Esports Extravaganza 2023: Epic Showdowns Unleashed!

Esports enthusiasts exhibit fervor for various aspects, including their favorite teams and disciplines. The success of an esports tournament in terms of viewership is influenced by various factors, such as the efforts of organizers, broadcasters, and game developers. However, the pivotal factor that consistently impacts viewership is the participating teams.
Collage of esports moments featuring T1, ONIC, and thrilling matchups in 2023.
ONIC and T1
Rather than focusing on the most popular tournaments of the year, this article celebrates the standout matches of 2023, shedding light on the teams and the context of their matchups. The year witnessed record-breaking esports viewership, and here’s a glimpse into the most exciting and popular matches.

10 – ONIC Esports vs ECHO (MLBB

Southeast Asia Cup 2023)

The clash between ONIC Esports and ECHO at the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2023 secured the tenth spot. With 2.69 million peak viewers during the Knockout Stage, ONIC Esports claimed a convincing 3:0 victory, advancing to the Grand Finals of the $300,000 tournament.

9 – ONIC Esports vs ECHO at M4

World Championship

The ninth position goes to another ONIC Esports vs ECHO encounter at the M4 World Championship. ECHO triumphed 3:1 in the Upper Bracket Semifinal, eventually securing a 4:0 victory in the Grand Final against Blacklist International.

8 – T1 vs LNG Esports at Worlds 2023

Breaking away from ML:BB, the eighth spot features T1’s dominant 3:0 victory against LNG Esports at the League of Legends 2023 World Championship. This marked T1’s strong entry into the Playoffs stage.

7 – ECHO Esports

vs Blacklist International at M4

World Championship

Returning to ML:BB, the seventh spot is reserved for ECHO’s Grand Final victory against Blacklist International at the M4 World Championship, with 3 million+ peak viewers.

6 – RRQ Hoshi vs ECHO at M4 World


In sixth place, RRQ Hoshi faced ECHO in the Lower Bracket Final of the M4 World Championship, concluding with ECHO’s 3:1 win, securing their spot in the Grand Final.

5 – ONIC vs BI at

MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2023

Returning to the MLBB Southeast Asia Cup 2023, the fifth position is occupied by the Grand Final match between ONIC Esports and Blacklist International, attracting 3.65 million peak viewers.

4 – BI vs RRQ Hoshi at M4 World


The fourth spot goes to the Upper Bracket Semifinal clash between Blacklist International and RRQ Hoshi at the M4 World Championship, reaching 4.27 million peak viewers and becoming the first ML:BB match to surpass 4 million concurrent viewers.

3 – T1 vs JD Gaming at Worlds 2023

Securing the third position is T1’s 3:1 victory against JD Gaming in the Semifinals of the League of Legends 2023 World Championship, garnering 4.31 million peak viewers.

2 – ONIC vs AP.Bren at M5 World


The runner-up is the Grand Final match of the M5 World Championship between ONIC Esports and AP.Bren, reaching a milestone by breaking the 5 million concurrent viewers barrier.

1 – T1 vs Weibo Gaming at Worlds


The most popular match of the year is T1’s Grand Final showdown against Weibo Gaming at the League of Legends World Championship 2023. T1 secured a swift 3:0 victory, contributing significantly to Worlds 2023 becoming the most-watched esports tournament ever.

Most Popular Matches, one per


1. League of Legends – T1 vs Weibo Gaming (Worlds 2023)
2. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – ONIC Esports vs AP.Bren (M5 World Championship)
3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Team Vitality vs GamerLegion ( Paris Major 2023)
4. Valorant – Fnatic vs LOUD (LOCK IN São Paulo)
5. Dota 2 – Team Spirit vs Gaimin Gladiators (The International Dota 2 Championships 2023)
In summary, League of Legends and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang dominated overall viewership in 2023, showcasing the enduring influence of popular esports teams in shaping the success of events.

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