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Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Baizhu’s Build in Genshin Impact

Baizhu, the much-anticipated character in Genshin Impact, is making waves as the caretaker of Qiqi and owner of Bubu Pharmacy. As of version 3.6, players can finally add him to their teams, and understanding the intricacies of his build is crucial for unleashing his full potential. In this extensive guide, we will delve into Baizhu’s skills, materials, and the optimal way to build him to become a formidable support character.

Baizhu, the Dendro healer in Genshin Impact, surrounded by artifacts and ascension materials.
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Baizhu Overview:

Baizhu specializes in healing and shielding, making him a valuable asset to any team. As the second Dendro healer after Yaoyao, and the first 5* Dendro healer and shielder, he brings a unique set of abilities to the game. Baizhu’s strength lies in his focus on HP scaling, simplifying the build process and making him an excellent addition to various team compositions.

Materials for Baizhu:

To ascend Baizhu and unlock his full potential, players need specific materials. These include:

1. Juvenile Jade:

Found in the Inazuma region, Juvenile Jade is essential for ascending Baizhu.

2. Sango Pearl:

Acquired from the Inazuma Boss Azhdaha, Sango Pearl is another vital ascension material.

3. Baizhu Leaks:

These leaks can provide valuable insights into Baizhu’s abilities and potential future updates.

Baizhu’s Skills:

1. Bubu Pharmacy’s Protection (Elemental Skill):

Baizhu releases a spirit that heals nearby allies and creates a shield. The shield scales with Baizhu’s HP, emphasizing the importance of building his HP for maximum effectiveness.

2. Herbal Medicine (Elemental Burst): 

Baizhu performs a series of incantations, healing allies and creating a shield. The healing effect and shield strength also scale with Baizhu’s HP, reinforcing the need to prioritize this stat.

3. Leaf of Yore (1st Ascension Passive):

Unlocked at the 1st ascension, this passive talent decreases the cooldown of Bubu Pharmacy’s Protection.

4. Double Amount (4th Ascension Passive): 

At the 4th ascension, this talent allows Herbal Medicine to heal characters within the AoE twice.

5. Alchemy: One Heart (Utility Passive):

Baizhu has a chance to receive double the product when crafting Character and Weapon Enhancement Materials.

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Baizhu Builds in Genshin Impact:

Building Baizhu optimally involves focusing on key stats and carefully selecting weapons and artifact sets. Here’s a breakdown of the best build for Baizhu:

Best Weapons for Baizhu:

1. Jadefall’s Splendor:

This 5-star weapon is the pinnacle for Baizhu, enhancing both healing and shielding abilities while boosting Elemental DMG.

2. Prototype Amber:

A free-to-play alternative with a high HP secondary stat, offering considerable healing potential.

3. Favonius Codex:

Ideal for those emphasizing energy recharge to ensure a consistent Elemental Burst uptime.

Best Artifact Sets for Baizhu:

1. Ocean-Hued Clam (Healer):

This 4-piece set is optimal for maximizing Baizhu’s healing abilities.

2. Deepwood Memories (Hybrid/Dendro-Reaction): 

For teams focusing on Dendro reactions, this set provides a significant boost.

3. Tenacity of the Millelith (Healer/Buffer): 

Increases HP, shield strength, and grants an ATK buff, enhancing Baizhu’s supportive role.

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Artifact Main Stats for Baizhu:

– Timepiece: HP% / Energy Recharge

– Goblet: HP%

– Circlet: HP% / Healing Bonus

Artifact Sub-Stats for Baizhu:

Prioritize HP%, Energy Recharge, and Elemental Mastery. Consider Crit Rate for users of Favonius Codex.

Artifact Mixing for Baizhu:

Experiment with sets like 2-piece HP+20% + 2-piece Healing Effectiveness for added flexibility.

Stat Balancing for Baizhu:

Avoid excessive HP without other stats to prevent diminishing returns. Adapt priorities based on the team composition and chosen weapon.

Baizhu’s Role in Genshin Impact:

Baizhu’s effectiveness as a support character is closely tied to his HP%. Therefore, players should prioritize this stat for each artifact’s main stat. However, players can also opt for Healing Effectiveness over HP% for the Circlet if they prefer to prioritize his healing potential over his shield abilities.

As Baizhu is not the main DPS character, sub-stats do not need to be as strictly prioritized. Still, HP%, Energy Recharge, and Elemental Mastery are useful to have. Players using the Favonius Codex should consider a decent Crit Rate value for additional battery support.

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Gearing Baizhu for Success:

1. Energy Recharge Priority:

If using Favonius Codex, prioritize Energy Recharge to maintain consistent Elemental Burst uptime.

2. Consider Crit Rate:

For users of Favonius Codex, maintaining a decent Crit Rate value is essential for additional battery support.

3. Mix and Match Artifacts:

Experiment with different artifact sets based on your team composition and desired role for Baizhu.

4. Mindful of Diminishing Returns:

Avoid excessive stacking of HP% without other stats to prevent diminishing returns on Baizhu’s effectiveness.

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In summary, Baizhu is a versatile support character with a unique focus on healing and shielding. Building him optimally involves prioritizing HP%, Energy Recharge, and Elemental Mastery, while carefully selecting weapons and artifact sets to complement his role. Whether you choose to explore the healing potential with the Ocean-Hued Clam set or enhance Dendro

reactions with Deepwood Memories, Baizhu’s presence in Genshin Impact brings a valuable support dynamic to your team. As you ascend him and uncover his full potential, Baizhu proves to be a formidable ally in the ever-expanding world of Teyvat.

FAQs about Baizhu in Genshin Impact: Unlocking the Secrets

1. Q: Who is Baizhu in Genshin Impact?

– A: Baizhu is a 5-star Dendro character known for his healing and shielding abilities. He is the owner of the Bubu Pharmacy and the caretaker of Qiqi.

2. Q: What makes Baizhu unique as a character?

– A: Baizhu stands out as the second Dendro healer after Yaoyao, and the first 5-star Dendro healer and shielder. His abilities scale entirely from HP, making him a valuable addition to various team compositions.

3. Q: How can I optimize Baizhu’s build for maximum effectiveness?

– A: Prioritize building HP, Energy Recharge, and Elemental Mastery. Choose appropriate weapons such as Jadefall’s Splendor or Prototype Amber. Experiment with artifact sets like Ocean-Hued Clam or Deepwood Memories.

4. Q: What are the best weapons for Baizhu in Genshin Impact?

– A: Ideal weapons include Jadefall’s Splendor, Prototype Amber, and Favonius Codex. Jadefall’s Splendor is especially recommended for its synergy with Baizhu’s healing and shielding abilities.

5. Q: Which artifact sets work well for Baizhu?

– A: Consider the Ocean-Hued Clam set for optimal healing, Deepwood Memories for Dendro reactions, or Tenacity of the Millelith for a versatile blend of HP, shield strength, and ATK buff.

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6. Q: How do I ascend Baizhu in Genshin Impact?

– A: Ascend Baizhu using materials like Tusk of Monoceros Caeli, Silk Flower, Divining Scroll, Sealed Scroll, and Forbidden Curse Scroll. The ascension process involves multiple phases, each requiring specific materials.

7. Q: Are there any leaks or speculations about Baizhu’s future in Genshin Impact?

– A: Stay tuned to reliable Genshin Impact community sources for potential leaks, speculations, or upcoming events related to Baizhu. The game’s evolving nature often brings surprises.

8. Q: Can I use Baizhu in various team compositions?

– A: Yes, Baizhu’s versatility allows him to fit into different team compositions. His healing and shielding abilities make him a valuable support character.

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9. Q: Is Baizhu essential for Dendro elemental reactions in Genshin Impact?

– A: Baizhu enhances Dendro reactions, making him a valuable addition for teams focusing on this elemental synergy. His abilities contribute to better damage output during battles.

10. Q: How do I maximize Baizhu’s healing potential?

– A: Maximize Baizhu’s healing potential by prioritizing HP, choosing appropriate artifact sets like Ocean-Hued Clam, and selecting weapons that boost his healing abilities, such as Jadefall’s Splendor.

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