Empowering Millennial Women in Gaming

Empowering Millennial Women in Gaming Culture: Redefining Narratives, Leadership, and Diversity Introduction: Gaming, once considered a male-dominated domain, is undergoing a significant transformation driven by millennial women. This shift challenges outdated stereotypes and highlights the diverse contributions and leadership roles women are assuming within the gaming industry. This article delves into how millennial women are […]


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Riot’s Mulhall: Esports Leadership

Riot Games Promotes David Mulhall to Lead Esports Partnerships and Business Development: A Comprehensive Analysis Riot Games, a powerhouse in the esports and gaming industry, recently announced the promotion of David Mulhall to the position of Global Head of Esports Partnerships and Business Development. This move signifies Riot’s commitment to strengthening its partnerships and expanding


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DRS Gaming Signs Sleepy

The Rise of Sleepy: DRS Gaming’s Strategic Move for PUBG Mobile Super League 2024 CSA Spring In the dynamic realm of esports, strategic team acquisitions and player signings often mark crucial turning points for organizations aiming for success. One such significant move was made by DRS Gaming, a prominent Nepali esports firm, when they signed


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