Gaming at CES 2024: What’s Next

Exploring CES 2024: What to Expect for Gamers

As CES approaches, the tech industry gears up for groundbreaking innovations. While historically a hub for cutting-edge technology, the focus on gaming at CES has become less predictable in recent years.

Gaming showcase at CES 2024 with new hardware, innovations, and announcements from PlayStation, Xbox, and more.
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For PC gamers, CES remains a significant showcase, unveiling advanced computer technology that often transforms the gaming landscape. However, console enthusiasts might find the fair somewhat minor, as only a handful of console accessories typically make it to the exhibition.

Looking ahead to CES 2024, major gaming brands like PlayStation and Xbox have been relatively tight-lipped. Mad Catz is set to showcase its latest third-party gaming accessories, and LG is expected to unveil the 4K OLED UltraGear monitor. AMD is also gearing up for the event, teasing new graphics cards and promising exciting innovations in gaming laptops.

While Sony, the host of this year’s fair, has been known to make significant PlayStation announcements at CES, predicting their reveal remains uncertain. The hope lingers for a potential unveiling of an improved PlayStation 5 Pro model, but it might be too soon after the recent release of slimmer PS5 models.

On the Xbox front, Microsoft usually refrains from showcasing new gaming hardware at CES, preferring to highlight its partners’ work. However, rumors suggest a new Xbox controller with enhanced haptics and a revamped Xbox Series X model may be on the horizon.

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Whether CES 2024 brings major revelations or not will serve as a litmus test for the gaming industry’s commitment to the event. A lack of significant developments could signal a shift similar to E3’s decline, as major companies withdraw interest. CES, keen on avoiding an industry vacuum, strives to remain a vital platform for gaming hardware presentations.

FAQs about CES 2024 and Gaming:

Q1: When is CES 2024 taking place?

A1: CES 2024 starts on Tuesday, January 9th, and concludes on Friday, January 12th.

Q2: What can gamers expect from CES 2024?

A2: CES 2024 is anticipated to showcase advancements in gaming technology, including new accessories and innovations in gaming laptops.

Q3: Which gaming brands will be present at CES 2024?

A3: While PlayStation and Xbox have not disclosed much, Mad Catz will feature third-party gaming accessories. LG is expected to unveil the 4K OLED UltraGear monitor.

Q4: Has Sony confirmed any gaming hardware announcements at CES 2024?

A4: Sony, the host of CES 2024, has not revealed specific details, but historical trends suggest significant PlayStation announcements may be made.

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Q5: What is the likelihood of a PlayStation 5 Pro announcement at CES 2024?

A5: While not impossible, it might be too early for Sony to unveil a PlayStation 5 Pro, especially after the recent release of new PS5 models.

Q6: What gaming hardware plans does Microsoft have for CES 2024?

A6: Microsoft typically focuses on partner promotions at CES, but there are rumors of a new Xbox controller with enhanced haptics and a revamped Xbox Series X model.

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Q7: How crucial is CES for gaming hardware presentations?

A7: CES serves as an important platform for unveiling gaming hardware. A lack of major developments could indicate a potential industry shift similar to the decline of E3.

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