details on any such offers.

14. Can we expect regular updates and new content post-launch?

Ubisoft has a strong track record of supporting their games with regular updates and new content. It’s likely that Rainbow Six Mobile will receive continuous support with new Operators, maps, and gameplay features added over time to keep the player base engaged.

15. How can I provide feedback about the game?

Feedback can typically be provided through official forums, social media channels, and in-game feedback options. Ubisoft values player input and often uses it to guide future updates and improvements.

16. Will Rainbow Six Mobile have any offline modes?

Details about offline modes have not been confirmed. Given the nature of Rainbow Six Siege’s gameplay, Rainbow Six Mobile is expected to focus primarily on online multiplayer experiences. However, some mobile games do offer limited offline functionalities or training modes, so this remains a possibility.

17. What makes Rainbow Six Mobile different from other mobile shooters?

Rainbow Six Mobile differentiates itself through its focus on tactical, strategic gameplay and its roots in the highly acclaimed Rainbow Six Siege. The emphasis on destructible environments, diverse Operator abilities, and strategic 5v5 matches sets it apart from more arcade-style shooters.

18. Will there be controller support for Rainbow Six Mobile?

While not officially confirmed, many modern mobile games offer controller support to enhance the gaming experience. Ubisoft might include this feature to cater to players who prefer using controllers over touch controls.

19. How will Ubisoft handle cheating and fair play?

Ensuring a fair and competitive environment is crucial for any multiplayer game. Ubisoft is likely to implement robust anti-cheat mechanisms and continuously monitor player behavior to maintain the integrity of the game.

20. Where can I find more information and stay updated about Rainbow Six Mobile?

For the latest updates and information, players can visit the official Rainbow Six Mobile website, follow Ubisoft on social media platforms, and subscribe to newsletters. Engaging with the game’s community on forums and discussion groups is also a great way to stay informed and connect with other fans.


Rainbow Six Mobile promises to deliver an exciting and immersive tactical shooter experience to mobile devices, capturing the essence of Rainbow Six Siege. With its global launch set for September 2024, fans have a lot to look forward to. Ubisoft’s commitment to quality and player feedback suggests that Rainbow Six Mobile will be a standout addition to the mobile gaming landscape.

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