Howl: Strategic Adventure

Unleashing the Enigmatic World of “Howl”: A Journey Through Forests, Beasts, and Puzzles

In the heart of folklore lies a whispered truth — the woods are no place for the faint-hearted. A canvas painted with the very real dangers of wild creatures and the supernatural menace of malevolent spirits, a dark forest remains an ominous realm. Yet, within this ominous expanse, the protagonist of “Howl” boldly steps into the shadows, confronting the terrors concealed among the trees.

Prophet in a mystical forest, wielding a crossbow, faces werewolf-like Beasts in the captivating indie game 'Howl: Strategic Adventure.
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Venturing into the decaying landscapes of a Scandinavian fairy-tale world, “Howl” unfolds a narrative that transcends the traditional constraints of a video game. Its relaxed pace is a juxtaposition to the foreboding atmosphere, as soothing visuals and harmonious music transform the experience into a cerebral workout — an immersive escape into a lovely, albeit eerie, realm.

Now available on all major consoles and PC, “Howl” extends an invitation to all who dare to test their mettle against the ravenous Beasts that lurk within its confines. The game paints a captivating picture of a forested world dotted with quaint towns and villages, on the verge of collapse due to the relentless presence of Beasts. These werewolf-like creatures multiply with each passing day, and anyone unfortunate enough to hear their howls undergoes a gruesome transformation into one of them.

Amid this chaotic backdrop, the narrative centers around the Prophet — a young woman destined to break the curse. What sets her apart is her unique immunity to the effects of the Howl, attributed to her deafness. Armed with only a trusty crossbow and a repertoire of tricks acquired during her journey, the Prophet must navigate a world teeming with Beasts, each step potentially leading to salvation or doom.

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The gameplay unfolds in turn-based rounds, where players guide the Prophet through each map, strategically evading or confronting the Beasts in her path. With a set number of actions per round, meticulous planning becomes paramount. This often involves taking leaps of faith, such as anticipating a Beast’s presence to ensure a well-timed arrow shot.

Unlike games that rely on randomness, “Howl” introduces a unique challenge — the Beasts follow predetermined behaviors, responding directly to the Prophet’s actions. Anticipating the movements of multiple Beasts simultaneously becomes the crux of the gameplay, akin to the strategic anticipation in “Into The Breach,” albeit within shorter levels.

Victories are not just measured in survival but in the collection of the skulls of defeated Beasts, unlocking valuable upgrades. However, the game introduces a delicate balance, as confidence — a crucial resource for key skills — is earned by completing maps within a specific number of turns and rescuing survivors before their fateful transformation.

The difficulty curve of “Howl” is a rollercoaster of challenges. The initial chapters offer a leisurely stroll in the werewolf-infested park, but midway through the second chapter, the stakes heighten significantly. A pivotal moment arrives in a map featuring an expansive clearing densely populated with Beasts, prompting the player to question the feasibility of success. Yet, with perseverance and trial and error, strategies unfold, revealing routes to the goal without succumbing to the claws and teeth of the relentless adversaries.

As the game progresses, “Howl” transforms into a daily puzzle challenge, best approached with a fresh mindset each day. The guitar-driven soundtrack, soothing and immersive, enhances the experience, creating an ideal environment for relaxation amid the strategic chaos. However, playing several maps consecutively may unveil a sense of repetitiveness once the mechanics are familiar, emphasizing the game’s suitability for intermittent play.

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The introduction of skills elevates the gameplay’s complexity. These skills, earned through leveling up, introduce new abilities like explosive bolts and telekinetic pushes. However, a catch exists — each skill can only be used at a specific point in the turn order, demanding meticulous planning and an astute understanding of the Beasts’ behaviors.

Navigating the later stages of the game becomes a delicate dance of timing and prediction as multiple skills vie for the same position in the action queue. Every map presents a puzzle that can be conquered within the allotted turns, but achieving perfection often requires precision in action sequences and strategic decision-making.

Visually, “Howl” captivates with an enchanting ink-on-parchment aesthetic. The Prophet’s actions unfold on a scroll, metaphorically chronicling her quest to break the curse. The narrative, while following the trope of an untested heroine thrust into peril, is well-presented. Samantha Dakin’s narration adds a layer of calm amid danger, aligning seamlessly with the game’s ambiance.

In essence, “Howl” doesn’t revolutionize the gaming landscape, but its execution as a compelling indie title is undeniable. The combination of charming aesthetics and challenging puzzles creates an immersive experience, akin to a fantasy-themed crossword or a daily Wordle for enthusiasts seeking a daily mental challenge.


1. Captivating Visuals, Audio, and Narration:

The ink-on-parchment visual style and soothing guitar-driven soundtrack contribute to an immersive and enchanting experience. Samantha Dakin’s narration complements the game’s sense of calm amid danger.

2. Balanced Puzzles:

The puzzles strike a harmonious balance between accessibility and challenge, evolving into a daily puzzle challenge that invites players to approach each map with a fresh perspective.

3. Ideal for Short Play Sessions:

The game’s structure, combined with its soothing ambiance, makes it ideal for short and engaging play sessions.


1. Repetitive Feel:

Extended play sessions may reveal a sense of repetitiveness as players become familiar with the mechanics.

2. Lack of Groundbreaking Innovations:

While solid in its execution, “Howl” doesn’t introduce groundbreaking elements to the gaming landscape.

Howl beckons as an enchanting puzzle adventure, weaving together elements of fantasy, strategy, and suspense. Its unique approach to turn-based gameplay, coupled with its captivating visuals and audio, positions it as a delightful addition to the gaming repertoire. As the Prophet forges ahead, penning her prophecy amidst danger, players find themselves immersed in a world where danger meets tranquility, making “Howl” a worthy escapade into the heart of werewolf-infested realms.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about “Howl”: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Enigmatic Game

1. What is “Howl,” and what sets it apart in the gaming world?

– “Howl” is an indie video game set in a Scandinavian fairy-tale world, combining elements of strategy, puzzle-solving, and suspense. Its unique turn-based gameplay, captivating visuals, and soothing ambiance set it apart, offering players a distinctive experience.

2. Who is the protagonist of “Howl,” and what makes her special?

– The protagonist of “Howl” is the Prophet, a young woman destined to break a curse plaguing her world. Her unique trait is her deafness, making her immune to the effects of the haunting Howl. Armed with a crossbow and a set of skills, she must navigate a world infested with werewolf-like Beasts.

3. How does the gameplay of “Howl” unfold?

– The gameplay follows turn-based rounds, where players guide the Prophet through maps, strategically evading or confronting Beasts. Anticipating the predetermined movements of the Beasts becomes crucial, resembling the strategic anticipation found in “Into The Breach.”

4. What is the main challenge in “Howl,” and how does it evolve throughout the game?

– The primary challenge is anticipating the movements of multiple Beasts while planning each round’s actions. The game evolves in difficulty, offering both leisurely strolls through early chapters and heart-pounding challenges in later stages.

5. How do upgrades work in the game, and what role does Confidence play?

– Upgrades are earned by collecting the skulls of defeated Beasts, encouraging players to engage in strategic combat. Confidence is gained by completing maps within a set number of turns and rescuing survivors. It serves as a resource for key skills, adding a layer of strategy to the gameplay.

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6. What role do skills play in “Howl,” and how do they impact the gameplay?

– Skills introduce new abilities to the Prophet’s actions, such as explosive bolts or telekinetic pushes. However, they can only be used at specific points in the turn order, demanding careful planning and timing. As the Prophet levels up, skills add complexity and challenge to the gameplay.

7. How does “Howl” maintain its visual aesthetic, and what makes it captivating?

– The game adopts an enchanting ink-on-parchment visual style, symbolizing the Prophet writing her prophecy. This aesthetic, combined with the captivating visuals, immerses players in the world of “Howl.”

8. Is there any randomness in the Beasts’ actions, or do they follow set behaviors?

– Unlike games with random elements, the Beasts in “Howl” consistently follow set behaviors, responding directly to the Prophet’s actions. This eliminates unpredictability, making strategic anticipation and planning the core elements of the gameplay.

9. How does the narrative of “Howl” unfold, and what makes it well-presented?

– The narrative follows the standard trope of an untested heroine facing peril. However, it is well-presented, and Samantha Dakin’s narration adds a layer of calm amid danger, enhancing the overall ambiance of the game.

10. What are the pros and cons of playing “Howl”?

– Pros:
– Captivating Visuals, Audio, and Narration.
– Balanced Puzzles Ideal for Short Play Sessions.
– Ideal for Short Play Sessions.

– Cons:
– Repetitive Feel with Extended Play.
– Lack of Groundbreaking Innovations.

In conclusion, “Howl” stands out as a unique and engaging gaming experience, offering a blend of fantasy, strategy, and suspense. The FAQs provide insights into the game’s mechanics, challenges, and distinctive features, inviting players to embark on a journey into the heart of werewolf-infested realms.

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