GTA 6: Alpha Testing & Delays

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The anticipated release of GTA 6 is facing potential delays, pushing its global launch towards the latter part of 2025, as suggested by analysts at the Bank of America. Their assessment is grounded in Rockstar's historical tendency to postpone game releases following initial frame announcements. Notably, the recently unveiled launch trailer, though generating excitement, lacked compelling elements that would indicate the game's progression into the alpha testing phase. Analysts Omar Dessouky and Arthur Chu emphasized their skepticism, underlining the absence of alpha testing cues. Additionally, the trailer failed to mention the prospect of a 2025 PC version release.

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GTA 6 Pre-Alpha

In response to the trailer, the Bank of America downgraded its Take-Two rating, anticipating a more plausible release of GTA 6 by the end of 2025. The analysts' reservations centered on the lack of alpha testing indications and the omission of a 2025 PC version in the trailer.

Despite Take-Two's targeted early 2025 release window (between January and March), earlier rumors had hinted at a potential release in the preceding year. In August, Take-Two provided a tentative release timeframe, committing to a game launch no later than March 2025 and anticipating "new record levels of operating performance next year and beyond."

Looking ahead, Take-Two's Chief Financial Officer expressed confidence in the company's current actions, positioning them for robust growth in the ongoing year. The CFO anticipated a pivotal moment in fiscal 2025, expecting to deliver new record operating performance levels. Grateful for stakeholders' continued support, the company expressed eagerness for the unfolding of an exciting next chapter.

As the gaming community awaits further updates on GTA 6, the absence of clear signals in the alpha development stage raises questions about the game's progression, leaving fans speculating about a potential pre-alpha or an eventual alpha GTA 6 phase. However, any hopes of obtaining a GTA 6 alpha download remain unaddressed in the current narrative, adding an air of uncertainty to the highly anticipated release.

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