Unleashing Kazuma Kiryu: New Combat, Emotions, and Surprises in Yakuza Gaiden!

Kazuma Kiryu’s Continued Odyssey: Beyond Yakuza 6 and Like A Dragon

It appears my initial assumption that the legendary tale of Kazuma Kiryu concluded with Yakuza 6 was somewhat naive. Yakuza: Like A Dragon’s Gaiden chapter, “The Man Who Erased His Name,” has thrown a curveball, convincing me that the enigmatic Kiryu’s journey was far from over. This latest installment is more than a mere nod to long-time fans; it’s a bite-sized yet emotionally charged exploration of Kiryu’s continuing legacy.

Kazuma Kiryu
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A ‘Greatest Hits’ Vibe: Gaiden’s Compact Brilliance

Despite its noticeably shorter length compared to previous entries, Gaiden manages to encapsulate a ‘greatest hits’ vibe for the franchise. It’s a testament to the Yakuza series’ enduring appeal. From the introduction of the new Agent fighting style to a plethora of captivating side activities, the game weaves a tight package that feels both familiar and refreshingly new. The classic Yakuza story drama, ever a hallmark of the series, remains compelling.


Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC

Price: $49

Release Date: November 9, 2023

Genre: Action/adventure, beat ’em up, role playing

Agent of Action: The Evolution of Combat

Kiryu’s return as the leading man introduces the Agent fighting style, a departure from the traditional Yakuza brawler combat. This style infuses melee finesse with James Bond-esque gadgets, providing a new layer of excitement. Drones, rocket boosters, and explosive cigarettes add a flair to the combat dynamics, while the Spider ability introduces a web-slinging spectacle that is quintessentially Yakuza.

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Emotional Storytelling: Kiryu’s Internal Conflict

Gaiden delves into Kiryu’s internal conflict, portraying him as the undercover agent Joryu entangled in the machinations of the Daidoji Faction, Tojo Clan, and Omi Alliance. While it may tread familiar territory, the game skillfully unravels Kiryu’s emotional depth. Major betrayals, heartfelt moments, and the overarching theme of life choices resonate strongly, contributing to Kiryu’s evolution as a character.

Rich Side Content: Sotenbori’s Expansion

Sotenbori, a vibrant backdrop in previous Yakuza games, continues to be the epicenter of Gaiden’s narrative. The addition of The Castle, a lavish Vegas-like hub, breathes new life into the familiar streets. The Coliseum, with its one-on-one tournaments and team-based challenges, integrates management sim elements seamlessly. The diverse side activities, from Pocket Circuit racing to the Cabaret Club, ensure that players are immersed in the richness of Sotenbori’s entertainment offerings.

Compelling Substories: Akame Network Adventures

The Akame Network serves as a centralized hub for substories, offering players a chance to engage with Sotenbori’s eclectic cast of characters. With over 20 substories, Gaiden introduces nuanced narratives, ranging from the complexities of dating apps to extreme livestreamer antics. Notable crossovers and interactions with iconic characters enhance the substory experience, striking a balance between humor and emotional resonance.

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Culmination of Kiryu’s Journey: A Tearful Farewell

Gaiden acts as the missing piece in Kazuma Kiryu’s journey, depicting events before the protagonist’s cameo in Like A Dragon. Despite its brevity, the story delivers impactful moments, explaining Kiryu’s role in the upcoming Infinite Wealth. Witnessing Kiryu’s emotional depth and revisiting pivotal memories evoke a poignant response, making Gaiden a heartfelt farewell to an iconic character who has defined the Yakuza series for years.

A Resonant Legacy: Gaiden’s Lasting Impact

In summary, Yakuza: Like A Dragon Gaiden isn’t merely a sidestory; it’s a poignant exploration of Kiryu’s character, offering engaging combat, rich side content, and emotional storytelling. As a bridge between Like A Dragon and the eagerly anticipated Infinite Wealth, Gaiden leaves a lasting impact on fans of the Yakuza series. It’s a masterful blend of nostalgia and fresh experiences, showcasing Kiryu’s legacy with a mix of reverence and innovation.

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