Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown – Time-Bending Adventure

Venture into the mystical realm of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, where above the entrance to Mount Qaf, a monumental statue stands frozen in the throes of destruction. Picture the fragments of a granite head suspended mid-fall, a visual testament to the enigmatic aura surrounding this captivating game. As you navigate the castle’s maze of trap-laden corridors, you’ll encounter characters seemingly untouched by the passage of time—a century-old mystery unfolding before your eyes. Time itself becomes a capricious companion within the cursed halls of the fortress, a lesson you must swiftly grasp if you aspire to triumph in the mesmerizing odyssey of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown - Hero navigating perilous terrain with acrobatic skills.
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This gaming gem seamlessly intertwines multiple generations of a series that traces its roots back to 1989. The brainchild of developer Jordan Mechner, the original Prince of Persia was a 2D platformer filled with perilous false floors, guillotines, and sword-wielding adversaries. Ubisoft later took the reins, introducing innovations like time control, transforming the series into a 3D escapade. Now, with The Lost Crown, Ubisoft masterfully returns to the series’ roots while infusing the essence of time manipulation, creating an expansive, labyrinthine world teeming with foes and challenges.

Embark on an epic quest embodying Sargon, one of Persia’s legendary warriors, on a relentless pursuit of Prince Ghassan and his abductors. The journey unfolds on Mount Qaf, where the captors scheme to coerce the prince into abdication. Your mission is clear: reach Prince Ghassan before the machinations unfold. Sargon’s athleticism allows him to leap over pits, swing from pole to pole, and navigate tight shafts, yet even these feats only grant access to a fraction of the fortress. Gaps too wide to jump, ledges too high to grasp, and distant locked doors pose formidable challenges.

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As you unravel the mountain’s secrets and face numerous bosses, a cascade of newfound abilities unfolds. Dash through the air, execute double jumps, and anchor yourself to teleportation points, enabling breathtaking mid-air acrobatics. This amalgamation of powers opens up previously inaccessible districts of Mount Qaf, expanding the scope of your exploration.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown ingeniously morphs into a Metroidvania, beckoning you to revisit and unearth secrets in familiar terrains. Acquired powers unveil new possibilities, rendering once-inaccessible chests attainable, unlocking sealed doors, and rendering formidable bosses vulnerable to your strikes.

Yet, be forewarned; The Lost Crown’s difficulty curve is as steep as the fortress itself. Later platforming sections and bosses demand meticulous memorization of attack patterns, testing your reflexes and pushing your skills to the limit. Striking a skill wall can be frustrating, particularly in a game where the joy emanates from fluid acrobatics and seamless attack combos.

Amid moments of frustration, the game grants you the freedom to explore alternative paths on Mount Qaf. New powers not only facilitate progress but unlock opportunities across the entire mountain, providing a welcome respite from challenging sections. Enhance your arsenal by upgrading Sargon’s weapons, fortifying health potions, and configuring amulets to suit your playstyle.

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Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown isn’t merely a sequel or a prequel; it heralds a new chapter for the series with unwavering confidence. The game seamlessly incorporates the series’ defining elements—its setting, traps, time powers, and combat—into this new iteration, standing shoulder to shoulder with gaming giants like Metroid Dread and Hollow Knight. After a 13-year hiatus since the last wholly new Prince of Persia game, The Lost Crown marks a triumphant return, offering a thrilling glimpse into the series’ promising future.

Intriguingly, this revitalized direction for Prince of Persia propels it beyond imitation, establishing itself as a standout in its chosen genre. As the captivating journey unfolds on PC, PS4/5, Switch, and Xbox platforms, released on January 18th for £50, brace yourself for a gaming experience that transcends expectations—a saga where time bends, acrobatics defy gravity, and every leap echoes with the legacy of a timeless franchise. Embark on this adventure, for in the lost crown lies the key to a kingdom of gaming nostalgia redefined.

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1. What is Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown?

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is a captivating video game that reimagines the classic Prince of Persia series, blending elements from its diverse iterations. Developed by Ubisoft, it introduces a thrilling combination of 2D platforming and time manipulation in a sprawling, labyrinthine world.

2. How does the game incorporate time manipulation?

The Lost Crown seamlessly integrates time-manipulating powers, allowing players to dash through the air, double jump, and teleport. These abilities unlock intricate mid-air acrobatics and open up new areas within the fortress of Mount Qaf.

3. Who is the protagonist in the game?

Players assume the role of Sargon, one of Persia’s legendary warrior defenders. Sargon embarks on a quest to pursue Prince Ghassan and his abductors, navigating the challenges of Mount Qaf in a race against time.

4. Is The Lost Crown a sequel or prequel to the previous Prince of Persia games?

No, The Lost Crown is not a sequel or prequel but rather a new journey for the series. It confidently explores a different direction, incorporating the best elements of previous iterations and establishing itself as a standalone experience.

5. What genre does The Lost Crown belong to?

The game transforms into a Metroidvania, inviting players to explore ever-expanding worlds. Revisit familiar areas, uncover hidden secrets, and witness your character’s growth as you acquire new powers.

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6. How challenging is the game?

The Lost Crown presents a steep difficulty curve, especially in later platforming sections and boss battles. Players must memorize attack patterns and develop precise reflexes to navigate through complex combinations of jumps, dodges, and parries.

7. Can you explore alternative paths in the game?

Yes, the game offers the freedom to explore alternative paths on Mount Qaf. New powers unlock opportunities across the mountain, providing strategic options to overcome challenging sections.

8. What customization options are available for the protagonist?

Players can upgrade Sargon’s weapons, enhance health potions, and configure amulets to modify abilities. These unlockable items allow strategic customization, providing advantages against formidable foes.

9. When was the last wholly new Prince of Persia game released before The Lost Crown?

The Lost Crown marks a significant return after a 13-year hiatus since the last wholly new Prince of Persia game. Its release promises an exciting direction for the beloved franchise.

10. On which platforms is Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown available?

The game is released on PC, PS4/5, Switch, and Xbox platforms, offering a multi-platform gaming experience for enthusiasts of the Prince of Persia series.

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