Moonlit Farewell: Momodora’s Metroidvania Finale

Momodora: Moonlit Farewell stands as the conclusive entry in the Momodora series, intending to tie up loose ends from previous games. While being a newcomer to the series, I discovered a surprisingly enjoyable metroidvania experience within this installment.

Momodora: Moonlit Farewell - Gameplay Screenshot
Momodora Moonlit Farewell

The game begins with a somewhat slow pace, introducing players to an initial boss fight and leading to a scenario where you wake up in your village. The visual charm of the animated sprites within the village adds a certain allure, though the initial navigation might feel a bit extended. The central narrative revolves around the imperative task of thwarting demons that pose a threat to the sacred tree due to the ringing of The Black Bell.

Accompanied by Cereza, a character lacking combat abilities but proficient in turning currency into Sigils (build-defining cards) and preparing snacks, Moonlit Farewell might feel a tad sluggish initially. However, as you delve deeper, the deliberate and weighty combat style becomes apparent and fitting for the overall experience. The inclusion of a stamina bar for dodge rolling and the introduction of a sprint button, albeit stamina-draining, contribute to creating a satisfying rhythm in combat.

Visual aesthetics play a significant role in Moonlit Farewell’s appeal. While the opening moments may seem somewhat plain, the game quickly transitions into showcasing beautiful midnight-soaked vistas within the village, dispelling any initial reservations. Even the spooky ruins beneath your character’s feet gain a newfound visual charm, transforming from a mere tutorial setting to an aesthetically pleasing environment.

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One of the standout features of the game is the avoidance of the typical loneliness associated with metroidvania titles. Instead of the conventional ‘you vs. the world’ dynamic, Moonlit Farewell introduces a sense of companionship through interaction with characters like Cereza and fellow maidens. This departure from the norm adds a layer of uniqueness to the game’s narrative and player experience.

It’s important to note that while I haven’t explored the entirety of the game, the initial impressions suggest a delightful gaming experience, especially for enthusiasts of metroidvanias or those intrigued by magical girl themes. With its reasonable price, Momodora: Moonlit Farewell offers an opportunity to immerse oneself in its engaging world, especially with a 10% discount until January 18. Don’t let this game stand alone—dive in, explore its metroidvania charm, and savor the experience it has to offer.

1. What is Momodora: Moonlit Farewell?

Momodora: Moonlit Farewell is the concluding chapter in the Momodora franchise, aiming to unravel the mysteries from previous games.

2. How does Moonlit Farewell differ from other Momodora titles?

Moonlit Farewell introduces weighty combat mechanics, a unique companion system, and aims to provide closure to the series’ lingering questions.

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3. What is the main storyline in Moonlit Farewell?

The game follows a High Priestess armed with a leaf, aiming to thwart the demon threat that emerged after The Black Bell was rung in her village.

4. Tell me more about the companion character Cereza.

Cereza is a non-combatant maiden in Moonlit Farewell, focusing on transforming currency into Sigils and providing support.

5. How is the combat in Moonlit Farewell different from other metroidvanias?

Moonlit Farewell features deliberate combat with a stamina bar for dodging, rewarding precise moves, and introducing a tactical sprint mechanic.

6. What are the visual aspects of Moonlit Farewell?

While the early moments may seem bland, the game offers captivating midnight vistas and visually appealing ruins, enhancing the player experience.

7. Is Moonlit Farewell a solitary experience or does it offer companionship?

Unlike typical metroidvanias, Moonlit Farewell breaks the mold by providing companionship through a chat-friendly character and encounters with fellow maidens.

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8. What sets Moonlit Farewell apart for fans of metroidvanias and magical girls?

The game combines the allure of metroidvania gameplay with the charm of magical girl themes, promising an enjoyable experience, especially considering its reasonable price.

9. Is there a special offer for Momodora: Moonlit Farewell?

Until January 18, the game is available for $15.29 (£12.86) with a 10% discount from its original price, providing an affordable opportunity to explore its captivating world.

10. Does Moonlit Farewell maintain the typical metroidvania loneliness or bring a unique twist?

The game breaks away from the usual ‘you vs. the world’ metroidvania formula, offering a refreshing experience with companionship and interactions with other characters.

Explore the enchanting world of Momodora: Moonlit Farewell with its captivating story, distinctive gameplay mechanics, and delightful companions.

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