Reviving Riqa: Lost N64 Gem

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Rediscovering Riqa: Nintendo's Lost N64 Game Now Playable Online


In the annals of gaming history, there are often tales of lost treasures, games that were once heralded but then faded into obscurity. One such game is Riqa, an action-adventure title that could have been Nintendo's answer to Tomb Raider. Despite being promoted in the late 1990s, Riqa never saw the light of day as a commercial release. However, thanks to the efforts of a former developer and preservationists, Riqa has resurfaced, offering a glimpse into what could have been.

Riqa game screenshot showcasing futuristic sci-fi environments and gameplay
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The Rise and Fall of Riqa

The story of Riqa begins around 25 years ago when Nintendo started to promote this intriguing action-adventure game. It was teased as a third-person, sci-fi adventure with a mix of action and puzzle elements. The protagonist, Riqa, a female agent, was set to embark on a thrilling journey that promised to captivate players.

Nintendo Power, a popular gaming magazine at the time, first unveiled Riqa in its May 1999 issue. The game was showcased alongside other notable titles like Eternal Darkness, generating excitement among gamers. The magazine described Riqa as "another gorgeous new adventure from Nintendo," hinting at a release around the turn of the century.

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Despite the initial buzz, Riqa's fate took a different turn. The game's development faced challenges, and Nintendo's enthusiasm waned. It was conspicuously absent from subsequent magazine issues and E3 recaps, signaling its quiet cancellation. Riqa's brief moment in the spotlight seemed destined to be forgotten.

The Resurrection of Riqa

Fast forward to the present day, and Riqa has made a surprising comeback. Time Extension, a platform dedicated to preserving gaming history, reported that one of the original developers of Riqa, known as Ten Shu, has released several prototypes of the game online. These prototypes are fully playable, allowing gamers to experience Riqa for the first time.

Ten Shu, who worked at the now-defunct UK developer Bits Studios from 1997 to 2001, had been showcasing Riqa prototype videos on YouTube for years. Recently, the ROMs of these builds were shared within a closed community and eventually made their way to, thanks to preservation efforts by LuigiBlood. A bug fix was even applied to ensure one of the builds could run smoothly.

Exploring Riqa's Prototype

For those diving into Riqa's prototype builds, it's important to manage expectations. As with any prototype, Riqa lacks the polish of a finished retail game, especially considering its age. However, these early versions offer a unique insight into the game's development and design.

From gameplay footage and player experiences, Riqa appears to have drawn inspiration from popular titles of its era, notably Tomb Raider. The resemblance to Lara Croft's adventures is evident, albeit with a sci-fi twist. Players control Riqa as she navigates environments filled with action sequences and intricate puzzles, showcasing the potential for an engaging gaming experience.

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Riqa's Place in Gaming History

The revival of Riqa sparks discussions about its place in gaming history. During the late 1990s, Tomb Raider had emerged as a cultural phenomenon, primarily associated with PlayStation and PC platforms. Nintendo's interest in Riqa may have stemmed from a desire to tap into the action-adventure genre's success.

Interestingly, Ten Shu mentions that several of Bits Studios' canceled N64 projects later influenced the company's games for the PlayStation 2 era. This transition hints at the interconnectedness of game development and how ideas from one project can evolve into something new in subsequent releases.

Riqa's legacy also extends to other games. Bits of Riqa's concept and gameplay may have influenced Rogue Ops, a stealth-action title published by Kemco in 2003. While Rogue Ops received mixed reviews, it showcases the resilience of game ideas and how they can resurface in different forms over time.

Conclusion: Preserving Gaming History

The rediscovery of Riqa serves as a testament to the importance of preserving gaming history. Thanks to the dedication of developers like Ten Shu and preservationists like LuigiBlood, lost gems like Riqa can be unearthed and experienced by new generations of gamers. While Riqa may not have achieved commercial success during its time, its revival offers a glimpse into an alternate gaming reality and a reminder of the creativity and innovation that drive the industry forward.

Here are some FAQs about Riqa, Nintendo's Lost N64 Game:

1. What is Riqa?

Riqa is an action-adventure game that was in development for the Nintendo 64 console around 25 years ago. It was promoted as a third-person, sci-fi adventure with action and puzzle elements.

2. Why was Riqa never released commercially?

Despite initial promotion and anticipation, Riqa faced development challenges, leading to its eventual cancellation by Nintendo. The game's details and gameplay mechanics remained largely unknown until recent years.

3. Who developed Riqa?

Riqa was developed by Bits Studios, a UK-based game development studio that operated during the late 1990s and early 2000s. Ten Shu, a former developer at Bits Studios, played a significant role in Riqa's development.

4. How did Riqa resurface after being lost for so long?

Riqa resurfaced thanks to the efforts of Ten Shu, who released several playable prototypes of the game online. These prototypes offer gamers a chance to experience Riqa's gameplay and explore its unfinished world.

5. Can Riqa be played on modern hardware?

Yes, the prototypes of Riqa released by Ten Shu are playable on both emulators and actual Nintendo 64 hardware using devices like Everdrives. This allows players to experience the game as it was intended, despite its unfinished state.

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6. What is the significance of Riqa in gaming history?

Riqa holds significance as a lost piece of gaming history, showcasing Nintendo's experimentation with action-adventure games during the N64 era. Its revival highlights the ongoing efforts to preserve and explore gaming's past.

7. Are there similarities between Riqa and other games of its time?

Yes, Riqa bears similarities to popular action-adventure games of its era, particularly Tomb Raider. The game's protagonist, Riqa, and its gameplay mechanics show influences from the genre's trends during the late 1990s.

8. Has Riqa's revival sparked interest in other lost games from that era?

Riqa's revival has brought attention to other lost or canceled games from the N64 era, prompting discussions about preserving gaming history and uncovering hidden gems that may have gone unnoticed.


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