Evergreen Games: Impact and Trends

Gaming Trends 2023: The Rise of Evergreen Titles and the Quest for Innovation


The gaming industry in 2023 witnessed significant shifts in player preferences and market dynamics. A report by Newzoo sheds light on the dominance of a select few games, termed “evergreen titles,” and the challenges they pose to innovation and diversity within the gaming ecosystem. This article delves deep into the trends, implications, and future outlook for the gaming landscape based on the findings of the report.

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The Dominance of Evergreen Titles:

According to the report, a mere 66 games accounted for a staggering 80% of total playtime in 2023. These games, ranging from long-standing classics like Fortnite and GTA 5 to perennial favorites such as League of Legends and Minecraft, have established themselves as cornerstones of the gaming experience for millions of players worldwide. The enduring appeal of these titles lies in their continuous updates, engaging gameplay mechanics, and strong community-driven content.

The Longevity Factor:

One of the most striking revelations from the report is the significant portion of playtime dedicated to games older than six years. Over half of the total playtime in 2023 was spent on titles that have stood the test of time, defying the notion that gaming trends are solely driven by new releases. Games like Fortnite, with its ever-evolving map and seasonal updates, and GTA 5, supported by a robust online multiplayer mode, continue to attract and retain a loyal player base years after their initial launch.

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Market Growth and Revenue:

Despite the dominance of evergreen titles, the gaming market experienced a 2.6% growth in revenue, reaching an impressive $93.5 billion. This growth underscores the resilience and adaptability of the industry, capable of sustaining momentum even in the face of evolving player preferences and market dynamics. However, the concentration of playtime in a handful of games raises questions about the diversity of offerings and the potential challenges for new entrants seeking to carve out a niche in the competitive landscape.

Challenges for New Releases:

The report’s data indicates that only 8% of total playtime was attributed to new, non-annual releases such as Diablo 4 or Baldur’s Gate 3. This disparity highlights the uphill battle faced by new titles in capturing player attention and engagement amidst the dominance of established franchises and live service games. The allure of evergreen titles, with their continuous updates and expansive content pipelines, often overshadows the launch of new IPs, leading to a crowded marketplace where visibility and differentiation become critical factors for success.

Expert Insights and Industry Perspectives:

Industry experts, including developers and analysts, weigh in on the challenges and opportunities presented by the rise of evergreen titles. Aaryn Flynn, a prominent figure in the gaming industry, acknowledges the hits-driven nature of the business, where a minority of titles command the majority of playtime and revenue. He emphasizes the historical pattern of player demand for new and improved experiences, juxtaposed against the enduring appeal of established titles that have amassed a dedicated fan base over time.

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The Impact on Innovation and Creativity:

The dominance of evergreen titles raises concerns about the industry’s ability to foster innovation and creativity. While established franchises contribute to stable revenue streams and engaged communities, they also pose challenges for new ideas and experimental gameplay concepts. The risk-averse nature of publishers, driven by the success metrics of proven formulas, may stifle the emergence of innovative titles that push boundaries and redefine gaming experiences.

Navigating the Evergreen Landscape:

As the gaming industry navigates the evergreen landscape, there is a growing emphasis on striking a balance between established favorites and new, groundbreaking titles. Strategies such as indie game support, investment in diverse talent pools, and platforms for niche genres play a crucial role in promoting innovation and diversity. Additionally, initiatives that incentivize risk-taking and reward creative endeavors can contribute to a thriving ecosystem where both evergreen titles and emerging gems coexist harmoniously.

The Future of Gaming:

Looking ahead, the future of gaming hinges on the industry’s ability to embrace change, foster creativity, and adapt to evolving player expectations. While evergreen titles continue to dominate playtime and revenue charts, there is a growing demand for fresh experiences, unique narratives, and innovative gameplay mechanics. Developers, publishers, and players alike must collaborate to shape a gaming landscape that celebrates diversity, encourages experimentation, and welcomes new voices and visions.


In conclusion, the gaming trends of 2023 reflect a dynamic and evolving industry landscape characterized by the dominance of evergreen titles and the quest for innovation. While established franchises command significant playtime and revenue, there is a pressing need to nurture new talent, support experimental projects, and cultivate a culture of creativity and risk-taking. As players continue to seek diverse experiences and novel gameplay concepts, the gaming industry must rise to the challenge of delivering innovation while honoring the legacy of beloved classics. The journey towards a vibrant and inclusive gaming future requires collaboration, resilience, and a shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of what gaming can achieve.

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to the gaming trends and evergreen titles discussed in the article:

1. What are evergreen titles in the gaming industry?

Evergreen titles refer to games that maintain enduring popularity and engagement over an extended period, often spanning several years. These games typically receive continuous updates, expansions, and community support, contributing to their long-term appeal among players.

2. Which games were identified as evergreen titles in the report for 2023?

The report highlights several evergreen titles that dominated playtime in 2023, including Fortnite, GTA 5, League of Legends, Minecraft, and Roblox. These games are known for their longevity, strong player communities, and ongoing content updates.

3. How do evergreen titles impact new releases and innovation in the gaming industry?

The dominance of evergreen titles can present challenges for new releases and innovative projects. Established franchises often command a significant share of player attention and revenue, making it harder for new titles to gain visibility and traction. This can lead to a risk-averse environment where publishers prioritize proven formulas over creative experimentation.

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4. What strategies can developers and publishers adopt to promote innovation despite the prevalence of evergreen titles?

Developers and publishers can take various approaches to foster innovation and diversity in gaming. These include supporting indie developers, investing in diverse talent, creating platforms for niche genres, and incentivizing risk-taking and creative endeavors. By encouraging a culture of experimentation and providing avenues for new voices and visions, the industry can thrive alongside evergreen titles.

5. How can players contribute to promoting innovation and diversity in gaming?

Players play a crucial role in shaping the gaming landscape by supporting innovative and diverse titles, providing feedback to developers, and participating in gaming communities that celebrate creativity and experimentation. By embracing new experiences and championing innovative projects, players can contribute to a vibrant and inclusive gaming ecosystem.

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