Blind Esports: Beyond BGMI

Blind Esports bid farewell to its BGMI lineup on December 24, 2023, following their dominant victory at BMPS 2023. The team, which gained immense popularity over the last six months, showcased dominance in various major tournaments. Notably, the organization also said goodbye to analyst Ayogi Gamer and coach Mayavi. Rumors suggest that all seven members may be joining Team Soul, which recently parted ways with its players.
Blind Esports BGMI Farewell 2023 - Victories and Farewells
Blind Esports Team
The Blind Esports roster included:
– Jokerr (Khush Singh)
– Manya (Mohammad Raja)
– Nakul (Nakul Sharma)
– Rony (Manpreet Singh)
– Spower (Rudra)
– Ayogi (Rahul)
– Mayavi (Shubham Chawla)
In the farewell post, Blind Esports expressed gratitude and best wishes for the team’s future endeavors: “As you embark on new journeys, our heartfelt thanks go with you. Farewell to an exceptional team – your impact will be a lasting journey. Best wishes on your next chapter.”
Amid the BGMI ban in the country, Blind Esports signed Spower in January 2023. Subsequently, former Global Esports athletes Rony, Jokerr, Manya, and Nakul joined the club in April. Following the game’s re-release in May, the team actively participated in esports tournaments, securing victories in third-party events like the Skyesports Champions Series, Upthrust Challenger Showdown, and Villager Domin8r Series in June 2023.
Despite Spower’s departure to GodLike Esports in July, Blind Esports faced a slight decline, finishing ninth in BGMI Masters Series Season 2. The squad, formerly under Global Esports, had claimed the title in Masters Series Season 1.
The team rebounded with an impressive fourth spot in official tournaments, including BGIS and the India vs Korea Invitational. Spower rejoined the club in October, and together, they secured the Skyesports Championship 5.0 trophy. The year concluded with Blind Esports triumphantly clinching the BMPS 2023 trophy. Now, the star-studded lineup looks forward to a new chapter in the 2024 BGMI season with their upcoming home.

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