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Wired Gaming Controller for PC from

Are you ready to elevate your PC gaming experience to unprecedented heights? Look no further than the SCUF ENVISION Wired Gaming Controller, available on This innovative controller is designed with the discerning PC gamer in mind, offering a myriad of features to enhance control, responsiveness, and customization.

SCUF ENVISION Wired Gaming Controller for PC - Amazon
Controller for PC

Key Features:

1. Exceptional Design for PC Gamers:

The SCUF ENVISION is meticulously crafted to deliver the ultimate gaming experience. With 11 remappable inputs, ultra-fast wired connectivity, and advanced software for macros, this controller puts you in command.

2. Precision at Your Fingertips:

Experience crisp and responsive clicks with the OMRON mechanical ABXY and D-Pad buttons. The controller allows you to unlock the full power of ENVISION by mapping the fully configurable inputs to any PC shortcut, customizing your RGB Lighting Strip, and tailoring thumbstick and trigger response curves.

3. Enhanced Control Features:

Take advantage of four rear, remappable paddles, five fully remappable G-Keys, and two unique side-mounted SAX buttons. These features not only provide additional configurability but also ensure that your thumbs stay on the sticks for faster reactions.
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4. Immersive RGB Lighting Integration:

The RGB light strip, integrated with Corsair iCUE, allows for further customization, enabling you to match your RGB Lighting Strip to the rest of your gaming setup. This controller also features a profile switch, letting you save three on-board configurations for your favorite games.


By choosing to purchase the SCUF ENVISION from, you benefit from a seamless shopping experience. Amazon is renowned for its vast selection, competitive pricing, and reliable shipping. Moreover, with Amazon’s customer reviews, you can gain insights into the firsthand experiences of other gamers who have embraced the SCUF ENVISION.

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Secure Your Gaming Future:

Don’t miss out on the gaming revolution. Order your SCUF ENVISION Wired Gaming Controller for PC on today and redefine the way you play. Elevate your gaming, embrace control, and let the immersive features of SCUF ENVISION transport you to new realms of gaming excellence.

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