V Rising Servant Guide: Master Your Domain

Master V Rising servant guide: recruit, manage, and optimize your vampiric domain.

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V Rising: Complete Servant Guide

V Rising is a game centered around creating and expanding your vampiric domain. A crucial element of this expansion involves recruiting and managing servants to perform various tasks and hunts on your behalf. If you are new to using servants, this comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know. We’ll delve into servant coffins, the process of obtaining servants, the types of hunts they can undertake, and the server settings you can tweak to optimize your servant management.

Server Servant Options

Before diving into the game, it’s essential to configure your server settings to suit your gameplay style, especially regarding servant management. Each Castle Heart level supports a specific number of servants, starting with four at level one. This is a decent starting point, but for those aiming to build a formidable servant empire, you can increase the number of servants to a maximum of 20. However, managing such a large number can be overwhelming, so sticking with the default settings might be more practical for most players.

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Adjusting the Servant Convert Rate

One of the critical settings you can modify is the Servant Convert Rate. This setting influences how quickly a human can be converted into a servant. The default conversion time is generally sufficient for most players, but if you wish to expedite the process, adjusting the slider will reduce the time needed for conversion. This can be particularly useful if you plan to recruit a large number of servants quickly.

Tweaking the Servant Hunt Multiplier

Another important setting is the Servant Hunt Multiplier. This multiplier increases the amount of loot servants can gather from their hunts. If you are playing solo, increasing this multiplier can significantly enhance your resource collection, making it easier to progress in the game.

Hunt Duration

Currently, there is no setting to alter the duration of hunts, which can take up to 23 hours. However, this timer continues even when you are not playing, so your servant will return with loot within a day regardless of your in-game activity. This feature allows for efficient resource collection even during periods when you are not actively playing the game.

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How to Get a Servant Coffin

Obtaining a servant coffin is an integral part of the game’s storyline. By following the quests displayed on the upper left side of your screen, you’ll quickly unlock the ability to craft a servant coffin. Crafting a servant coffin requires the following materials:

  • 12x Plank
  • 8x Copper Ingot
  • 1x Greater Blood Essence

Greater Blood Essence can be crafted using the Blood Press by combining four Unsullied Hearts. If you have the matching Alchemy Lab Flooring, you only need three Unsullied Hearts to craft one Greater Blood Essence. This crafting process is crucial as it enables you to convert humans into vampire servants.

How to Get a Servant

Once you have built and placed a servant coffin, you will gain the vampiric power to dominate a human. This process involves finding a relatively strong human, charming them, and leading them back to your castle. Note that this process does not work on undead enemies or creatures.

Capturing and Subduing Humans

To begin, you need to locate a suitable human target. Stronger humans are preferable as they tend to make more effective servants. Once you have identified a target, use the Dominate Human skill available from your wheel of vampiric powers. When activated, this skill prevents you from using your primary or secondary spells, so it’s advisable to weaken the human first by lowering their HP.

Clearing the Area

Before attempting to charm a human, clear out any nearby enemies to avoid interruptions. Once the area is secure and the target’s HP is low, activate the Dominate Human skill to charm them. With the human charmed, lead them back to your castle. Since you can’t use spells while charming a human, you will be vulnerable during this time. Avoid large groups of enemies and take a safe route back to your castle.

Using Prison Cells

If you have an empty prison cell (unlocked later in the story), you can use a Dusk Caller stone to send the human into the cell. From there, interact with the cell to subdue the human, and then lead them to a servant coffin. This method provides additional security and control over your potential servants.

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Converting Humans into Servants

With the human in tow, interact with the servant coffin to begin the conversion process. This process takes time but can be expedited by using Crypt Floor, which reduces the conversion time by half. If you don’t have the flooring, the process will still be manageable, especially for your first servant.

Evaluating Servants

Initially, you will likely capture a servant from the Farbane Woods. When inspecting your servants, check their stats, which often include ‘Tracking Expertise’ and ‘Farbane Hunter.’ These stats indicate their proficiency and specialization in certain tasks and hunts.

What Are Hunts?

Hunts are missions where you send your servants to gather resources and loot. From your throne, you can command servants to embark on these hunts. When seated, a map displays all possible hunting areas. Clicking on an area reveals the potential loot and the success rate of your servant. You can also adjust the duration of the hunt; the longer the hunt, the higher the success chance.

Gearing Up Your Servants

To increase the success rate of hunts, equip your servants with appropriate gear. For example, a servant with an initial proficiency of 96 can be significantly improved by equipping them with level five to six gear and a copper axe, raising their proficiency to 326. Properly gearing your servants ensures they can handle the challenges of the hunt and return with valuable resources.

Tips for Successful Hunts

Here are some tips to enhance your servants’ success on hunts:

Increase Servant Numbers

By upgrading your Castle Heart, you can increase the number of servants you can have. Some missions allow multiple servants, improving the hunt proficiency and success rate. If you have enough servants, sending them out in groups can be more effective.

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Recycle Old Gear

Equip your servants with old weapons and armor. Instead of salvaging outdated gear, give it to your servants. This makes efficient use of resources and ensures your servants are well-equipped for their tasks. For example, when you make your first iron weapon, don’t salvage the merciless copper version you were using before. Instead, give it to your servant. This approach maximizes the utility of your equipment.

Prioritize Gear for Hunts

While it may feel like a waste to make gear for your servants, especially if you are low on resources, it’s a worthwhile investment. Properly equipped servants have a higher success rate on hunts, which in turn brings more resources back to your domain. Balancing resource allocation between your needs and your servants’ needs is key to efficient management.

Advanced Servant Management

As you progress in the game and recruit more servants, managing them effectively becomes increasingly important. Here are some advanced tips for servant management:

Specializing Servants

Assign specific roles to your servants based on their strengths and stats. For example, servants with high Tracking Expertise are ideal for resource gathering missions, while those with combat-related stats can be sent on more dangerous hunts. Specializing your servants ensures they are utilized to their full potential.

Rotating Hunts

To maximize resource collection, rotate your servants between different types of hunts. This prevents any single resource from becoming scarce and ensures a steady supply of all necessary materials. Keeping track of hunt durations and timings can help you efficiently manage this rotation.

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Monitoring Servant Health

Keep an eye on your servants’ health and wellbeing. Injured or weak servants are less effective and have a higher risk of failing or dying on hunts. Ensure they are well-rested and healed before sending them on missions. This may involve allocating some of your resources to maintain their health, but it’s a worthwhile investment for their productivity.


In V Rising, the effective use of servants is crucial for expanding your vampiric domain and ensuring a steady supply of resources. By understanding and utilizing the server settings, crafting and managing servant coffins, and strategically recruiting and equipping servants, you can optimize their efficiency and success. With these tips and strategies, you’ll be well on your way to building a powerful and prosperous vampiric empire.

FAQs on Servants in V Rising

1. What are the basic steps to recruit a servant in V Rising?

To recruit a servant:

  • Build a Servant Coffin: Follow the main quests to unlock the ability to craft a servant coffin, which requires 12x Plank, 8x Copper Ingot, and 1x Greater Blood Essence.
  • Dominate a Human: Use the Dominate Human skill to charm a strong human and lead them back to your castle.
  • Convert the Human: Place the charmed human in a servant coffin to begin the conversion process. This takes time but can be expedited with Crypt Floor.

2. How can I increase the number of servants I can have?

The number of servants you can have is tied to the level of your Castle Heart:

  • Level 1 Castle Heart: Supports up to 4 servants.
  • Higher Levels: Each upgrade increases the number of servants you can support, up to a maximum of 20 if you adjust the server settings.

3. What are the important server settings for managing servants?

Key server settings include:

  • Servant Convert Rate: Adjusts the time it takes to convert a human into a servant.
  • Servant Hunt Multiplier: Increases the amount of loot servants gather from hunts.
  • Servant Capacity: Controls the maximum number of servants you can have based on your Castle Heart level.

4. How do I optimize my servants’ success on hunts?

To optimize success:

  • Equip Appropriate Gear: Increase their proficiency by equipping them with better weapons and armor.
  • Adjust Hunt Duration: Extend the duration to improve the success rate.
  • Send Multiple Servants: Some hunts allow more than one servant, increasing overall proficiency and success rate.

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5. Can I change the duration of hunts?

Currently, there is no setting to change the duration of hunts, which can take up to 23 hours. However, this timer continues even when you are not playing, so your servant will complete the hunt within a day regardless of your in-game activity.

6. What should I do with old weapons and armor?

Recycle old gear by equipping it to your servants:

  • Outdated Gear: Instead of salvaging, equip old weapons and armor to your servants.
  • New Gear: Continuously upgrade your gear and pass down the older gear to servants.

7. How do I use the Dominate Human skill effectively?

To use Dominate Human:

  • Lower HP First: Weaken the target by lowering their HP.
  • Clear the Area: Remove other enemies to avoid interruptions.
  • Activate Skill: Charm the human and lead them back to your castle.

8. What stats should I look for in servants?

Key stats include:

  • Tracking Expertise: Indicates proficiency in resource gathering.
  • Combat Stats: Important for more dangerous hunts.
  • Specializations: Some servants have specific traits, like ‘Farbane Hunter’, that make them better suited for certain tasks.

9. How do I manage my servants’ health and wellbeing?

To maintain servant health:

  • Monitor Health: Ensure servants are well-rested and healed before sending them on hunts.
  • Allocate Resources: Dedicate some resources to maintain their health, which is crucial for their efficiency and survival.

10. Can I expedite the conversion process of humans into servants?

Yes, you can expedite the conversion process:

  • Crypt Floor: Reduces the conversion time by half.
  • Server Settings: Adjust the Servant Convert Rate to decrease the conversion time further.

By understanding these FAQs, you’ll be better equipped to manage and optimize your servants in V Rising, ensuring your vampiric domain thrives.

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