The Rogue Prince of Persia: May 27 Release

System Requirements


– OS: Windows 10
– Processor: Intel Core i5-4460 3.2 GHz / AMD Ryzen 3 1200 3.2 GHz
– Memory: 8 GB RAM
– Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 (2GB) / AMD RX 5500 XT (4GB)
– DirectX: Version 11
– Storage: 5 GB available space

The Rogue Prince of Persia key art featuring the rogue prince in an action pose
Image Credit: Steam

The Rogue Prince Of Persia Will Now Launch On May 27

In a recent announcement, developer Evil Empire revealed that their highly anticipated 2D action-platformer, *The Rogue Prince of Persia*, will now be released on May 27 on Steam Early Access, instead of the previously planned date of May 14. The two-week delay follows the surprise release of *Hades 2* and aims to provide additional time for the development team to fine-tune the game and ensure a smoother launch.

Background and Development

*The Rogue Prince of Persia* is a spin-off of Ubisoft’s long-standing *Prince of Persia* franchise. The game is developed by Evil Empire, the studio behind the critically acclaimed *Dead Cells*. Since its announcement just over a month ago, the game has garnered significant attention due to its promise of combining the classic *Prince of Persia* elements with the modern, fast-paced, and rogue-like mechanics popularized by *Dead Cells*.

Evil Empire’s decision to delay the game was influenced by the unexpected launch of *Hades 2*, a title that has captured the gaming community’s attention. In their statement, Evil Empire mentioned that the delay would help in “lowering the stress levels” of the team, allowing them more time to address any “stubborn bugs” that might still be present. This decision underscores the importance the studio places on releasing a polished product, rather than rushing to meet an initial deadline.

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Gameplay and Features

*The Rogue Prince of Persia* builds on the formula that made *Dead Cells* a success. The game offers a mix of action, platforming, and rogue-like elements, with a heavy emphasis on wall-running mechanics that harken back to the classic *Prince of Persia* gameplay. Players can expect fluid combat, intricate level design, and challenging enemies that require both skill and strategy to overcome.

Wall-Running and Combat Mechanics

One of the standout features of *The Rogue Prince of Persia* is its wall-running mechanic, which is more developed and integral to the gameplay compared to previous *Prince of Persia* titles. This mechanic allows players to navigate the environment in dynamic and inventive ways, creating a seamless blend of combat and platforming. The combat system itself is designed to be fast-paced and responsive, with a variety of weapons and abilities that players can unlock and upgrade as they progress.

Rogue-Like Elements

Similar to *Dead Cells*, *The Rogue Prince of Persia* incorporates rogue-like elements that add replayability and depth to the game. Each run through the game is unique, with procedurally generated levels and a variety of enemies and bosses to encounter. Players can collect and upgrade weapons, abilities, and other items that enhance their character’s capabilities, providing a sense of progression and accomplishment even if a run ends in failure.

Visuals and Sound Design

The game’s art style is a fusion of traditional *Prince of Persia* aesthetics and the vibrant, pixelated graphics of *Dead Cells*. The environments are richly detailed, with a variety of settings that reflect the mystical and ancient world of Persia. The sound design complements the visual experience, with an atmospheric soundtrack and sound effects that enhance the immersion and intensity of the gameplay.

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Story and Setting

*The Rogue Prince of Persia* is set in a fantastical version of ancient Persia, where players take on the role of a rogue prince who must navigate treacherous landscapes, fight formidable foes, and uncover the secrets of a mysterious kingdom. The game’s narrative is delivered through a combination of in-game events, character interactions, and environmental storytelling, creating a rich and engaging world for players to explore.

Connection to the Prince of Persia Franchise

As a spin-off of the *Prince of Persia* franchise, *The Rogue Prince of Persia* pays homage to its predecessors while introducing new elements that set it apart. Fans of the series will recognize familiar themes and motifs, such as the iconic wall-running and acrobatic maneuvers, but will also appreciate the fresh take on the gameplay and story. The game’s connection to the broader *Prince of Persia* universe adds an extra layer of depth and nostalgia for long-time fans.

Pricing and Availability

Evil Empire has announced that *The Rogue Prince of Persia* will be available on Steam Early Access for $20. To entice early adopters, the team has teased a “cheeky little launch discount,” making it an appealing option for those eager to dive into the game from day one. The Early Access period is expected to last for “around a year, probably a little bit longer,” during which time the developers will continue to add new content and refine the gameplay based on player feedback.

Future Updates and Content

During its time in Early Access, *The Rogue Prince of Persia* will receive regular updates that introduce new levels, weapons, bosses, and story acts. Evil Empire is committed to expanding the game’s content and ensuring a high level of polish before the full release. The price of the game may increase as new content is added, rewarding early supporters who invest in the game during its initial launch period.

Development Challenges and Community Feedback

The decision to delay the release of *The Rogue Prince of Persia* highlights the challenges faced by game developers in balancing quality and deadlines. By opting to push back the launch date, Evil Empire demonstrates a commitment to delivering a high-quality product that meets player expectations. This approach is likely to resonate with the gaming community, which often values a well-polished game over one that is rushed to market.

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Transparency and Communication

Evil Empire’s transparency about the reasons for the delay and their willingness to engage with the community is commendable. By keeping players informed and involved in the development process, the studio fosters a sense of trust and loyalty among its fan base. This open communication is crucial in maintaining a positive relationship with players, especially during the Early Access phase.

The Impact of Competing Releases

The unexpected release of *Hades 2* serves as a reminder of the competitive nature of the gaming industry. Developers must navigate the landscape carefully, considering the timing of their releases to avoid clashing with major titles that could overshadow their own. By delaying *The Rogue Prince of Persia*, Evil Empire strategically positions their game to stand out and receive the attention it deserves.

Anticipation and Hype

The announcement of *The Rogue Prince of Persia* has generated considerable excitement within the gaming community. As the second *Prince of Persia* game to release this year, following *Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown* in January, the game continues to build on the momentum of the franchise. Additionally, Ubisoft’s ongoing development of the *Prince of Persia: Sands of Time* remake keeps the franchise in the spotlight, further fueling anticipation for *The Rogue Prince of Persia*.

Early Access Expectations

Players who join the Early Access phase of *The Rogue Prince of Persia* can expect a continually evolving experience. The developers have outlined plans for frequent updates and content additions, ensuring that the game remains fresh and engaging throughout its development. This approach allows players to provide valuable feedback and contribute to the game’s refinement, creating a collaborative effort between the developers and the community.

Potential Challenges and Opportunities

While the Early Access model offers numerous benefits, it also presents challenges. Maintaining player interest over an extended development period requires a steady stream of updates and improvements. Evil Empire will need to balance their development resources to ensure that new content is delivered consistently while also addressing any issues that arise.

Building on Success

Evil Empire’s previous success with *Dead Cells* sets high expectations for *The Rogue Prince of Persia*. The studio’s ability to blend action, platforming, and rogue-like elements in a cohesive and engaging package has earned them a loyal following. Fans are eager to see how these skills will translate to the *Prince of Persia* universe and what new innovations the team will bring to the table.


1. Why was the release date for *The Rogue Prince of Persia* delayed?

The release date was delayed to May 27 to allow the development team more time to address bugs and reduce stress levels. The delay also takes into account the unexpected release of *Hades 2*, which has garnered significant attention from the gaming community.

2. What platforms will *The Rogue Prince of Persia* be available on?

Initially, *The Rogue Prince of Persia* will be available on Steam Early Access for PC. Future plans for other platforms have not been announced yet.

3. How much will *The Rogue Prince of Persia* cost?

The game will be priced at $20 on Steam Early Access. Early adopters can expect a launch discount.

4. How long will the game remain in Early Access?

Evil Empire expects the game to stay in Early Access for around a year, possibly a bit longer, as they continue to add new content and refine the gameplay based on player feedback.

5. What new content will be added during the Early Access period?

The developers plan to introduce new levels, weapons, bosses, and story acts throughout the Early Access period, ensuring the game remains fresh and engaging.

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6. Will the price of the game increase after Early Access?

Yes, the price of *The Rogue Prince of Persia* may increase as new content is added during the Early Access period.

7. How does *The Rogue Prince of Persia* build on the *Dead Cells* formula?

The game incorporates the fast-paced action and rogue-like elements of *Dead Cells* while introducing more developed wall-running mechanics and other gameplay features that reflect the classic *Prince of Persia* series.

8. What makes the wall-running mechanic unique in this game?

The wall-running mechanic is more integral to the gameplay, allowing players to navigate the environment dynamically and seamlessly blend combat and platforming.

9. How does the game connect to the broader *Prince of Persia* universe?

As a spin-off, *The Rogue Prince of Persia* pays homage to the original series with familiar themes and motifs while introducing new gameplay elements and a fresh narrative.

10. What can players expect from the game’s story and setting?

Set in a fantastical version of ancient Persia, players take on the role of a rogue prince navigating treacherous landscapes and uncovering the secrets of a mysterious kingdom through a mix of in-game events, character interactions, and environmental storytelling.

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