Beat Saber: VR Dominance 2022

Beat Saber’s Enduring Legacy in VR Gaming


Beat Saber, a pioneer in VR gaming since its 2018 launch, remains a dominant force in the industry, shaping the realm of VR rhythm games. Acquired by Meta in 2018, it continues to captivate players across various VR platforms, standing out as a must-have exclusive.

Beat Saber gameplay: Slicing through rhythm blocks with lightsabers in VR, showcasing enduring dominance and 2022 review insights.
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Gameplay Evolution:

Beat Saber’s core gameplay, wielding lightsabers to slice through rhythmically aligned blocks, proves enduringly engaging. Its easy-to-understand concept and high skill ceiling appeal to both newcomers and seasoned players, aided by diverse modifiers and accessibility options.

Expansive Library and DLC:

The game’s music library has expanded significantly, featuring renowned artists in paid DLC releases. While enriching the experience, the growing diversity in track mapping poses challenges for consistency. The cost of DLC, when added to the base game, may be a consideration for new players.

Evolution and Challenges:

Despite maintaining its addictive tactile gameplay, Beat Saber faces challenges in terms of user experience and visuals. The menu system and visuals, while serviceable, feel somewhat dated, and the piecemeal approach to updates has created inconsistencies within the game.

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As a seminal VR game, Beat Saber holds its ground, offering a timeless experience with unmatched gameplay. While minor aspects may show signs of aging, the game’s significance in VR history and its intelligent design make it an essential purchase for any new headset owner.


Beat Saber is available on Oculus Quest, Meta Quest 2, PC VR (Steam, Oculus), and PSVR.

Review Status:

This review, conducted primarily on the Quest 2 version, applies to all platforms. Updated post-publishing to include information on modding capabilities on PC.

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1. Does Beat Saber have a release date?

Beat Saber was released in 2018 and continues to dominate the VR industry.

2. Is Beat Saber available on all VR headsets?

Yes, Beat Saber is available on almost every major VR headset, including Oculus Quest, Quest 2, PC VR, and PSVR.

3. Who developed Beat Saber?

Beat Saber was developed by Beat Games, which was later acquired by Meta in 2018.

4. Are there regular updates for Beat Saber?

Yes, Beat Saber receives consistent free updates and paid DLC releases, offering a wealth of new content for players.

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5. Can I mod Beat Saber on PC for custom tracks?

Yes, PC players can enjoy additional content through extensive community modding and custom track support.

6. How does Beat Saber’s gameplay work?

Beat Saber is a VR rhythm game where players use lightsabers to slice through blocks aligned to the rhythm of music, with directional arrows guiding the slicing.

7. Is Beat Saber a solo or multiplayer game?

Beat Saber offers both solo and multiplayer modes. In multiplayer, up to five players can compete for high scores in public or private lobbies.

8. What platforms is Beat Saber available on?

Beat Saber is available on Oculus Quest, Meta Quest 2, PC VR (Steam, Oculus), and PSVR.

9. How has Beat Saber’s music library expanded?

Since launch, Beat Saber’s music library has significantly grown, featuring additional free tracks and paid DLC releases with songs from renowned artists.

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10. Are there visual improvements in newer DLC releases?

Yes, newer DLC releases feature more visually interesting environments, but there may be inconsistencies in visuals across different levels.

11. Is Beat Saber still relevant in 2022?

Absolutely. Beat Saber remains a seminal VR game, offering a satisfying and timeless experience, making it an essential purchase for new headset owners.

12. Are there plans for a sequel or major update?

While there’s no confirmation, it’s suggested that a major update or sequel, like “Beat Saber 2,” could address user experience and visual improvements.

13. Can I play Beat Saber on Meta Quest 2?

Yes, Beat Saber is compatible with Meta Quest 2, making it accessible to a wide audience.

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