India Eyes Esports in Olympics

India’s esports growth aims for Olympic Games with strong government support.

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India Sets Eyes on Competing in Esports Games at Olympics Soon


With the rapid rise in viewership, investment, player base, and appearances at major international tournaments, esports in India is on the brink of becoming a mainstream sport. Industry experts believe that with this momentum, India could soon be competing in the Olympic Esports Games. The transformation of esports from a niche hobby to a recognized sport has been swift and remarkable, driven by technological advancements, government support, and a passionate community of gamers and enthusiasts.

Government Support and Recognition

Esports in India has gained significant traction, in part due to state support and advocacy from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The government’s decision to officially recognize esports as a ‘multi-sport’ event has provided the industry with much-needed legitimacy and support. This recognition marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of esports in India, positioning it alongside traditional sports.

“More than a decade back, gaming was nothing but a hobby of a few passionate gamers. Looking at the scenario today, we can indeed say India has come a long way. The industry has gained immense popularity and legitimacy among the masses,” said Akshat Rathee, Co-Founder and MD of NODWIN Gaming.

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Growing Popularity and Legitimacy

The journey of esports in India from obscurity to mainstream recognition is a testament to its growing popularity and legitimacy. “In the near future, we envision esports getting the same mantle as traditional sports, especially with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announcing plans to create Olympic Esports Games,” added Akshat Rathee.

This vision is supported by a FICCI-EY report that projects total esports tournament participation to reach 2.5 million participants across various titles, compared to 1.79 million in 2023. The report also highlights an increase in airtime for esports broadcasts to 8,000 hours from 6,500 in 2023, alongside a rising average minute audience.

The Role of Mobile Gaming

The surge in mobile gaming has been a significant driver of the esports industry’s growth in India. With the high number of smartphone users in the country, gaming has become more accessible to a wider audience. “The surge in mobile gaming, fueled by the high number of smartphone users in the country, has made gaming more accessible to a wider audience, driving the industry’s growth,” said Roby John, CEO and Co-Founder of SuperGaming.

India’s mobile-first approach to gaming is largely due to high data penetration and affordable smartphones. This accessibility has democratized gaming, allowing a diverse range of players to participate and compete in esports.

The Rise of PC Gaming

While mobile gaming remains dominant, there has been a noticeable surge in interest in PC gaming. Recent data from the video game developer Valve highlighted that Asia, including India, is one of the fastest-growing regions for Steam users, with a more than 150 percent increase in new users from 2019 to 2024.

As per Vishal Parekh, Chief Operating Officer of CyberPowerPC India, PC-based esports titles prominently featured in major sporting tournaments “highlight the importance of gaming PCs for grassroots development and achieving success in these events.”

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Future Prospects and Olympic Ambitions

With its growing infrastructure and increasing participation, India is poised to make significant strides in the global esports arena. The possibility of competing in the Olympic Esports Games is not just a dream but a tangible goal for the Indian esports community. The International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) plans to create Olympic Esports Games provide a platform for India to showcase its talent on the world stage.


India’s journey in the esports world has been remarkable. From being a hobby for a few passionate gamers to gaining official recognition and aspiring for Olympic glory, the progress is evident. With continued government support, increasing investment, and a growing player base, the future of esports in India looks promising. As the country sets its sights on the Olympic Esports Games, the world will be watching to see how this vibrant and dynamic community continues to evolve.


1. What is driving the growth of esports in India?

  • Answer: The growth of esports in India is driven by increasing viewership, investment, a growing player base, and significant government support. The surge in mobile gaming due to high smartphone usage and affordable data has also made gaming more accessible.

2. How has the Indian government supported esports?

  • Answer: The Indian government has officially recognized esports as a ‘multi-sport’ event, providing legitimacy and support. Advocacy from Prime Minister Narendra Modi has further cemented esports as a new-age sport in the country.

3. What are the projections for esports participation in India?

  • Answer: According to a FICCI-EY report, total esports tournament participation is projected to reach 2.5 million participants across various titles by the near future, up from 1.79 million in 2023.

4. How has mobile gaming contributed to the growth of esports in India?

  • Answer: Mobile gaming has significantly contributed to the growth of esports by making gaming accessible to a wider audience. The high number of smartphone users and affordable data plans have democratized gaming in India.

5. Is there interest in PC gaming in India?

  • Answer: Yes, despite being a mobile-first gaming nation, there has been a noticeable surge in interest in PC gaming. Data from Valve shows a more than 150 percent increase in new Steam users in Asia, including India, from 2019 to 2024.

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6. What are the Olympic Esports Games?

  • Answer: The Olympic Esports Games are a planned initiative by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to create a platform for esports to be featured alongside traditional Olympic sports, providing an opportunity for esports athletes to compete on an international stage.

7. How important is government support for the growth of esports in India?

  • Answer: Government support is crucial for the growth of esports in India. Official recognition, state support, and advocacy from key figures like Prime Minister Narendra Modi help legitimize the industry and attract investment and participation.

8. What role does the International Olympic Committee (IOC) play in esports?

  • Answer: The IOC is planning to create Olympic Esports Games, which will elevate the status of esports by integrating it with the traditional Olympic framework. This initiative provides a global platform for esports and promotes its recognition as a legitimate sport.

9. What challenges does the Indian esports industry face?

  • Answer: The Indian esports industry faces challenges such as infrastructure development, consistent internet connectivity, and ensuring widespread access to gaming technology. Overcoming these hurdles is essential for sustaining growth and achieving international success.

10. What is the future of esports in India?

  • Answer: The future of esports in India looks promising, with increasing participation, investment, and government support. The ambition to compete in the Olympic Esports Games represents a significant milestone and a goal that the Indian esports community is actively working towards.

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