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Diablo Immortal: Best Class Guide for Season 21

Diablo Immortal, the free-to-play MMORPG, presents players with a variety of classes tailored to diverse play styles. With the advent of season 21 and the dynamic meta, choosing the optimal class becomes crucial for triumphing in challenging PvE battles. Despite personal preferences, adapting to the meta enhances success in different scenarios.

Diablo Immortal gameplay showcasing top PvE classes in action.
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Importantly, changing classes doesn’t reset progress, providing players with the flexibility to explore different options. While this guide offers insights into the best PvE classes for the current season, players are encouraged to stick with the class they find comfortable. Here’s a tier list of the best classes in Diablo Immortal for PvP.

PvE Tier List:


1. Barbarian:

Renowned for tankiness and high damage output, the Barbarian excels in spamming skills, navigating mobs efficiently, and swift farming, making it a top choice for PvE battles.

2. Blood Knight:

A newer class with impressive spell vamp, exceptional spells, and dashing skills, the Blood Knight excels in regenerating health while dealing substantial damage, proving its mettle in PvEs.

3. Crusader:

Combining great damage with remarkable speed, the Crusader is ideal for hit-and-run tactics, swiftly clearing mobs and securing its position among the best PvE classes.

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1. Demon Hunter:

While offering extreme damage and prowess in long-range battles, the Demon Hunter falls short in tankiness, requiring players to prioritize movement over sustained damage against large mobs.

2. Necromancer:

A spawning class with the ability to summon the dead for assistance, the Necromancer excels in farming and PvEs, though its lower HP poses a challenge in gameplay.


1. Monk:

A less potent version of the Barbarian, the Monk boasts decent defense and offense. However, compared to other classes, it lacks in both areas, demanding players to be more strategic in gameplay.

2. Wizard:

Despite good AoE skills and damage output, the Wizard ranks low due to its vulnerability with the lowest HP in the game. Players must exercise extreme caution against incoming attacks during PvE scenarios.

As players embark on their Diablo Immortal journey, selecting the right class can significantly impact their success in PvE battles. Whether favoring tankiness, damage output, or unique abilities, understanding each class’s strengths and weaknesses is crucial for an optimal gaming experience.

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FAQs – Diablo Immortal Best Class Guide

1. Q: What is Diablo Immortal?

– A: Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play MMORPG offering various classes for players to choose from, each catering to different play styles.

2. Q: Why is choosing the right class important in Diablo Immortal?

– A: The right class is crucial for success in PvE battles, especially with the ever-changing meta. Adaptability to the meta enhances triumph in diverse scenarios.

3. Q: Can I change classes in Diablo Immortal without losing progress?

– A: Yes, players can change classes without resetting their progress. This flexibility allows for exploration and adaptation to the changing meta.

4. Q: Is it advisable to stick to a favorite class or adapt to the meta?

– A: While this guide suggests optimal classes, players are encouraged to use the class they’re comfortable with. Adapting to the meta can enhance success but isn’t mandatory.

5. Q: How challenging are PvE battles in Diablo Immortal?

– A: PvE battles, including bosses, dungeons, and raids, are highly challenging. Selecting the right class becomes crucial for overcoming these challenges.

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6. Q: Which classes are considered the best for PvE in Diablo Immortal?

– A: Barbarian, Blood Knight, and Crusader are top-tier choices for PvE battles due to their tankiness, damage output, and efficiency in various battle scenarios.

7. Q: Does the tier list for PvP classes differ from PvE in Diablo Immortal?

– A: This guide specifically focuses on PvE classes. For insights into PvP, additional resources or guides may be needed.

8. Q: Are there consequences for changing classes frequently in Diablo Immortal?

– A: No, changing classes doesn’t reset progress. Players can experiment with different classes to find the one that suits their preferred play style.

9. Q: How often does the meta change in Diablo Immortal?

– A: With the arrival of new seasons, the meta can change. Keeping an eye on updates and community discussions can provide insights into the evolving meta.

10. Q: Are there recommended builds for each class in Diablo Immortal?

– A: While this guide focuses on class tiers, specific builds for each class may vary. Players can explore additional resources for detailed builds based on their chosen class.

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