Bafta Games Awards 2024 Highlights

Bafta Games Awards 2024: Celebrating Excellence in Gaming


The Bafta Games Awards 2024 marks a significant milestone in the gaming industry, celebrating two decades of recognizing excellence in gaming. With a plethora of outstanding titles released in the past year, anticipation is high as nominees are announced, and the gaming community eagerly awaits the prestigious event.

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Baldur’s Gate 3: Leading the Pack

Baldur’s Gate 3 emerges as a frontrunner in this year’s Bafta Games Awards, securing an impressive total of 10 nominations. From its captivating narrative to its immersive gameplay, the game has captivated players and critics alike, cementing its status as a modern classic.

Among the nominations, Baldur’s Gate 3 is in contention for the coveted title of Best Game, alongside other critically acclaimed titles such as Spider-Man 2, Alan Wake 2, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

The recognition extends beyond the game itself, with actors behind beloved characters like Karlach and Astarion receiving nominations for solo awards. Samantha Béart, nominated for her portrayal of Karlach, expresses her excitement at being considered for the Performer in a Leading Role award, highlighting the significance of the recognition in such a competitive field.

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Spider-Man 2 and Other Contenders

Sony’s Spider-Man 2 follows closely behind Baldur’s Gate 3 with nine nominations, showcasing the game’s remarkable success and widespread acclaim. The sequel continues the thrilling adventures of Peter Parker, captivating players with its dynamic gameplay and cinematic storytelling.

Alan Wake 2 also garners significant attention with eight nominations, further solidifying its position as a standout title in the gaming landscape. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor each receive six nominations, highlighting the diversity and depth of experiences offered to players.

20 Years of Excellence

As the Bafta Games Awards celebrates its twentieth anniversary, the significance of the event cannot be overstated. Over the years, it has become a cornerstone of the gaming industry, recognizing innovation, creativity, and excellence across various categories.

The gaming industry’s continued growth and influence are evident in the staggering sales figures, surpassing £4.7 billion in the UK alone. This surpasses even the music industry, underscoring the immense popularity and cultural significance of gaming in contemporary society.

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The Evolution of Gaming

Reflecting on the past year, it becomes clear that 2023 was a landmark year for the gaming industry. A steady stream of new releases showcased the creativity and innovation of developers, pushing the boundaries of storytelling and gameplay.

The Bafta Games committee acknowledges the exceptional quality of the games released in 2023, attributing it to the talent and dedication of developers worldwide. From indie gems to blockbuster hits, each title contributes to the rich tapestry of gaming experiences available to players.

The Top Nominees

Beyond the leading contenders, a diverse array of titles receives recognition across various categories. Dave the Diver and Hi-Fi Rush garner five nominations each, showcasing the breadth of genres and themes represented at the awards.

The shortlist, narrowed down from a longlist of 60 games, demonstrates the rigorous selection process undertaken by Bafta to ensure the most deserving titles are honored. The nominees represent the pinnacle of achievement in gaming, reflecting the industry’s commitment to excellence.

Classic Games and Surprises

While established franchises like Baldur’s Gate and The Legend of Zelda receive well-deserved acclaim, the awards also recognize unexpected hits and indie darlings. Vampire Survivors, an indie game, took home the top award at the 2023 Game Awards, highlighting the unpredictability of the gaming landscape.

Developers of unexpected hits like Dave the Diver find themselves in contention for major awards, illustrating the diverse and inclusive nature of the gaming industry. Bafta’s willingness to embrace innovation and creativity ensures that every deserving title has a chance to shine.

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The Best of British

The Best British Game category celebrates the talent and ingenuity of UK-based developers, showcasing their contributions to the global gaming industry. From Brighton-based Bytten Studio to Scottish studio Sad Owl, nominees represent the breadth of talent across the UK.

Football Manager 2024, the latest installment in the best-selling series, receives a nomination, highlighting the enduring popularity and cultural significance of sports simulation games. The category underscores the UK’s status as a hub for gaming innovation and creativity.

Celebrating Performances

In addition to recognizing outstanding games, the Bafta Games Awards also celebrate exceptional performances by voice actors and motion capture artists. Nominees like Nadji Jeter and Yuri Lowenthal, who portray Miles Morales and Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2, showcase the talent and dedication of performers in bringing characters to life.

The inclusion of newcomers alongside established actors reflects Bafta’s commitment to showcasing and celebrating talent from all backgrounds. Whether it’s a seasoned veteran or a first-time nominee, every performer contributes to the immersive and captivating gaming experiences enjoyed by players worldwide.

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Looking Ahead

As the gaming industry continues to evolve and expand, the Bafta Games Awards remain a beacon of excellence, honoring the achievements of developers, performers, and creators. With each passing year, the awards serve as a reminder of the boundless potential of gaming to inspire, entertain, and unite players around the world.


The Bafta Games Awards 2024 promises to be a celebration of creativity, innovation, and excellence in gaming. From established franchises to indie darlings, the nominees represent the diverse and vibrant landscape of gaming, highlighting the industry’s continued growth and evolution. As the gaming community eagerly awaits the awards ceremony, anticipation builds for the recognition of the most deserving titles and individuals in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bafta Games Awards 2024

1. What are the Bafta Games Awards?

– The Bafta Games Awards is an annual event that celebrates excellence in the gaming industry. It recognizes outstanding achievements in various categories, including game design, storytelling, and performance.

2. When is the Bafta Games Awards 2024 taking place?

– The Bafta Games Awards 2024 will be held on April 11, 2024, marking the twentieth anniversary of the prestigious event.

3. Which games received the most nominations?

– Baldur’s Gate 3 leads the nominations with a total of 10 nods, followed closely by Spider-Man 2 with nine nominations and Alan Wake 2 with eight.

4. Are there any new categories or changes in the awards this year?

– While the core categories remain the same, Bafta has introduced changes to the voting process. The Best Game and Best British Game awards are now voted on by over 1,200 Bafta members, adding a new layer of scrutiny and expertise to the selection process.

5. How are the winners determined?

– The winners are determined by specially selected juries for each category, with additional input from Bafta members for certain awards. These juries comprise industry professionals with extensive experience and expertise in gaming.

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6. What criteria are used to judge the nominees?

– Nominees are judged based on various criteria, including gameplay mechanics, narrative depth, visual aesthetics, audio design, and overall impact on the gaming industry.

7. Are there any surprises or unexpected nominations this year?

– While established franchises like Baldur’s Gate and Spider-Man receive nominations, there are also surprises like Dave the Diver, an unexpected hit that garnered five nominations. Bafta’s willingness to embrace innovation ensures that deserving titles from all genres receive recognition.

8. What is the significance of the Best British Game category?

– The Best British Game category highlights the contributions of UK-based developers to the global gaming industry. It showcases the talent and creativity of British studios and underscores the UK’s position as a leading hub for gaming innovation.

9. Are there any notable performers nominated for their work in games?

– Yes, several performers have been nominated for their exceptional work in games, including voice actors and motion capture artists. Notable nominees include Nadji Jeter and Yuri Lowenthal for their performances in Spider-Man 2, among others.

10. Where can I watch the Bafta Games Awards ceremony?

– The Bafta Games Awards ceremony will be broadcasted live and streamed online, allowing gaming enthusiasts from around the world to tune in and celebrate the industry’s finest achievements.

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