Corsair K100: Elite Gaming Gear

Introducing the Corsair K100 RGB, an absolute game-changer in the world of gaming keyboards. This powerhouse boasts optical-mechanical switches with a lightning-fast 4,000 Hz polling rate, providing an unprecedented level of responsiveness. Priced at $230, it’s a premium choice with distinct pros and cons.

Corsair K100 RGB gaming keyboard with optical-mechanical switches and customizable control wheel on a black background.
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The Power Within

The K100 embraces multithreading with an embedded AXON SoC, elevating its polling rate to 4,000 Hz. While the ultra-fast keystroke registration might not revolutionize your gaming experience, other features truly stand out. The 1mm-actuation optical mechanical switches and a programmable control wheel redefine the gaming keyboard landscape.


– Swift 1mm-actuation optical switches
– Productivity-enhancing control wheel
– Premium PBT keycaps and comfy wrist rest


– Hefty price tag
– Initial build quality concerns
– Some features may feel gimmicky

Unveiling the Design

The K100 inherits design elements from its predecessor, the K95 Platinum XT, but with noteworthy enhancements. The larger, magnetic cushioned wrist rest ensures comfort, and the control wheel introduces a new dimension to functionality. Despite a few build quality issues in the initial unit, the K100 stands strong with a 2-year warranty.

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Optimal Switching Experience

Corsair’s OPX RGB optical-mechanical switches mark a departure from the norm. With a 1mm actuation distance, they offer a unique typing and gaming experience. The ratcheting metal control wheel, flanked by various functions, adds versatility. While the $230 price point may raise eyebrows, the K100’s distinctive features might just make it worth the investment.

Cutting-Edge Specifications

The K100 comes equipped with Corsair OPX RGB optical-mechanical switches, 8MB onboard storage, per-key RGB lighting, and dedicated media keys. Its aluminum top plate, PBT plastic keycaps, and additional USB ports contribute to a robust and feature-rich design. However, its non-removable cable may be a drawback for some users.

Illuminating Possibilities

Corsair’s iCue software and Elgato Stream Deck compatibility amplify the K100’s capabilities. From customized lighting profiles to programming macro keys, the software ecosystem enhances your gaming and streaming experience. While the software setup may need some refining, the potential for personalization is unmatched.

In conclusion, the Corsair K100 RGB emerges as a formidable contender in the gaming keyboard arena. Its cutting-edge technology, innovative design, and integration with powerful software make it a top-tier choice for enthusiasts. If you’re ready to invest in an elite gaming experience, the Corsair K100 RGB is here to redefine your virtual adventures.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Corsair K100 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Q1: What makes the Corsair K100 RGB unique?

A1: The K100 RGB stands out with optical-mechanical switches, a 4,000 Hz polling rate, and a customizable control wheel, providing a premium gaming and typing experience.

Q2: How does the K100’s polling rate impact performance?

A2: The 4,000 Hz polling rate ensures swift keystroke registration, enhancing responsiveness in gaming scenarios. However, its impact may be subtle for the average user.

Q3: Are there any concerns about build quality?

A3: Initial units had reported build quality issues, but Corsair addresses them with a 2-year warranty. Users experiencing problems should contact Corsair support for assistance.

Q4: What are the standout features of the Corsair OPX RGB switches?

A4: The OPX switches offer a 1mm actuation distance, providing a unique and satisfying typing and gaming experience. The 150 million keystroke lifespan ensures durability.

Q5: Is the K100 RGB suitable for content creators?

A5: Yes, the programmable control wheel and Elgato Stream Deck compatibility make the K100 valuable for tasks like zooming and content creation, enhancing workflow efficiency.

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Q6: Can I customize the RGB lighting on the K100?

A6: Yes, Corsair’s iCue software allows extensive customization of per-key RGB lighting, offering a wide range of color combinations and effects.

Q7: Does the K100 RGB have additional USB ports?

A7: Yes, the keyboard features a USB 2.0 passthrough port, providing convenience for connecting peripherals or charging devices.

Q8: What is the price of the Corsair K100 RGB?

A8: The Corsair K100 RGB is priced at $230, reflecting its premium features and cutting-edge technology.

Q9: Is the cable on the K100 RGB removable?

A9: No, the K100 RGB comes with a 6-feet braided, non-removable cable, which might be a consideration for users who prefer detachable cables.

Q10: How does Corsair’s iCue software enhance the K100’s capabilities?

A10: The iCue software allows users to control lighting, create macros, and manage onboard storage. It provides a platform for extensive customization and synchronization with other Corsair devices.

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