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In anticipation of this review, I dusted off my PlayStation 3, immersing myself in the original 2009 Demon’s Souls for about a week. What struck me most during this revisitation was the undeniable brilliance of the game, yet it undeniably felt dated. The constraints of four rolling directions, loose character controls, and an overall sense of “jankiness” were apparent. However, Bluepoint, the team renowned for the stellar 2018 Shadow of the Colossus remake, has orchestrated an exceptional transformation in the Demon’s Souls Remake for the PlayStation 5. Beyond the sheer visual splendor, this remake addresses the longstanding issues, delivering a game that not only looks breathtaking but also plays with newfound precision. It’s a triumphant revival, putting FromSoftware’s original Souls masterpiece back in the spotlight and reaffirming the robust foundation upon which the Dark Souls series was built.
Dark Souls PS5
Dark Souls Remake

Demon’s Souls, like its Souls series counterparts, excels in its challenging, cerebral combat and intricate character customization. The risk inherent in every combat action demands strategic decision-making, favoring intelligence over reflexes. This distinctive approach sets Demon’s Souls apart, providing a deeply rewarding experience. While the game initiated the Souls subgenre, its divergence from the Dark Souls games is notable. Split into five isolated worlds, each presenting unique challenges, the game encourages diverse playthroughs, offering an unparalleled level of flexibility in approach—a hallmark feature that sets it apart within the Souls series.
The Demon’s Souls Remake doesn’t shy away from the original’s experimentation, showcasing some of the most memorable and mechanically interesting bosses in FromSoftware’s repertoire. While not every experiment succeeds—such as the Dragon God’s gimmicky boss fight—the emotional depth of battles like Maiden Astrea’s or the epic confrontation with the Storm King cements them as classics. However, the remake may not cater to everyone, with its seemingly unforgiving nature, distinct themes, and unique visual appeal. Nevertheless, it is a must-try for anyone with a PS3, offering a gaming experience that stands out in its uniqueness.
Transitioning to Bluepoint’s Demon’s Souls Remake, the fidelity to the original is evident, both for better and for worse. While the game preserves the spirit of the original, it also inherits some of its negative aspects. Demon’s Souls, however, exhibits certain nuances that differentiate it from the rest of the Souls series, particularly in its grindy elements. The game’s time-consuming nature, necessitating the farming of health-restoring items and grappling with a needlessly complex weapon upgrade system, contrasts with the improvements introduced by Dark Souls.
Yet, the remake shines in its implementation of numerous quality-of-life upgrades. A tool belt for equipping items, the bonfire-like functionality of archstones, an improved HUD displaying weapon durability, and streamlined inventory management significantly enhance the player experience. The ability to send items to storage without returning to the Nexus is a particularly elegant solution to a significant frustration. While some issues persist, such as an occasional unintended shove attack and a need for better explanations regarding World Tendency, Bluepoint has commendably modernized Demon’s Souls without compromising its core gameplay.
Demon’s Souls benefits immensely from the capabilities of the PlayStation 5, offering stunning visuals and an unprecedented level of detail. The DualSense controller, noticeably larger than the DualShock 3, introduces haptic feedback that immersively enhances the gaming experience. The provided in-game tip videos serve as invaluable tools, aiding players in navigating stages and strategizing against formidable bosses.
Introducing two visual modes, “Cinematic” and “Performance,” Demon’s Souls caters to different player preferences. The reduction in load times, courtesy of the SSD, is a game-changer, significantly improving the fluidity of the gaming experience. The remake, while taking artistic liberties with the art style and soundtrack, stands as a magnificent showcase of the PlayStation 5’s prowess.
Bluepoint’s Demon’s Souls Remake accomplishes the formidable task of revitalizing an 11-year-old cult classic, offering not only a visually stunning but also an enhanced playing experience on the PlayStation 5. This remake, bearing the keywords Demon Souls Remake, Demon Souls PS5, Demon’s Souls Remake, and Dark Souls PS5, serves as a testament to the capabilities of the new console generation. It successfully melds modernization with the timeless elements that made Demon’s Souls a landmark game, ensuring its place as a standout title for the PS5.
The multiplayer aspect, a hallmark of the Souls series, remains an integral part of Demon’s Souls Remake. With familiarity for those versed in other Souls games, it retains features like leaving messages, cooperative play through summon signs, invasions, and consensual PVP with red summon signs. While my personal experiences with multiplayer in Demon’s Souls have been lukewarm, marked by lengthy waits for cooperative play and a lack of incentive due to the absence of the covenant system from Dark Souls, it nevertheless captures the essence of Demon’s Souls’ unique multiplayer dynamics.
Bluepoint faced the daunting task of remaking an 11-year-old game with a dedicated cult following, aiming not just for visual fidelity but also capturing the essence of being the first game developed from the ground up for the PlayStation 5. In this respect, the team has succeeded admirably. Demon’s Souls Remake stands as a breathtaking testament to the capabilities of the new console generation, blending modernization with the timeless elements that made it a gaming landmark. The relentless challenge, intricate boss battles, and distinctive style that defined the original remain intact, providing both a nostalgic journey for those acquainted with the 2009 release and an awe-inspiring introduction for those experiencing Demon’s Souls for the first time on the PlayStation 5.
The keyword-rich experience of Demon’s Souls Remake extends beyond the visual and gameplay enhancements. Keywords like Demon Souls Remake, Demon Souls PS5, Demon’s Souls Remake, and Dark Souls PS5 underscore the significance of this title in the evolving landscape of gaming. Bluepoint’s meticulous attention to detail, particularly in quality-of-life upgrades, highlights a commitment to not just remaking but improving the player experience. The subtle nuances, from the addition of a tool belt to the refined menu UI, demonstrate an understanding of modern gaming expectations while preserving the essence that made Demon’s Souls a groundbreaking title over a decade ago.
The choice between “Cinematic” and “Performance” modes reflects the current expectations of players, allowing for a personalized experience. Whether opting for the visual spectacle of 30fps at true 4K in Cinematic mode or the smoother gameplay at a consistent 60fps in Performance mode, players can tailor their Demon’s Souls experience to their preferences. This flexibility, combined with the reduced load times facilitated by the SSD, adds a layer of convenience to a game known for its challenging and, at times, punishing nature.
In summary, Bluepoint’s Demon’s Souls Remake is not merely a graphical overhaul but a meticulous reconstruction that pays homage to the original while embracing the technological advancements of the PlayStation 5. It is an invitation to rediscover or explore for the first time the haunting beauty, unforgiving challenge, and atmospheric depth that defined Demon’s Souls. As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, Demon’s Souls Remake, with its rich keyword association, stands as a beacon, signaling the harmonious convergence of classic gaming brilliance and cutting-edge technology on the PlayStation 5.

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