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Exciting news in the gaming realm as Blind Esports welcomes five former Team Insane BGMI players into their fold. This strategic move follows Blind Esports’ decision to part ways with their renowned roster in December 2023, a surprising turn of events despite their triumph in the prestigious BMPS tournament that same month. The ex-Blind Esports lineup quickly found a new home with India’s esteemed club, Soul Esports, on January 1, 2024, achieving notable feats in a remarkably short time.

Blind Esports BGMI players celebrating victory in esports.
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In the gaming arena, Blind Esports had a standout year, clinching multiple victories in BGMI events and amassing an impressive $190K in prize money. With their new squad, the organization aims to build on this momentum in the coming year.

Meet the talents leading the charge:
– Aadi
– Skipz
– Darkload
– Harsh
– Jazzy

Under the leadership of Aadi, the squad secured a commendable third place in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) 2023, an event ultimately won by their former counterparts. While Aadi has proven himself on numerous occasions, a major title has eluded him thus far.

Reflecting on their journey in 2023, the team faced ups and downs. Despite a lackluster performance in the BGMI Pro Scrims and the Villager Domin8r Series in June, they rallied to a podium finish in the Upthrust Survivors Saga Season 2. Notably, they claimed third place in the Skyesports Champions Series.

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Transitioning to Team Insane, the roster secured fifth place in the Nodwin BGMI Masters Series Season 2, their first major contest of the year. Impressive performances throughout the competition led to a second-place finish in the League and a fifth-place standing in the Finals. However, challenges surfaced as they struggled in the BGIS 2023, landing in 18th place and missing out on the Grand Finals. Similar setbacks occurred in the Skyesports Championship 5.0.

Despite the hurdles, the players orchestrated a stunning comeback in the BMPS 2023. Harsh, Darkload, and Skipz delivered standout performances, earning Aadi the Best IGL title in this Pro Series.

Currently, Blind Esports is actively participating in the ESL Snapdragon Pro Series. After Week 1 of the Challenge Season, the squad holds the 14th position, and they are poised to enhance their standing in the upcoming second week starting on January 19 – marking the first major tournament of 2024.

Esteemed BGMI veterans have long acknowledged the exceptional skills of these players. Now, under the banner of Blind Esports, this star-studded lineup is geared up for a robust start to the year, aiming to leave an indelible mark on the competitive gaming landscape.

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Q: Why did Blind Esports sign five ex-Team Insane BGMI players?

A: Blind Esports welcomed these players following their decision to part ways with their star-studded roster in December 2023. The new lineup aims to continue the organization’s success in BGMI events.

Q: What achievements did Blind Esports’ former roster attain with Team Insane?

A: The former Blind Esports lineup, now with Team Insane, secured notable accomplishments, including a third-place finish in the BMPS 2023 and commendable standings in various tournaments.

Q: How did the ex-Blind Esports players perform in 2023?

A: In 2023, the players faced ups and downs, with standout performances in some tournaments and challenges in others. Notably, they made a sensational comeback in the BMPS 2023.

Q: What is the current focus of Blind Esports in terms of tournaments?

A: Blind Esports is currently participating in the ESL Snapdragon Pro Series, ranking 14th after Week 1 of the Challenge Season. They aim to strengthen their position in the second week starting on January 19, 2024.

Q: What is the significance of the ESL Snapdragon Pro Series for Blind Esports?

A: The ESL Snapdragon Pro Series is the first major tournament for Blind Esports in 2024. The club aims to perform well and solidify their standing in the competitive gaming scene.

Q: How did the ex-Blind Esports players fare in the BMPS 2023?

A: Despite previous challenges, the players made a stunning comeback in the BMPS 2023. Harsh, Darkload, and Skipz delivered standout performances, earning Aadi the Best IGL title.

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Q: Are there any plans for Blind Esports to expand to other games?

A: The focus of Blind Esports currently revolves around BGMI. Future plans for expansion into other games have not been explicitly mentioned in the provided information.

Q: How did the former Blind Esports roster perform after joining Soul Esports?

A: The former Blind Esports roster, now part of Soul Esports, achieved notable accomplishments in a short period after joining the club. Details regarding specific achievements are not provided.

Q: What is the expected outcome for Blind Esports in 2024?

A: Blind Esports aims to maintain their momentum in 2024 with the new squad, building on the successes of the previous year. Specific expectations for the year are not detailed in the provided information.

Q: How can fans stay updated on Blind Esports’ performances and news?

A: Fans can stay informed about Blind Esports‘ performances and news through official announcements on the organization’s social media channels, gaming forums, and relevant news platforms.

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