Uncovering ‘Animal Well’ Secrets

Unraveling the Intricacies of ‘Animal Well’: A Stellar Game with Layers of Secrets


‘Animal Well’ has emerged as a standout title in the gaming landscape, captivating players with its intricate gameplay and layers of secrets. Developed over seven years by solo developer Billy Basso, this Metroidvania puzzle-platformer has garnered attention for its depth, creativity, and the immersive experience it offers.

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The Journey of ‘Animal Well’:

At its core, ‘Animal Well’ is a puzzle-platformer that challenges players to navigate through a series of interconnected levels, utilizing a yo-yo and a wand that conjures bubbles to overcome obstacles. This gameplay mechanic, reminiscent of classic Metroidvania games, adds a layer of strategy and exploration to the experience.

The Three Layers of Gameplay:

1. Puzzle-Platformer Experience: The first layer of ‘Animal Well’ introduces players to its puzzle-platformer mechanics. As they progress, they accumulate an inventory of items that aid in overcoming challenges and unlocking new pathways.
2. Uncovering Secrets: The second layer delves deeper into the game’s world, encouraging players to use their observational skills and problem-solving abilities to uncover hidden secrets. This includes a quest to find 64 hidden eggs, adding an element of discovery and exploration.
3. Hidden Mysteries: The third layer unveils the true depth of ‘Animal Well,’ with meticulously hidden mysteries that challenge even the most dedicated players. These secrets, carefully crafted by Basso, are designed to remain undiscovered for years, adding a sense of intrigue and long-term engagement.

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The Creative Process:

Billy Basso’s journey in developing ‘Animal Well’ began as a passion project while working on other games. Inspired by classic Metroidvania titles and indie gems like Fez, Basso poured his heart into crafting a game that resonated with his vision.
Despite initial plans for a quick release, ‘Animal Well’ evolved into a comprehensive experience, with Basso handling everything from artwork and music composition to coding the game engine. This hands-on approach allowed him to maintain creative control and ensure every aspect of the game aligned with his vision.

Partnership and Development:

As ‘Animal Well’ progressed, Basso partnered with veteran marketer Dan Adelman, who recognized the game’s potential and offered support in business development. This partnership facilitated the game’s growth and paved the way for a successful launch.
In 2022, ‘Animal Well’ caught the attention of Bigmode, an independent game publisher led by YouTuber Jason “videogamedunkey” Gastrow and his wife Leah Gastrow. With their support, the game underwent playtesting, marketing initiatives, and distribution strategies, setting the stage for its release.

The Intriguing Gameplay:

‘Animal Well’ offers a gameplay experience that combines elements of exploration, puzzle-solving, and uncovering hidden secrets. Players are immersed in a vibrant world filled with whimsical creatures and intricate puzzles, keeping them engaged and challenged throughout their journey.
The game’s replayability is enhanced by its complex mysteries, encouraging players to collaborate and share insights in unraveling its deepest secrets. From assembling papercraft to deciphering meta-details, ‘Animal Well’ offers a unique and rewarding experience for those willing to delve into its mysteries.


‘Animal Well’ stands as a testament to Billy Basso’s dedication and creativity, showcasing the potential of indie games to deliver immersive and captivating experiences. With its multi-layered gameplay, hidden secrets, and collaborative exploration, ‘Animal Well’ has earned its place as a stellar game in the gaming landscape.

Here are some FAQs about ‘Animal Well’:

1. What is ‘Animal Well’?

‘Animal Well’ is a puzzle-platformer video game developed by solo developer Billy Basso. It features Metroidvania-style gameplay with layers of secrets and mysteries.

2. Who is the developer of ‘Animal Well’?

‘Animal Well’ is developed by Billy Basso, a veteran game programmer who dedicated over seven years to crafting the game’s intricate world and gameplay.

3. What platforms is ‘Animal Well’ available on?

As of its release, ‘Animal Well’ is available on PC (Microsoft Windows) platform. There’s no information available yet regarding potential releases on other platforms.

4. What is the gameplay like in ‘Animal Well’?

‘Animal Well’ offers a puzzle-platformer experience where players use a yo-yo and a wand to navigate through levels, overcome obstacles, and uncover hidden secrets. The game also features exploration elements and intricate puzzles.

5. How long did it take to develop ‘Animal Well’?

Billy Basso spent over seven years developing ‘Animal Well,’ handling everything from artwork and music composition to coding the game engine.

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6. Are there multiplayer features in ‘Animal Well’?

‘Animal Well’ is primarily a single-player experience with no multiplayer features. However, players can collaborate and share insights to uncover the game’s deepest secrets.

7. What sets ‘Animal Well’ apart from other puzzle-platformers?

‘Animal Well’ stands out for its multi-layered gameplay, intricate level design, and the depth of its hidden secrets. It challenges players to think creatively and explore every aspect of its world.

8. Is ‘Animal Well’ suitable for players of all skill levels?

While ‘Animal Well’ offers a challenging experience with its secrets and puzzles, it caters to players of varying skill levels. Beginners can enjoy the core gameplay, while experienced players can delve deeper into uncovering hidden mysteries.

9. What can players expect from the hidden secrets in ‘Animal Well’?

‘Animal Well’ features hidden secrets and mysteries that go beyond the main storyline. These secrets are designed to be challenging and may take years to uncover, adding long-term engagement to the game.

10. Is there replay value in ‘Animal Well’?

Yes, ‘Animal Well‘ offers replayability through its hidden secrets, collaborative exploration, and the satisfaction of uncovering new discoveries with each playthrough. It encourages players to revisit levels and share their findings with others.

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