GRID Autosport: Mobile Mastery

GRID Autosport: Unleashing the Racing Realism on Mobile, PC, and Switch


In the dynamic realm of gaming, few titles manage to consistently deliver excitement and thrill. Picture this: you’re on the last lap, pushing the pedal to the metal, bumping cars beside you in a fierce race to the finish line. The adrenaline is pumping, and as you zoom past the checkered flags, you briefly feel like you’re on top of the world—until the next race begins. This exhilarating feeling encapsulates the essence of playing GRID Autosport.
GRID Autosport: Mobile, PC, and Switch racing game with immersive realism and stunning visuals.
Grid Autosport Android Racing Game
Released in 2014 for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, GRID Autosport represented Codemaster’s ambitious attempt to revive the authentic racing experience that seemed lost in many other games, including its predecessor GRID 2. Codemaster’s mission was clear: to focus on the elements that gamers cherished in racing games, such as realistic driving models and a diverse array of cars. And, without a doubt, they succeeded.

The Mobile Experience:

GRID Autosport seamlessly translates the intensity of console gaming to your mobile device. Despite the anticipation of a hefty price tag, the game offers jaw-dropping graphics and an immersive gaming experience at an affordable $9.99. While the screen may be smaller, the impact is colossal. This mobile adaptation maintains the heart-pounding excitement of the original PC version.
To venture into the world of GRID Autosport on your mobile device, you can easily download it for both iOS and Android platforms. The game’s compatibility extends to the iPhone 6S and newer, as well as the iPad Pro 2017 and newer. However, be prepared to allocate a significant chunk of storage, as the game recommends at least 6 GB of free internal space for optimal performance on your mobile device.

Realism Redefined:

After a few laps with different cars, it becomes evident that GRID Autosport lives up to its name as a realistic racing game. Each car in your virtual garage has a distinct feel, demanding a nuanced approach. For instance, attempting to handle a single-seater the same way you would a stock car will likely lead to a swift exit off the track. Beyond its visual appeal, GRID Autosport’s strength lies in its realism, attracting both seasoned racers seeking a challenge and casual players yearning for a taste of traditional racing video games.
The game boasts an impressive lineup of 100 cars and 100 circuits, featuring renowned manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, Ford, McLaren, Nissan, Chevrolet, and more. While it may not encompass every car manufacturer in existence, the abundance of choices ensures that players will remain engaged for an extended period. The diversity of each car’s driving characteristics adds a layer of complexity, enhancing the game’s challenge and providing a fun learning curve.

Career Modes and Beyond:

GRID Autosport understands that variety is key to sustained engagement. Beyond its realistic driving model, the game introduces five career modes: Touring, Endurance, Open Wheel, Tuner, and Street. Each career mode presents unique objectives, requiring players to align with a team and accumulate points across multiple events. The distinct cars and tracks in each career mode demand varied strategies, adding an element of adaptability. Overcoming initial failures becomes part of the thrill, making each race interesting and rewarding.
For those not inclined towards a structured career, GRID Autosport offers alternative modes like Drag Championships, Touring, Sprint Cups, and more. The game’s inclusivity is highlighted by its absence of in-game currencies, pop-up ads, or hidden unlockable content—everything is accessible right from the start.

Tailoring Difficulty:

GRID Autosport isn’t your typical casual racing game; it’s a serious contender in the racing simulation genre. While hardcore racers revel in its immersive experience, some might find it intimidating. The game addresses this concern by allowing players to customize difficulty settings. Whether you prefer automatic or manual gears, you can fine-tune aspects like AI levels, Traction Control, Handling Assist, Racing Line, and more.
A notable feature for those still acclimating to the game is the flashback option. This unique feature enables players to rewind and correct mistakes, particularly useful for avoiding crashes. While it may detract from the challenge, it serves as a valuable tool for those navigating the nuances of the game.

Controls: Touch-Screen or


GRID Autosport provides flexibility in controls, catering to different play preferences. Players can opt for touch-screen controls, choosing from tilt (physically moving your device left and right), wheel touch (moving your finger in a circular motion on a virtual wheel with an accelerator), or arrow touch. The touch-screen controls, particularly the wheel touch option, are remarkably responsive.
For a more immersive experience, players can also connect a controller, elevating the gameplay. GRID Autosport incorporates excellent haptic feedback, ensuring players feel every nuance, from hitting curbs to losing tire traction. This dual-control approach offers players the freedom to choose the style that best suits their preference.

Visual Splendor:

GRID Autosport stands out not only for its gameplay but also for its visual appeal. The game’s graphics, from intricately detailed cars to meticulously designed tracks, are breathtaking. While some racing games reserve their visual prowess for cut-scenes, GRID Autosport maintains a consistently stunning appearance throughout actual gameplay. It’s the kind of game that serves as a showcase for your phone’s graphics capabilities.
Upon finishing a race, players can indulge in watching a replay, a feature that accentuates the visual splendor even further. It’s akin to watching a real race on a high-definition television, underscoring the level of detail and craftsmanship invested in the game.

Auditory Excellence:

The immersive experience extends beyond visuals, incorporating exceptional sound design. GRID Autosport recreates car sounds with precision, capturing everything from the humming of the engine to the exhilarating sound of acceleration. The auditory component contributes to the overall realism, enhancing the gaming experience for players who appreciate attention to detail.

Performance and Optimization:

GRID Autosport delivers a smooth gaming experience, even on mobile devices. Tested on the iPhone X, the game exhibited minimal lagging, with occasional stutters noticeable during high-speed gameplay. The flashback feature proves invaluable in mitigating the impact of these occasional stutters.
As with any visually intensive game, GRID Autosport does come with a caveat—it can drain your device’s battery rapidly. Additionally, extended gameplay may lead to the device warming up. While a battery-saving option is available to decrease graphics quality, many players may find the compromise unnecessary unless engaged in prolonged gaming sessions.


GRID Autosport doesn’t play games when it comes to delivering a riveting experience. It’s not the kind of game that loses its allure after a week of play. With a vast selection of cars and tracks, players can spend hours mastering the controls of each vehicle, aiming for victory in every race. While the game’s graphics might heat up your device, the $9.99 price tag is more than justified for an experience that mirrors the original game on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.
Whether you’re a seasoned racing enthusiast or a casual gamer looking for a realistic and visually striking experience, GRID Autosport on mobile is a worthwhile investment. It successfully captures the essence of the original game, offering a seamless transition to the mobile platform. As GRID Autosport continues to dominate the gaming landscape, it reinforces its status as a premier racing game, catering to the diverse preferences of mobile, PC, and even Switch gamers.
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