R6 Fans Boo New $10 Monthly Subscription

Rainbow Six Siege Fans Roundly Boo the Announcement of New Monthly Subscription Service

R6 Membership, costing $10 per month, will go live in June.

Rainbow Six Siege has been an ongoing success for Ubisoft for nearly a decade and shows no sign of slowing down. In March, the game set a new all-time concurrent player record on Steam with more than 201,000 players. However, not everyone is thrilled with the recent announcement of a new subscription service for Siege called R6 Membership, which promises exclusive content drops, animated skins, and premium battle pass access for $10 per month.

Rainbow Six Siege fans expressing disappointment at the announcement of a new $10 monthly subscription service during the Manchester Major event
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Subscription Service Details

R6 Membership will be available starting in June and is priced at $10 per month or $80 for an annual signup. Subscribers will receive a continuous stream of premium content, including monthly content drops with a time-limited Legendary item (sometimes animated for extra flair) and an Epic operator bundle. Additionally, subscribers will get monthly cosmetic Bravo packs and full access to the premium Battle Pass with 10 level skips.

The service aims to provide a steady stream of exclusive content, ensuring that subscribers’ operators are equipped with the best and most unique gear. Ubisoft’s decision to introduce this subscription model is likely a response to the ongoing trend in the gaming industry, where many developers are seeking new revenue streams beyond traditional game sales and microtransactions.

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Year 9 Season 2 Update

The upcoming Year 9 Season 2 update for Siege will feature a complete remaster of the Recruit, the game’s original operator. The Recruit will get a new look and new attacker and defender archetypes, allowing two different gadgets to be selected depending on the chosen role. Instead of a new operator, premium battle pass owners will receive a voucher redeemable for any current operator in the lineup. Those who already own all the operators will receive 600 R6 Credits.

The update will also include nerfs for defenders Fenrir and Solis. Fenrir’s number of F-Natt Dread Mines will be reduced to four, and they will no longer be bulletproof. Solis’ SPEC-IO sensor will have its duration and range reduced. These changes aim to balance the gameplay, ensuring that no single operator has an overwhelming advantage in matches.

A new Endless Drill mode will be introduced, giving players the chance to improve their skills without facing human opponents. This mode is designed to help both new and veteran players hone their abilities in a less stressful environment. Additionally, there will be various other updates, tweaks, and changes aimed at improving the overall player experience.

Community Reaction

The announcement of the R6 Membership at the Manchester Major this past weekend was not well received. Fans in attendance roundly booed the news. The reaction was similarly negative on Reddit, where user I-Am-Bodge posted a clip of the reaction, noting that the crowd also chanted “robbing bastards,” although this was not captured on camera. Many Reddit users expressed frustration with the new monetization system amidst ongoing issues with cheaters and a perceived lack of content in the new season. Comparisons were also made to the Fortnite Crew subscription service.

One Redditor, SlipstreamSpace117, pointed out that while Fortnite Crew offers considerable value for a free-to-play game, Rainbow Six Siege is not free-to-play. Another user, Jesus_PK, highlighted the value disparity between the Fortnite Crew and R6 Membership. He noted that with the Fortnite Crew, players can get two battle passes, 1000 currency, and exclusive sets for around 12 euros, whereas the R6 Membership offers less enticing rewards for a similar price.

The discontent extends beyond the initial reaction at the Manchester Major. On various social media platforms and gaming forums, Siege players have voiced their concerns and frustrations. Some argue that Ubisoft is focusing too much on monetization rather than addressing long-standing issues such as game balance and the presence of cheaters. Others feel that the introduction of a subscription service adds an unnecessary layer of complexity and cost to a game they already paid for.

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Potential Impact

It remains to be seen how long the community’s displeasure will last. Players who are only interested in the premium battle pass can still purchase it separately for 1,200 R6 Credits ($10 each). The content included in the R6 Membership service may ultimately prove to be worth the cost for dedicated players. However, as of now, Ubisoft’s latest initiative is not off to a strong start.

The first R6 Membership content drop is scheduled for June 28. Siege players who subscribe between June 11-18 will also receive an “early adopter bonus” of an Ash epic bundle and 600 R6 credits.

A Deeper Look at R6 Membership

Let’s dive deeper into the specifics of what R6 Membership offers and why it has stirred such a strong reaction from the community.

Exclusive Content Drops

Each month, subscribers will receive a time-limited Legendary item. These items are not just rare but are sometimes animated, adding extra flair to the customization options available in the game. The appeal of Legendary items lies in their exclusivity and visual appeal, making them highly sought after by players who value unique and standout gear.

In addition to Legendary items, subscribers will receive an Epic operator bundle each month. These bundles are designed to enhance the visual aesthetics of the operators, offering new skins, headgear, and uniforms that are not available through other means.

Bravo Packs and Battle Pass Access

Subscribers will also receive monthly cosmetic Bravo packs. These packs contain a variety of in-game items, including weapon skins, charms, and other customization options. The contents of these packs are randomized, adding an element of surprise and excitement each month.

One of the significant benefits of the R6 Membership is full access to the premium Battle Pass with 10 level skips. This feature is particularly appealing to players who may not have the time to grind through all the levels of the Battle Pass. By providing these level skips, Ubisoft ensures that subscribers can quickly unlock high-tier rewards without investing excessive amounts of time.

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Economic Considerations

From an economic standpoint, the introduction of R6 Membership represents a strategic move by Ubisoft to create a recurring revenue stream. Subscription models have become increasingly popular in the gaming industry as they provide a predictable and steady income for developers. This shift can help sustain long-term development and support for games like Rainbow Six Siege.

However, this model also places additional financial burdens on players, especially those who have already invested heavily in the game through initial purchases, DLCs, and microtransactions. The introduction of a subscription service raises questions about value for money and the overall direction of the game’s monetization strategy.

Community Concerns and Comparisons

One of the primary concerns raised by the community is the perceived lack of value in the R6 Membership compared to similar services in other games. The Fortnite Crew, for example, offers substantial value for a similar price point, including battle passes, in-game currency, and exclusive items. The comparison highlights a potential disparity in what players receive for their money, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction.

Moreover, the timing of the subscription service’s introduction has been criticized. Many players feel that Ubisoft should prioritize addressing ongoing issues within the game, such as cheating and balancing problems, rather than introducing new monetization methods. The backlash suggests that players want to see improvements in the core gameplay experience before being asked to pay for additional content.

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The Future of R6 Membership

The success of R6 Membership will ultimately depend on how Ubisoft responds to community feedback and whether the value of the subscription justifies its cost. The initial negative reaction could be mitigated by adjustments to the service, such as offering more valuable or desirable content, addressing player concerns about game issues, and providing clearer communication about the benefits of subscribing.

If Ubisoft can demonstrate that the R6 Membership enhances the overall player experience and provides worthwhile content, it may eventually be accepted by the community. However, this will require careful balancing of monetization and game quality, ensuring that players feel their investment is justified.


The introduction of the R6 Membership subscription service has sparked significant controversy within the Rainbow Six Siege community. While it offers a range of exclusive content and benefits, the $10 per month price tag and timing of its announcement have led to widespread criticism. As the first content drop approaches, it remains to be seen whether Ubisoft can address these concerns and demonstrate the value of the new service. For now, the company’s latest venture into subscription-based monetization is off to a rocky start.


Q: When will the R6 Membership service be available?

A: The R6 Membership service will go live in June 2024.

Q: How much does the R6 Membership cost?

A: The R6 Membership costs $10 per month or $80 annually.

Q: What content is included in the R6 Membership?

A: The R6 Membership includes monthly content drops with a time-limited Legendary item, an Epic operator bundle, cosmetic Bravo packs, and full access to the premium Battle Pass with 10 level skips.

Q: What is included in the Year 9 Season 2 update?

A: The update includes a remaster of the Recruit, nerfs for defenders Fenrir and Solis, a new Endless Drill mode, and various other updates, tweaks, and changes.

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Q: How have fans reacted to the R6 Membership announcement?

A: Fans have largely reacted negatively to the announcement, expressing frustration with the new monetization system and comparing it unfavorably to similar services like the Fortnite Crew.

Q: When will the first R6 Membership content drop be available?

A: The first content drop is set to roll out on June 28, 2024.

Q: Are there any bonuses for early subscribers?

A: Yes, players who subscribe between June 11-18 will receive an “early adopter bonus” of an Ash epic bundle and 600 R6 credits.

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