GTA 6 Likeness Drama Unveiled

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GTA 6 Likeness Scandal Unraveled

Laurence Sullivan, famously known as the Florida Joker, has issued a 48-hour ultimatum to GTA 6 developer Rockstar Games, demanding a substantial payment for what he alleges is the unauthorized use of his likeness in the game. Despite warnings from figures like Ned Luke and Roger Clark to view this as an opportunity rather than a legal battle, the Florida Joker remains adamant.

Laurence Sullivan
Laurence Sullivan known as Florida Joker

While GTA 6's official trailer gained widespread acclaim, the Florida Joker expressed discontent with a specific character featured in the video. In a TikTok video, he proclaimed his intent to build a significant case against Rockstar Games, stating, "I want my pain and suffering money now!"

Despite the popularity of GTA 6 and its record-breaking trailer within the gaming community, the Florida Joker continued to assert that his likeness was used without permission. As mockery and responses flooded in, he escalated his demands in another video, insisting on two million dollars in compensation. Responding to this, Ned Luke humorously remarked on the situation.

Undeterred by the reactions, the Florida Joker persisted, dying his hair purple to emphasize the supposed resemblance between himself and the character appearing at the 1:04 minute mark in the GTA 6 trailer. In his latest video, he differentiated his case from Lindsay Lohan's unsuccessful lawsuit against Rockstar Games, claiming ongoing discussions with his lawyers. He set a 48-hour deadline for Rockstar Games to respond and meet his financial demands, or he threatened legal action.

As the controversy unfolded, community reactions varied, with many finding the Florida Joker's claims to be outlandish. Meanwhile, amid the chaos, leaks about the GTA 6 map added to the community's discussions.

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