The First Descendant Launch Analysis

Explore The First Descendant’s launch on Steam: top seller status and mixed reviews analyzed.

Players engaging in co-op looter shooter gameplay in The First Descendant
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The First Descendant Makes Waves on Steam, Overtaking Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

In a surprising turn of events, The First Descendant, a brand-new co-op looter shooter, has surged to the top of Steam’s best sellers chart, dethroning Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree. Developed by Nexon Games, The First Descendant launched amidst high anticipation and quickly garnered attention for its ambitious gameplay and free-to-play model across PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X platforms.

A New Player in the Genre

The First Descendant distinguishes itself as a third-person looter shooter, blending elements of cooperative gameplay with deep customization and progression mechanics. Positioned in a competitive market dominated by titles like Destiny and Warframe, it aims to carve out its niche with a blend of familiar mechanics and innovative features.

Launch Success and Initial Impressions

Shortly after its release, The First Descendant catapulted to the top of Steam’s sales charts, a feat previously held by the highly acclaimed Elden Ring expansion. Despite Elden Ring’s established fanbase and critical acclaim, The First Descendant’s rapid rise signals a strong initial interest from players seeking new experiences in the looter shooter genre.

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Mixed User Reception

However, the game’s launch hasn’t been without its challenges. With over 4,100 user reviews logged on Steam, The First Descendant currently holds a ‘Mixed’ aggregate score, with only 43% of players giving positive feedback. The primary source of criticism revolves around the game’s implementation of microtransactions, particularly related to the purchase and delivery of in-game currency known as Caliber.

Several users have voiced frustration over issues with purchasing Caliber packs and not receiving the expected items in-game. One reviewer lamented, “I bought the Calibers pack, the money was deducted, but I never received the Calibers. What’s going on?” Another echoed similar sentiments, highlighting a common complaint among early adopters.

Nexon Games has acknowledged these issues on their official channels, attributing delays in Caliber delivery to technical hiccups, particularly noticeable on platforms like PlayStation Store. However, the communication regarding similar problems on PC remains sparse, leaving some players dissatisfied with the handling of in-game purchases.

Community and Developer Response

In response to community feedback, Nexon Games has taken steps to address concerns and improve player experience. They have assured players that they are actively working to resolve the Caliber delivery delays and have committed to enhancing transparency in microtransaction processes moving forward. Despite initial setbacks, the developer remains optimistic about refining the game’s monetization model to better align with player expectations.

Gameplay and Features

Beyond the controversy surrounding microtransactions, many players have found enjoyment in The First Descendant’s core gameplay loop. Drawing comparisons to established titles like Destiny and Warframe, positive reviews commend its expansive world, diverse enemy types, and engaging skill progression system. One enthusiastic player described it as, “A game that blends the best aspects of Destiny and Warframe into a fresh and exciting experience.”

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The game’s structure allows for extensive customization through the unlocking of descendants, each offering unique abilities and playstyles. This flexibility has resonated positively with fans of the looter shooter genre, who appreciate the freedom to tailor their gameplay experience according to personal preferences.

Long-Term Potential and Development Roadmap

Looking ahead, Nexon Games plans to support The First Descendant with regular updates and content expansions. These updates aim to address player feedback, introduce new gameplay features, and expand the game’s universe. By fostering an active community and responding to player input, the developer aims to build a sustainable and engaging experience that evolves over time.


In conclusion, The First Descendant’s launch on Steam represents both triumphs and challenges for Nexon Games. While achieving top seller status demonstrates its immediate appeal and potential within the competitive gaming market, the mixed reception highlights areas for improvement, particularly in regards to microtransaction implementation and communication.

As Nexon Games continues to refine and expand The First Descendant, the game stands poised to carve out its place among the top contenders in the looter shooter genre. With a dedicated player base and ongoing support from the developer, the future looks promising for this ambitious new entry in the world of cooperative online gaming.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about The First Descendant and its launch on Steam:

1. What is The First Descendant?
The First Descendant is a new co-op looter shooter developed by Nexon Games. It combines third-person shooting mechanics with extensive customization and progression systems, available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X.

2. How did The First Descendant perform at launch?
The First Descendant made a significant impact by quickly rising to the top of Steam’s best sellers chart, surpassing even Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree in sales shortly after its release.

3. What platforms is The First Descendant available on?
The game is available on PC (Steam), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X.

4. What is the player feedback on The First Descendant?
Initial user reviews on Steam have been mixed, with 43% of players giving it a positive rating. Common criticisms revolve around issues with microtransactions, particularly delays in the delivery of purchased in-game currency (Caliber).

5. What are microtransactions in The First Descendant?
Microtransactions in the game allow players to purchase Caliber, which is used for acquiring cosmetic items and potentially other in-game benefits. However, some players have reported issues with these transactions not being fulfilled as expected.

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6. How has Nexon Games responded to player feedback?
Nexon Games has acknowledged the issues with Caliber purchases and has committed to resolving these problems promptly. They are also working on improving communication and transparency regarding microtransaction processes.

7. What gameplay features does The First Descendant offer?
The game features a variety of descendants with unique abilities that players can unlock and customize. It emphasizes cooperative play, diverse enemy encounters, and a progression system akin to popular looter shooter games.

8. What is the long-term plan for The First Descendant?
Nexon Games plans to support The First Descendant with regular updates, including new content and features based on community feedback. They aim to expand the game’s universe and enhance its replayability over time.

9. How can players engage with The First Descendant community?
Players can join discussions, provide feedback, and stay updated on game developments through official channels such as Nexon Games’ website, social media platforms, and community forums.

10. Is The First Descendant free-to-play?
Yes, The First Descendant is available as a free-to-play title, allowing players to download and play the game without upfront costs. However, it includes optional microtransactions for cosmetic items and possibly other game enhancements.

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