Outcast – A New Beginning Review

Outcast – A New Beginning (PlayStation 5) Review


Outcast – A New Beginning, developed by Appeal Studios and published by THQ Nordic, invites players into a nostalgic journey reminiscent of the late 2000s era of open-world third-person action-adventure games with RPG elements. This review delves deep into the game’s narrative, gameplay mechanics, audio-visual experience, and overall appeal, providing a comprehensive analysis for both fans of the original Outcast and newcomers alike.

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Setting the Scene

The game begins with Cutter Slade, the protagonist, awakening on the enigmatic planet Adelpha with no memory of his past. As Cutter explores this alien world, he encounters the Talan, its indigenous inhabitants, and discovers that humans are invading Adelpha, posing a grave threat to its existence. Thus begins Cutter’s journey to reclaim his role as the Ulukaï, the Talan Savior, and unite the fractured realms of Adelpha against the encroaching forces.

Narrative Depth

The storyline of Outcast – A New Beginning may seem familiar at first glance—a chosen hero battling invaders and uniting disparate factions. However, it’s the game’s earnest commitment to its narrative and world-building that sets it apart. The introduction of complex concepts and terminology immerses players into Adelpha’s rich lore, mirroring Cutter’s own confusion and gradual understanding of this alien realm. The game doesn’t shy away from its eccentricities, embracing them wholeheartedly to create an engaging and immersive narrative experience.

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Character Development

Cutter Slade’s character arc is central to the game’s narrative progression. Initially portrayed as a stranger in a strange land, Cutter evolves as he learns more about Adelpha and his role in its destiny. His interactions with the diverse cast of characters, from the curious Talan to fellow humans and adversaries, showcase his growth and adaptability. Voice acting plays a crucial role in bringing these characters to life, with each actor delivering performances that add depth and authenticity to the game’s world.

Gameplay Mechanics

While Outcast – A New Beginning excels in storytelling and world-building, its gameplay mechanics leave something to be desired. The game follows a traditional open-world action-adventure format, with exploration, combat, and questing as its core elements. Players navigate Adelpha’s diverse landscapes, complete quests, and engage in combat encounters to progress through the story.

The combat system, while functional, lacks the fluidity and impact seen in modern titles. Cutter’s abilities and weapon customization options add depth, but the overall combat experience feels dated compared to contemporary standards. Questing, too, suffers from repetitiveness, with a heavy emphasis on dialogue-driven tasks that may deter players seeking more dynamic gameplay experiences.

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World Exploration

Adelpha’s world is visually stunning, with intricate landscapes, varied environments, and architectural wonders to discover. However, the initial lack of substantive movement options limits the exploration experience. Players must unlock abilities like the jetpack to fully appreciate the world’s verticality and scale. Once unlocked, flying around Adelpha becomes a highlight, showcasing the game’s attention to environmental detail and design.

Audio-Visual Experience

Outcast – A New Beginning boasts impressive audio-visual elements that enhance immersion. The game’s soundtrack, while occasionally tonally dissonant, sets the mood effectively during key moments. The voice acting, on the other hand, steals the spotlight, with voice actors delivering heartfelt performances that breathe life into the characters. From Cutter’s relatable reactions to the Talan’s earnest expressions, every dialogue feels genuine and engaging.

Visually, Adelpha is a marvel to behold, with vibrant landscapes, intricate flora, and fauna that add depth to the world. However, character designs, particularly those of the Talan, could use more polish, often appearing less detailed compared to the environments they inhabit. Performance mode issues like screen tearing detract from the otherwise immersive visual experience, making graphics mode a preferable choice for smoother gameplay.

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Final Verdict

Outcast – A New Beginning appeals to fans of the original game with its nostalgic nods and commitment to its narrative roots. However, its outdated gameplay mechanics, repetitive questing, and technical issues may deter newcomers seeking a more polished and innovative experience. While the game shines in storytelling, world-building, and voice acting, it falls short in delivering a truly captivating and unique open-world adventure.

Overall Score: 7/10

In conclusion, Outcast – A New Beginning offers a nostalgic journey into a richly imagined world but struggles to stand out amidst contemporary gaming standards. Fans of classic open-world adventures may find enjoyment in its narrative depth and immersive setting, but for those seeking a more refined and innovative experience, there are better options available in the genre.

here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Outcast – A New Beginning:

1. What is Outcast – A New Beginning?

Outcast – A New Beginning is an action-adventure game developed by Appeal Studios and published by THQ Nordic. It is a sequel to the original Outcast game and is set in the open-world environment of the planet Adelpha.

2. What platforms is Outcast – A New Beginning available on?

The game is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC.

3. What is the storyline of Outcast – A New Beginning?

The game follows the protagonist, Cutter Slade, as he awakens on the planet Adelpha without memory. He discovers that humans are invading Adelpha and must reclaim his role as the Ulukaï, the Talan Savior, to protect the planet and unite its people.

4. What is the gameplay like in Outcast – A New Beginning?

The gameplay features exploration of Adelpha’s diverse landscapes, questing, and combat encounters. Players can customize Cutter’s abilities and weapons, but the combat system may feel dated compared to modern titles.

5. What are the standout features of Outcast – A New Beginning?

The game’s strengths lie in its narrative depth, world-building, and voice acting. It immerses players in Adelpha’s rich lore and presents a diverse cast of characters with genuine and engaging performances.

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6. Are there any technical issues with Outcast – A New Beginning?

Some players have reported technical issues such as screen tearing in performance mode. Graphics mode is recommended for a smoother gameplay experience.

7. Is Outcast – A New Beginning suitable for newcomers to the series?

While the game appeals to fans of the original Outcast with its nostalgic elements, newcomers may find the gameplay mechanics outdated and the questing repetitive. However, those interested in immersive storytelling and world exploration may still enjoy the experience.

8. What is the overall verdict on Outcast – A New Beginning?

Outcast – A New Beginning receives a score of 7/10 in the review, highlighting its strengths in storytelling, world-building, and voice acting, but noting its shortcomings in gameplay mechanics and technical issues. It may appeal to fans of classic open-world adventures but may not stand out for players seeking a more innovative experience.

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