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Embarking on the cosmic journey that is Destiny 2’s latest expansion, Lightfall, feels like navigating the intricate cosmos of a long-running living game. Destiny 2, with its sprawling universe, diverse player base, and ever-evolving gameplay, is a complex beast that must cater to a myriad of desires and expectations. Lightfall, as the penultimate chapter in Destiny 2’s storytelling odyssey that began in 2014, faces the daunting task of building upon years of game modes, prior changes, and the unique preferences of its vast audience.

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At first glance, Lightfall stumbles in its attempt to deliver a cohesive and engaging narrative. The plot meanders, poorly explained and struggling to make a solid first impression. Attempts to infuse an ’80s action flick vibe fall flat, creating a tonal dissonance with the impending apocalyptic backdrop. A new core character and vendor, unfortunately, add to the tonal misstep with dialogue that is more irritating than the combined chatter of early Destiny 2 leads. The story, after teasing big revelations, wraps up with little payoff, leaving players right back where they started in the opening cinematic.

The city of Neomuna on Neptune, while vibrant in its color palette, feels vacant and devoid of life. It lacks the sense of discovery and exploration that characterizes the best destinations in Destiny 2. However, within this extraterrestrial realm, players encounter combat locales and activities that inject excitement into the experience. Public combat spaces pulsate with energy, new enemy configurations present fresh challenges, and the introduction of the Tormentors, the most dangerous non-boss enemies yet, adds a thrilling layer of difficulty whenever they appear.

Yet, the taste left behind by Lightfall’s struggling campaign begins to gradually dissipate as players delve deeper into what the rest of the expansion has to offer. The introduction of the new Strand subclasses, while initially bewildering, emerges as a revelation—rewarding and empowering. These subclasses redefine the battlefield, providing a more mobile and controllable experience that dramatically expands the available playstyles in the best of ways.

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In addition to the gameplay innovations, major quality-of-life improvements emerge as game-changers. The long-awaited approach to loadouts is a breath of fresh air, enabling players to set up numerous builds for both function and cosmetics, seamlessly switching between them on the fly. A new mod system, designed to be more accessible for newcomers to build-crafting, adds depth and flexibility. Combined with adjustments to artifact unlocks and continual additions to each subclass’ options, the capability to tweak and experiment becomes a much more enjoyable aspect than it has been in the game’s history.

However, not all additions hit the mark seamlessly. The commendation and guardian rank systems, while good in theory, feel somewhat prescriptive and limited in practice. Guardian ranks demand specific tasks that fail to accurately represent a player’s experience and expertise. Commendations, designed to enhance community expression, often end up being casually spammed without genuine consideration.

The post-campaign landscape, focusing on endgame and investment-oriented activities, offers a more gratifying experience than the initial narrative. Stellar extra missions bring forth new challenges and locales, such as the hidden quest for the Vexcalibur exotic, providing a thrilling pursuit for players. Several new exotics introduced in Lightfall contribute significantly to the sandbox experience, adding layers of excitement and making the chase for them all the more enticing.

The latest raid within the expansion introduces an intriguing core mechanic and a unique visual palette that seamlessly blends organic and tech-infused aesthetics into a cohesive style. The seasonal content, which revolves around Earth’s final defense against invasion and destruction, proves to be engaging and fun, enhancing the overall richness of the endgame experience.

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Admittedly, the campaign may have felt uninspired, with its legendary difficulty often characterized by bullet-spongey foes. However, an expansion of this magnitude is more than its opening story. Lightfall, in setting up strong possibilities both narratively and in the gameplay sphere, hints at a rewarding year of adventure ahead for Destiny 2. Despite its stumbles, Destiny 2 continues to make strides in catering to a diverse player base with disparate desires.

In conclusion, Lightfall may be a mix of hits and misses, but any missteps shouldn’t be enough to derail players’ enthusiasm for the continued adventure or the anticipation of witnessing the epic conclusion over the next year. Destiny 2, with its grand tapestry, remains an evolving journey, and Lightfall, despite its imperfections, sets the stage for a year of thrilling adventures for the dedicated guardians who call this universe home. The cosmos of Destiny 2 continues to expand, promising excitement, challenges, and an ever-growing tapestry of stories for those willing to explore its celestial wonders.

let’s dive into some frequently asked questions about Destiny 2

Q1: What is Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion about?

A: Lightfall is the penultimate chapter in Destiny 2’s ongoing storytelling arc. Set in the Golden Age of Piracy, players navigate a complex narrative, face new challenges, and explore additional gameplay elements.

Q2: How does Lightfall contribute to Destiny 2’s overarching storyline?

A: Lightfall continues the narrative journey that began in 2014 with Destiny’s launch. It weaves a tale of cosmic proportions, introducing new characters, challenges, and revelations pivotal to the overarching Destiny 2 universe.

Q3: What are the standout features of Lightfall?

A: Lightfall introduces new Strand subclasses that redefine gameplay, providing rewarding and powerful abilities. It also brings major quality-of-life improvements, revamped mod systems, and a flexible loadout approach, enhancing the overall player experience.

Q4: How is Lightfall’s campaign received?

A: The campaign faces initial criticism for a meandering and poorly explained plot. Despite tonal missteps and an unsatisfying conclusion, the expansion’s redeeming qualities lie in its post-campaign content and significant gameplay additions.

Q5: Tell me about the new Strand subclasses.

A: The Strand subclasses, while initially complex, emerge as rewarding and powerful. They offer a more mobile and controllable battlefield experience, diversifying playstyles in impactful ways.

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Q6: Are there improvements in customization and loadout management?

A: Yes, major quality-of-life improvements include a flexible loadout approach, allowing players to set up numerous builds on the fly, both for function and cosmetics. New mods and adjustments to artifact unlocks enhance the overall customization experience.

Q7: What are commendations and guardian rank systems?

A: Commendations are a system designed to enhance community expression, allowing players to showcase achievements. Guardian ranks demand specific tasks but are criticized for feeling too prescriptive and limited in representing a player’s expertise.

Q8: How does Lightfall contribute to endgame activities?

A: Lightfall shines in endgame content, offering stellar extra missions, exciting quests for new exotics, an intriguing raid experience, and engaging seasonal content focused on Earth’s final defense against invasion and destruction.

Q9: What challenges does Lightfall introduce?

A: The expansion introduces Tormentors, the most dangerous non-boss enemies yet, adding a thrilling layer of difficulty. New enemy configurations, hidden quests, and challenging combat locales contribute to a dynamic endgame experience.

Q10: Does Lightfall set the stage for the future of Destiny 2?

A: Despite campaign criticisms, Lightfall lays the groundwork for exciting possibilities narratively and in gameplay. Destiny 2, with its diverse player base, continues to evolve, promising a rewarding year of adventure ahead.

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