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Granblue Fantasy: Relink has been on my highly anticipated games radar for the past two years. My excitement stemmed from glimpses in trailers, teasing flashy action RPG combat and vibrant anime-inspired towns. Finally, at this year’s Gamescom, I had the chance to play it for a total of around 50 minutes—ten minutes in one demo and approximately 40 minutes in another.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink gameplay featuring diverse characters in action-packed combat sequences.
Granblue Fantasy

Despite the limited time, my experience was intense, revolving around encounters with a large skeleton and a formidable rock-like opponent. While the demos showcased identical scenarios, the combat showcased a glorious chaos that left a lasting impression.

The character selection process kicked off the demo, featuring a diverse cast marked by star ratings indicating their ease of use. I explored four characters: Gran, the standard swordsman; Io, the chibi mage; Lancelot, the dual-sword knight; and Rackam, equipped with a rifle.

Once immersed in a mountainous area teeming with skeleton armies, I engaged in Dynasty Warriors-style combat, slashing through foes with a combination of light and heavy attacks. The highlight was a vast arena with a towering skeleton adversary, presenting a challenge with its sweeping attacks and explosive charges. The game’s fluidity and finesse in animations, coupled with the satisfaction of each strike, impressed me.

The combat system showcased distinctive styles and combos for each character, whether wielding a sword, a gun, or magical abilities. The transition of development from Platinum Games to Cygames in 2019 did not compromise the game’s silky combat; Cygames successfully retained Platinum’s signature approachable style, allowing players to execute stylish combos effortlessly.

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Navigating battles with adversaries like the skeleton and later, a boulder-like foe, initially posed a challenge. However, understanding the flashing percentage bars on the screen clarified the rhythm, reminiscent of JRPG Tales Of Arise. The combat primarily revolves around building meters, executing flashy moves, and coordinating attacks to satisfy a crystal in the corner of the screen.

Relink’s combat focuses on strategically using customizable skills and coordinating special moves with allies. The culmination of synchronized orange bars leads to chain bursts, where characters unleash powerful moves sequentially. The gameplay felt well-balanced, requiring effective juggling of skills while avoiding visual clutter.

Despite the limited strategic depth in my encounter with the boulder man, the satisfaction derived from chaining spectacular combos in the JRPG setting was undeniable. Although the demo was short and restricted, the promise of a non-continuous playthrough structure, broken up by town visits for side quests and character upgrades, left me eager for the full release in February 2024.

1. What is Granblue Fantasy: Relink?

– Granblue Fantasy: Relink is an action RPG game that has been highly anticipated for the past two years.

2. What is the gameplay like?

– The gameplay involves flashy action RPG combat with diverse characters and distinctive fighting styles.

3. How was the demo experience?

– The user had the opportunity to play two identical demos, totaling around 50 minutes of gameplay, primarily focusing on battling a large skeleton and a rock-like opponent.

4. How diverse are the characters in the game?

– The character selection includes a variety of characters, such as Gran, a standard swordsman; Io, a chibi mage; Lancelot, a dual-sword knight; and Rackam, equipped with a rifle.

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5. Who developed the game?

– Platinum Games initially developed the game before handing off full control to Cygames in 2019.

6. How does the combat system feel?

– The combat system is described as fluid and dynamic, with a satisfying weightiness to attacks, allowing players to execute stylish combos effortlessly.

7. What is the combat strategy?

– The combat strategy involves building meters, executing flashy moves, and coordinating attacks to satisfy a crystal in the corner of the screen.

8. What happens during chain bursts?

– Synchronized orange bars lead to chain bursts, allowing characters to unleash powerful moves sequentially, creating visually stunning and chaotic anime sequences.

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9. How is the game’s strategic depth?

– The user found the strategic depth of battles with adversaries like the boulder man somewhat challenging initially but satisfying once they understood the flashing percentage bars on the screen.

10. When is the release date for Granblue Fantasy: Relink?

– The game is set to be released in February 2024, featuring a non-continuous playthrough structure with stages broken up by visits to towns for side quests and character upgrades.

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