Chained Together: Ultimate Co-op Challenge

Chained Together: A co-op platformer on Steam testing teamwork and friendship

The Latest Friendship-Ruining Co-Op Game on Steam: Chained Together

Chained Together requires a lot of coordination, and even more forgiveness.

Like karaoke, escape rooms, and showering, some things are just more fun with friends. The same goes with games: solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles can turn beating a game into a true collaboration, and that’s a feeling you just can’t get when playing solo. Co-op games have a special place in the hearts of gamers, providing unique challenges and camaraderie that single-player experiences often lack.

But every so often, a co-op game comes along that feels like it’s designed to end your friendships rather than strengthen them. (Overcooked: I’m looking at you.) The latest entry in that category is called Chained Together, a brutally punishing multiplayer platformer where you’re literally connected at the waist to your co-op partners by a chain. This unique mechanic transforms what could be a straightforward platformer into a test of patience, coordination, and trust.

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You and your pal or pals (it supports up to four players) find yourselves in the depths of hell, and the only way out is up. Way up. You must climb a massive tower of moving platforms, narrow ledges, spinning traps, and other hazards to escape. Each step must be taken with caution because your movements directly affect your teammates. If one player mistimes a jump or missteps, the entire group can plummet back to the start, adding an extra layer of tension to every decision.

The game’s setting is as hellish as its mechanics. The environment is filled with dark, foreboding visuals and ominous soundscapes that enhance the feeling of being trapped in a nightmare. The towering structure you must ascend is littered with obstacles that seem specifically designed to test the limits of your cooperation and patience. From spinning saw blades to shifting platforms that require impeccable timing, every inch of the climb is fraught with danger.

But watch your step! Your fates are linked because your bodies are, so if one of you makes a poorly timed leap, the rest of you will suffer the consequences, which is usually a long, tumbling fall back to the bottom of the giant tower you just spent the last hour painstakingly climbing. This feature makes Chained Together not just a game about platforming skills, but also about communication and teamwork. Each player must be constantly aware of their partners’ positions and movements, making it a true test of collective coordination.

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I haven’t played it myself yet (weirdly, there is a solo mode, too), but it’s one of those games that’s as much fun to watch people succeed at as it is to watch them horribly fail. The entertainment value of Chained Together extends beyond just playing; it’s also a spectacle for viewers. Watching a group of players navigate the tower, shouting directions and blaming each other for falls, can be just as engaging as participating in the chaos. It’s the kind of game that’s perfect for streaming, where the audience can relish the shared frustration and triumphs.

There are three different modes, so you can choose how many screaming matches you want to have with your soon-to-be former friends. If you fall in beginner mode, you can resume at the highest point you previously reached, which is nice and forgiving. This mode is perfect for those who are just getting started or who want to enjoy a less stressful experience. It allows players to learn the mechanics and develop their teamwork without the constant fear of losing all progress.

In normal mode, there’s no safety net, so if you fall, you start over from the beginning. Ouch. This mode is for players who crave a challenge and are ready to test their skills and patience to the limit. The absence of checkpoints means every mistake is costly, and reaching the top requires not only skill but also endurance and perseverance. It’s a true test of friendship and coordination, where every step must be carefully considered.

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And in lava mode, the level is steadily being consumed by liquid hot magma. You’ve gotta climb quickly to stay ahead of the heat, which makes your reckless jumps even more perilous. This mode adds a time pressure element to the game, forcing players to make quick decisions and act swiftly. The rising lava is an ever-present threat, adding a layer of urgency that can lead to panic and mistakes. It’s the ultimate test of teamwork under pressure, where hesitation can be fatal.

Chained Together is only a few bucks on Steam, and it’s quickly become a hit in the week since it launched: today it peaked at about 94,000 concurrent players. The game’s popularity can be attributed to its unique mechanics, challenging gameplay, and the sheer fun of playing (and failing) with friends. It’s a game that has captured the interest of the gaming community, and its player base continues to grow as more people discover the joy and frustration of being chained to their friends.

Just like its players, it’ll be fun to see how high it climbs before it starts tumbling back down. The game’s design ensures that it remains engaging and challenging, making it a staple for co-op gaming sessions. As more players take on the challenge and share their experiences, Chained Together is likely to maintain its popularity, offering endless hours of friendship-testing fun.

In summary, Chained Together is a unique and challenging co-op platformer that stands out for its innovative mechanics and intense gameplay. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your friendships or test their limits, this game offers an experience like no other. With its growing player base and captivating gameplay, Chained Together is set to become a staple in the world of co-op gaming.

Chained Together: FAQs

Q: What is Chained Together?
A: Chained Together is a multiplayer platformer available on Steam where players are physically chained together at the waist and must navigate through a series of challenging obstacles and platforms to escape from hell. It supports up to four players and requires high levels of coordination and teamwork.

Q: How many players can play Chained Together?
A: The game supports up to four players in co-op mode. There is also a solo mode available for those who prefer to play alone.

Q: What are the different game modes in Chained Together?
A: There are three modes:

  • Beginner Mode: Allows players to resume from the highest point reached if they fall.
  • Normal Mode: No safety nets; falling means starting over from the beginning.
  • Lava Mode: The level is gradually consumed by rising lava, adding a time pressure element.

Q: Can I play Chained Together solo?
A: Yes, there is a solo mode available. However, the primary appeal and challenge of the game come from coordinating and cooperating with other players in the co-op mode.

Q: What platforms is Chained Together available on?
A: As of now, Chained Together is available on Steam for PC.

Q: Is there a story in Chained Together?
A: The game has a minimal narrative. Players find themselves in the depths of hell and must climb a massive tower of obstacles to escape. The main focus is on the challenging gameplay rather than a detailed storyline.

Q: What makes Chained Together different from other co-op games?
A: The unique mechanic of being physically chained to other players adds a layer of difficulty and requires exceptional teamwork and coordination. Every player’s actions directly impact the group’s success, making it a true test of cooperation.

Q: How much does Chained Together cost?
A: The game is priced at a few dollars on Steam, making it an affordable option for those looking for a new co-op challenge.

Q: Are there any updates or additional content planned for Chained Together?
A: While specific updates or additional content have not been announced, the game’s popularity suggests that the developers might consider expanding it in the future. Check the Steam page for the latest news and updates.

Q: Can Chained Together be played on a controller?
A: Yes, Chained Together supports controller input, which can enhance the gameplay experience, especially in a co-op setting.

Q: Is there voice chat support in Chained Together?
A: While the game does not have built-in voice chat, players can use external voice chat applications like Discord to communicate during gameplay, which is highly recommended for coordinating actions with your team.

Q: What are the system requirements for Chained Together?
A: The game has modest system requirements, making it accessible to a wide range of PC setups. Detailed system requirements can be found on the game’s Steam page.

Q: How has Chained Together been received by players?
A: The game has quickly gained popularity, peaking at around 94,000 concurrent players shortly after its release. It is praised for its challenging gameplay and unique mechanics that test friendship and coordination.

Q: Can you customize your character in Chained Together?
A: Character customization options are limited. The focus is more on gameplay mechanics and overcoming obstacles as a team rather than on individual character customization.

Q: Are there any tips for new players starting Chained Together?
A: Communication is key. Make sure to coordinate with your team and plan your movements carefully. Practice makes perfect, so don’t get discouraged by early failures. Learning to work together efficiently is part of the game’s challenge and fun.

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