Telltale Layoffs: Wolf Among Us 2 Updates

Telltale Games, the renowned developer behind The Wolf Among Us and its highly anticipated sequel, The Wolf Among Us 2, has recently confirmed significant layoffs. This revelation follows a social media post by former employee Jonah Huang, who disclosed that the majority of his team experienced layoffs in September. Huang expressed concerns about the sequel’s status, particularly its development challenges and the impact of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) on commenting about it.

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The Wolf Among Us 2

Despite the uncertainties, Telltale responded to inquiries from Eurogamer, acknowledging the layoffs and attributing them to current market conditions. The company assured that ongoing projects, including The Wolf Among Us 2, are still in production, despite the recent workforce reduction. The exact number of affected employees remains undisclosed.

This development comes on the heels of Telltale’s acquisition of Flavourworks, the UK-based studio responsible for the FMV game Erica. The company’s commitment to storytelling and exploring innovative approaches remains steadfast, although challenges persist.

In Huang’s reflections, he expressed a genuine desire for Telltale’s success, noting the cyclical nature of job insecurity in the gaming industry. Despite personal investment and favorable conditions, he highlighted the prevalent issue of layoffs in the industry, urging fellow game developers to advocate for better working conditions.

As Telltale navigates these challenges, the fate of The Wolf Among Us 2 hangs in the balance. The epic journey of storytelling continues, but with the industry’s complexities, the path to success may prove intricate.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the current status of The Wolf Among Us 2?

– Despite recent layoffs, Telltale Games has affirmed that The Wolf Among Us 2 remains in production. Ongoing projects are still actively in development.

2. How many employees were affected by the recent layoffs at Telltale Games?

– The exact number of employees impacted by the recent layoffs has not been disclosed by Telltale Games.

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3. What led to the layoffs at Telltale Games?

– Telltale Games attributed the layoffs to current market conditions. The company acknowledged the challenging circumstances but emphasized its commitment to storytelling.

4. Is The Wolf Among Us 2 still releasing on Epic Games?

– The platform for The Wolf Among Us 2 remains unspecified in the provided information. Stay tuned for updates on the release platforms.

5. Are there any updates on other ongoing projects at Telltale Games?

– Telltale Games has not provided further updates on ongoing projects beyond confirming that they are still in production.

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6. How does Telltale Games plan to support employees impacted by the layoffs?

– Telltale Games expressed gratitude for the dedication of its team and stated that they are working to support everyone impacted by the recent layoffs.

7. What challenges does the gaming industry face regarding job security, as mentioned by Jonah Huang?

– Jonah Huang highlighted the recurring issue of job insecurity in the gaming industry. His reflections underscore the need for industry-wide improvement in working conditions.

8. What prompted Telltale Games to acquire Flavourworks, and how does this relate to recent developments?

Telltale Games acquired Flavourworks, a UK-based studio known for the FMV game Erica, in August. The connection between this acquisition and the recent layoffs is not explicitly stated in the provided information.

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