The Smurfs Village Party Review: Fun & Flaws

Review of The Smurfs Village Party: Fun mini-games, flawed adventure mode, family-friendly.

Review: The Smurfs Village Party

The Smurfs Village Party marks a new chapter in the beloved Smurfs gaming franchise, merging a variety of genres into a single, ambitious title. With a history of enjoyable titles like The Smurfs: Mission Vileaf and Smurfs 2 – The Prisoner of the Green Stone, fans of the franchise have come to expect a certain level of quality and fun. Developed by Balio Studio and published by Microids, this new game attempts to blend adventure and party mini-games, but does it succeed in delivering a cohesive and engaging experience?

A Familiar Yet Enjoyable Narrative

At its core, The Smurfs Village Party sticks to the tried-and-true formula that has made previous Smurf games a delight. The storyline, though not groundbreaking, remains charming and engaging, capturing the essence of the Smurfs universe with its upbeat and moralistic themes. This time, Pupa Smurf is the orchestrator of a grand village party, brimming with music, food, and various games. However, the ever-plotting Gargamel is intent on spoiling the festivities.

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Players are tasked with exploring the expansive kingdom, assisting each Smurf with their specific tasks to ensure the party is a success. This premise, while simple, serves as a solid foundation for the gameplay, allowing players to immerse themselves in the vibrant and whimsical world of the Smurfs.

Gameplay Mechanics: Simple Yet Engaging

The Smurfs Village Party does not attempt to revolutionize the adventure genre. Instead, it focuses on delivering a familiar but enjoyable experience. Players engage in gathering resources, finding collectables, and helping various Smurfs with their tasks. This core gameplay loop is supplemented by treasure hunts, costume crafting, and an array of mini-games and races.

The mini-games are a particular highlight, drawing inspiration from Mario Party with their blend of sports, memory challenges, and skill-based activities. During the adventure mode, these mini-games are played against AI opponents, but once players complete the adventure, they can dive into party mode, where they can challenge friends in local multiplayer matches.

Visual and Technical Hiccups

While the game’s exploration and mini-games provide fun and engagement, The Smurfs Village Party is not without its flaws, particularly in its visual and technical execution. The game’s textures are inconsistent, and the camera often proves problematic, detracting from the immersive experience. Some in-game assets suffer from glitching, leading to a lack of polish that is noticeable throughout the adventure mode.

Despite these issues, the mini-games stand out for their visual appeal. The fixed-screen perspective used in these sections allows for crisp, vibrant graphics and interesting settings, suggesting that the developers concentrated their efforts more on these elements. This focus on mini-games, while beneficial in some respects, highlights the relative neglect of the adventure components.

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Audio: A Mixed Experience

The audio in The Smurfs Village Party offers both highs and lows. On the positive side, the game’s soundtrack is fun, upbeat, and energetic, adding a jovial atmosphere that complements the overall tone of the game. The sound effects are similarly enjoyable, with silly and playful noises that enhance the Smurf-themed experience.

However, the audio experience is marred by repetitiveness. Certain sound bites and one-liners quickly become tiresome, akin to a dentist’s drill constantly going off in the background. Lines like “A Smurf in a Smurf’s shoe” or the marching Smurf quote are repeated so frequently that they lose their charm and become irritating. This overuse of dialogue highlights a need for greater variety in the game’s audio design.

Control Issues

Control responsiveness is crucial in any game, and The Smurfs Village Party delivers a mixed performance in this regard. The controls during mini-games are well-implemented, with responsive inputs and clear instructions that make these sections accessible and enjoyable for players of all ages. The mini-games benefit from a straightforward control scheme that enhances their fun and replayability.

In contrast, the adventure mode’s controls are less refined. Players often experience clipping issues, struggle with navigation, and find themselves wrestling with an uncooperative camera system. These problems can significantly hamper the enjoyment of the adventure mode, making certain tasks more frustrating than they should be. Improving these control elements would greatly enhance the overall experience.

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Gameplay Balance and Longevity

The Smurfs Village Party offers a wealth of content, particularly in its adventure mode, which is packed with collectables, tasks, and other engaging elements. However, this abundance of content can sometimes lead to a sense of tedium. Like Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed series, the sheer volume of tasks and collectables can feel overwhelming, detracting from the enjoyment rather than enhancing it.

A more balanced approach, with fewer but more meaningful tasks and a higher level of difficulty, could have improved the gameplay experience. As it stands, the game’s simplicity and repetitive nature may not hold the interest of more experienced gamers for long, though younger players and fans of the Smurfs are likely to find it delightful.

The Smurfs Village Party: A Jekyll and Hyde Experience

The Smurfs Village Party is a game of contrasts, offering both reasons to play and elements that might deter some players. On the positive side, the multiplayer action is a standout feature, providing great fun, especially for families with children. The open world is colorful and engaging, and the mini-games are a highlight, offering a variety of challenges that are easy to pick up and play.

However, the adventure mode feels like an afterthought, with its rough edges and technical issues detracting from the overall experience. Despite these shortcomings, the game has its charms and is likely to be a hit with fans of the Smurfs and party games.

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Final Thoughts

In summary, The Smurfs Village Party offers a mix of solo and multiplayer experiences that cater to different types of players. If you enjoy Mario Party-style mini-games, you’ll find much to love here. The adventure mode, while lacking in some areas, provides a colorful and whimsical world to explore. However, technical issues and repetitive audio elements prevent the game from reaching its full potential.


  • Clean and vibrant mini-games.
  • Upbeat and energetic audio.
  • Easy-to-play mini-games suitable for all ages.
  • Over 50 mini-games to enjoy.


  • Lackluster adventure mode.
  • Inconsistent textures in the open world.
  • Repetitive and annoying sound bites.
  • Poor camera mechanics.
  • Various glitches and bugs.

Rating: PEGI 3
Release Date: 06/06/2024
Price: £33.49

Despite its flaws, The Smurfs Village Party is an enjoyable game for fans of the franchise and those looking for a fun, family-friendly party game. With a bit more polish and attention to detail in its adventure mode, it could have been a standout title in the Smurfs gaming series. As it stands, it’s a fun, if somewhat uneven, addition to the Smurfs’ adventures.

FAQs for The Smurfs Village Party

Q: What is The Smurfs Village Party?
A: The Smurfs Village Party is a video game developed by Balio Studio and published by Microids. It combines adventure gameplay with a variety of mini-games and supports both solo and multiplayer modes.

Q: What platforms is The Smurfs Village Party available on?
A: The game is available on multiple platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Q: What is the main objective of The Smurfs Village Party?
A: The main objective is to help Pupa Smurf organize a village party by completing various tasks, collecting resources, and assisting other Smurfs. Players also engage in numerous mini-games throughout their adventure.

Q: Can The Smurfs Village Party be played in multiplayer mode?
A: Yes, the game supports multiplayer mode for up to 4 players. The mini-games can be played in local multiplayer mode on one TV screen.

Q: How many mini-games are included in The Smurfs Village Party?
A: The game features over 50 different mini-games, covering a range of activities including sports, memory challenges, and skill-based games.

Q: Is The Smurfs Village Party suitable for children?
A: Yes, the game is rated PEGI 3, making it suitable for children and family-friendly.

Q: What are some common issues players might encounter in The Smurfs Village Party?
A: Players may encounter issues such as inconsistent textures, camera problems, and various glitches and bugs, especially in the adventure mode.

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Q: How is the audio experience in The Smurfs Village Party?
A: The audio is generally upbeat and energetic, with fun sound effects. However, some players may find the repetitive sound bites and dialogue annoying.

Q: Are the controls easy to use in The Smurfs Village Party?
A: The controls are responsive and well-implemented in the mini-games, making them accessible for players of all ages. However, the adventure mode’s controls can be problematic due to issues with the camera system and navigation.

Q: What makes The Smurfs Village Party worth playing?
A: The game offers a fun mix of adventure and party gameplay, with vibrant mini-games and a charming Smurfs-themed world. It is particularly enjoyable for fans of the Smurfs and party games, as well as families looking for a multiplayer experience.

Q: Where can I buy The Smurfs Village Party?
A: The game can be purchased from various retailers, both online and in stores, and is available on digital marketplaces such as the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, Nintendo eShop, and Steam.

Q: Are there any downloadable content (DLC) or expansions available for The Smurfs Village Party?
A: As of the current release, there are no announced DLCs or expansions, but players should stay tuned for any future updates or additional content.

Q: How long does it take to complete The Smurfs Village Party?
A: The completion time can vary depending on how thoroughly players explore the game and engage with its mini-games and collectables. On average, it may take around 10-15 hours to complete the main objectives and experience most of the content.

Q: Can I play The Smurfs Village Party offline?
A: Yes, the game can be played offline. However, multiplayer modes require local co-op on the same device.

Q: Does The Smurfs Village Party have any special editions or collector’s editions?
A: As of now, there is no special or collector’s edition available for The Smurfs Village Party.

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