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Immerse yourself in the electrifying universe of Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch, where the enchantment of crossovers takes center stage, creating an unrivaled maximalist spectacle. Nintendo, the visionary architect behind this gaming extravaganza, invites players to embark on a wild rollercoaster ride, smashing together a colossal roster of 70-odd fighters. Here, gaming icons like Mario and Pikachu coexist harmoniously with unexpected outsiders such as Castlevania’s Simon Belmont and Final Fantasy’s Cloud.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate gameplay on Nintendo Switch with diverse characters engaging in intense battles.
Image credit: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The game unfolds as a heartfelt homage to the entire spectrum of video games, a celebration of their rich history manifesting in tributes and references scattered across its vibrant landscape. From globally acclaimed series to hidden gems that you thought no one else remembered, Super Smash Bros Ultimate weaves a tapestry of gaming nostalgia in every pixel. However, don’t be deceived by its seemingly straightforward goal of launching opponents off the stage; beneath this surface lies a profound depth and complexity that transforms each match into a mesmerizing dance on the precarious grounds of quicksand.

Venture into the realm of couch multiplayer, where chaos reigns supreme and shouts of confusion and laughter echo through the room. Even in solitary play, the game’s split-second analysis followed by instantaneous action ensures a captivating experience. The responsiveness and precision of controls, irrespective of your chosen character, make it an exhilarating journey for both novices and seasoned competitors alike.

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As you delve into the intricacies of the single-player mode, World of Light, brace yourself for hilariously unfair challenges that augment your character with ludicrous power-ups under bizarre conditions. This mode is a masterful fusion of elements from Smash Bros history, drawing inspiration from event matches and Smash Run’s collectible power-ups. The abundance of in-jokes and creative references, ranging from Rayman to the DS rhythm game Ouendan, adds an extra layer of enjoyment for those well-versed in gaming lore.

Unlocking characters in this epic adventure is a journey in itself, a convoluted process involving time, chance, and facing off against CPU opponents that can be mercilessly difficult. The gradual unlocking of new characters over time adds a sweet sense of accomplishment, though an option for temporary unlocks during parties or tournaments might be a welcome addition.

Yet, the game’s Achilles’ heel reveals itself in its online functionality, a surprising hiccup considering Nintendo’s shift towards charging for online services. The online experience often devolves into a frustratingly slow-moving slideshow, with potential culprits ranging from variable wifi speeds to international match-ups. Quickplay matchmaking seems to ignore search criteria half the time, and issues with the lobby system persist, from the absence of host migration to difficulties in playing online co-op with friends.

Nevertheless, Super Smash Bros Ultimate truly shines in the moments that matter most – surrounded by friends, whether clustered around a TV or in unconventional settings like a rooftop party. The joy of witnessing Solid Snake summoning Monster Hunter’s Rathalos to clash with a canine secretary, all against the nostalgic backdrop of Kirby’s Dream Land on Game Boy, is an experience unparalleled in gaming. Despite its online hiccups, this game is an absolute delight to play and experience, boasting an abundance of content that makes it a must-have for any gaming enthusiast wielding a Nintendo Switch.

Q1: What is Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch?

A1: Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a crossover fighting game developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch console. It features a diverse roster of over 70 characters, including Nintendo icons like Mario and Pikachu, as well as characters from other franchises such as Castlevania and Final Fantasy.

Q2: What makes Super Smash Bros Ultimate unique?

A2: Super Smash Bros Ultimate stands out for its maximalist approach to crossovers, bringing together characters from various gaming worlds to engage in frenetic combat. The game celebrates the rich history of video games with tributes and references, creating a vibrant and nostalgic gaming experience.

Q3: How does the gameplay of Super Smash Bros Ultimate differ from other fighting games?

A3: While the basic goal of the game is to build up damage on opponents to launch them off the stage, the depth and complexity lie beneath the surface. Matches are a thrilling, barely controlled chaos that requires strategic spacing, positioning, and the ability to predict opponents’ moves. It caters to both casual players and competitive gamers.

Q4: What are the single-player modes in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

A4: The single-player mode, World of Light, sets players against hilariously unfair opponents with augmented power-ups under various conditions. Classic mode consists of themed challenges for every fighter. These modes offer a mix of fast-paced action and creative references from gaming history.

Q5: How does character unlocking work in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

A5: Unlocking characters is a gradual process that involves time, chance, and defeating challenging CPU opponents. The game starts with only the veterans of the original Smash Bros unlocked, requiring players to invest time to access the full roster.

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Q6: What are the issues with online functionality in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

A6: The game’s biggest challenge is its online functionality, especially with Nintendo’s move to charge for online services. Issues range from slow-moving gameplay due to variable wifi speeds to matchmaking problems, lobby system limitations, and difficulties in playing online co-op with friends.

Q7: Despite the online issues, why is Super Smash Bros Ultimate recommended?

A7: Despite its online shortcomings, the game excels in providing an unparalleled joyous experience when played with friends. Whether in a living room or unconventional settings like rooftop parties, the game’s charm shines through, offering a diverse and content-rich gaming adventure for Nintendo Switch enthusiasts.

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