Valorant Points Frenzy: Codashop Secrets

Codashop stands as a reliable third-party platform facilitating the purchase of Valorant Points and premium in-game currencies. In collaboration with Riot Games, it provides a secure avenue for players to acquire Valorant Points and other premium currencies, offering convenient local payment options that may not be readily available in the in-game store.
Valorant gameplay showcasing intense battles and strategic moments.
Valorant Codashop
For those looking to download Valorant or engage in Valorant online gameplay, Codashop becomes a key resource. The platform is approved by Riot Games, ensuring a legitimate and safe transaction process. Notably, the service does not require users to share their login information, further enhancing its safety credentials.
To buy Valorant Points through Codashop, follow these steps:
1. Visit the official Codashop website at [](
2. Select Valorant from the list of available games on the homepage.
3. Input the Riot ID associated with the Valorant account you wish to top up.
4. Choose from the available top-up options listed on the website.
5. Select a preferred payment option, utilizing the local payment choices for added convenience.
6. Provide your email address to complete the purchase.
Upon successful completion of the transaction, the purchased Valorant Points should promptly reflect in your account. In case of any delay, restarting the game is recommended to ensure a seamless experience.
Valorant Point pricing on Codashop is as follows (in USD):
– 475 VP: $4.99
– 1,000 VP: $9.99
– 2,050 VP: $19.99
– 3,650 VP: $34.99
– 5,350 VP: $49.99
– 11,000 VP: $99.99
It’s important to note that Valorant Point prices may vary by country due to exchange rates and applicable taxes. While Codashop is a reliable platform for acquiring Valorant Points, it currently does not offer Radianite; players must obtain this premium currency from the in-game store.
Valorant, being a free-to-play title, allows players to download Valorant at no cost. Microtransactions, including the purchase of Valorant Points, are optional and can be judiciously considered for acquiring preferred in-game cosmetics or to support the ongoing development of the game.

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