Sony Leaks Destiny 2 ‘The Final Shape’ Early

Sony Accidentally Leaks Destiny 2’s ‘The Final Shape’ Expansion Early

It has been a disastrous morning for Bungie and the Destiny 2 community as next Tuesday’s highly anticipated expansion, The Final Shape, was leaked prematurely.

The precise details of the incident are still being investigated, but it appears to be an issue with Sony’s PS5 streaming service, which briefly made the DLC available. Though the content has since been removed, significant damage has already occurred. (Note: this article contains no spoilers.)

Destiny 2 'The Final Shape' expansion key art.
Image Credit: PlayStation.Blog

The leak allowed some players to begin the campaign and access extensive information through the collections system, leading to story spoilers circulating online. These spoilers are likely to spread further through threads, stream chats, and even in-game interactions, as is often the case with such leaks. Reports vary on how much content players were able to access, ranging from just the initial cutscene to unconfirmed claims of complete playthroughs.

Part of the leaked content includes raid mods, potentially affecting the upcoming high-profile raid race in Destiny 2. Players unaware of these leaks would be at a significant disadvantage compared to those who have seen them, regardless of how cryptic the information might be.

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This incident stands out as one of the most significant leaks and technical blunders to date, seemingly confined to Sony’s platform and tied to their streaming functionality. The exact technical failure behind this leak is still unclear, but it’s an issue Sony must address immediately to prevent similar occurrences. There are also unconfirmed reports that this error may have made Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree playable, but so far, only the Final Shape leak has been confirmed.

For Bungie, this leak is particularly disheartening, as it undermines the culmination of a ten-year saga in Destiny 2. The community is trying to limit the spread of the leaks, but the only effective way to avoid spoilers may be to stay offline until the expansion’s official release on Tuesday. Avoiding the internet is almost impossible when leaks of this magnitude occur, and unfortunately, there are always individuals eager to disseminate such information maliciously.

This situation is dire. We need to understand exactly what happened and how to prevent it in the future. For Destiny 2, however, the damage is already done.

FAQ: Sony’s Early Leak of Destiny 2’s ‘The Final Shape’ Expansion

What happened with the Destiny 2 ‘The Final Shape’ leak?

Next Tuesday’s mega-expansion, The Final Shape, was prematurely leaked due to an issue with Sony’s PS5 streaming service. The DLC was briefly available through the service, allowing some players to access and start the campaign early.

How did the leak occur?

The leak appears to be related to Sony’s PS5 streaming functionality, which mistakenly made the expansion available ahead of its scheduled release. The content has since been removed, but not before significant information was accessed and shared online.

What content was leaked?

Players gained access to the campaign and substantial information through the collections system, including story spoilers and raid mods. This has led to widespread dissemination of spoilers on various online platforms.

How far were players able to get into the game?

Reports vary, with some stating that players only reached the first cutscene, while others (unconfirmed) suggest complete playthroughs of the campaign.

What are the implications for the upcoming raid race?

The leak of raid mods could disadvantage players who are unaware of the leaked information, affecting what would be the highest-profile raid race in Destiny 2 history.

Is this issue limited to Sony’s platform?

Yes, this incident appears to be exclusive to Sony’s platform and linked to their streaming service. There are no reports of similar issues on other platforms.

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Were other games affected by this issue?

There are unconfirmed reports that Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree might have also been made playable due to a similar error, but confirmation has only been seen with The Final Shape leak.

What can the community do to avoid spoilers?

The best way to avoid spoilers is to stay offline until the official release of the expansion on Tuesday. With the magnitude of this leak, avoiding spoilers while remaining online will be challenging.

What steps is Sony taking to address this?

Sony needs to investigate and address the technical failure that led to this leak to prevent similar incidents in the future. Details on their specific actions are still pending.

How has the Destiny 2 community reacted?

The community is actively trying to clamp down on the spread of these leaks, but with the vast number of potential spoilers, staying offline remains the most effective way to avoid them.

What does this mean for Bungie?

This leak is particularly dispiriting for Bungie, as it undermines the culmination of a decade-long saga in Destiny 2. It highlights the need for robust measures to prevent such leaks in the future.

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