Corsair HS55: Budget Audio Ace

Corsair HS55 Stereo:

Elevating Gaming

Experience with Budget


Corsair HS55 gaming headset showcasing superior audio quality and comfort.
Corsair HS55 Gaming Headset


– Wireless:


– Drivers:

50mm, Neodymium magnets

– Connectivity:


– Frequency response:

20Hz – 20,000Hz

– Features:

Flip-up mic


+ Exceptional microphone quality
+ Convenient flip-up mic arm
+ Lightweight and comfortable design
+ Outstanding value for budget gamers


– Mic arm may be fiddly at times
– Older HS50 has a slightly more premium feel
Corsair’s HS55 stands out as the ultimate budget gaming headset, seamlessly combining top-notch audio, a user-friendly microphone, and robust build quality. Despite its wallet-friendly price, the HS55 manages to deliver a gaming experience that exceeds expectations in its price range.
Comfort is a key highlight, showcasing a significant improvement from Corsair’s previous budget models. The plush earcups replace the stiff foam, providing a luxurious feel during prolonged gaming sessions. Weighing a mere 284g, the headset ensures extended wear without discomfort, though the leatherette material may lead to minor sweating on warmer days—an acceptable tradeoff given its affordability.
A notable upgrade is the permanently attached flip-up microphone arm on the left earcup, a departure from the removable mic in the older HS50. This design refinement adds convenience for users who prefer stowing the mic away when not in use.
The true standout feature is the microphone’s impressive clarity. Delivering nuanced and clear audio, the HS55’s microphone surpasses expectations for a budget headset. Its performance remains consistent across various vocal tones, making it a standout element in this price category.
As a 3.5mm wired headset, the HS55’s audio and microphone quality may be influenced by your motherboard’s DAC/amp or external devices. However, this impact is usually minimal with today’s motherboards providing decent audio quality.
While the HS55 feels slightly more economical in build compared to the HS50, its enhanced comfort and lighter design justify the marginal price increase. In the realm of gaming headsets, where competition is fierce with offerings from Razer’s Kraken, BlackShark V2 X, and HyperX, the Corsair HS55 emerges as a compelling choice, offering affordability without compromising performance.

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