Among Us: Characters Unveiled

Unveiling the Intricacies of Among Us Characters: Abilities, Appearances, and Beyond

In the dynamic and deceptive world of Among Us, player characters play a pivotal role in the game’s narrative and gameplay. From the basic abilities of Crewmates to the cunning tactics of Impostors, the characters are the conduits through which players navigate the two-dimensional field of play. This comprehensive exploration will delve into the diverse aspects of Among Us characters, shedding light on their abilities, appearances, and fascinating quirks that make the game a virtual playground of deception.

Abilities of Among Us Characters


1. Use:

Interact with various elements in the game, such as completing tasks and using equipment.

2. Pet (Living, Pet equipped):

Customize your character with a living pet or equip a virtual pet.

3. Report (living):

Report findings and discuss suspicious activities during meetings.

4. Admin:

Access the Admin room to gather information on players’ locations.

5. Security:

Monitor activities through the Security cameras.

6. Doorlog:

Keep track of players passing through doors.

7. Vitals:

Check the vital signs of other players.

8. Customize:

Personalize your character with different colors, hats, skins, visor cosmetics, and pets.

9. Vent (living, Engineers):

Utilize vents for quick movement.

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1. Sabotage:

Disrupt Crewmates’ tasks and create chaos.

2. Kill (living):

Eliminate Crewmates strategically.

3. Vent (living):

Move discreetly through vents.

4. Shift (living, Shapeshifter):

Assume the appearance of another player.


The number of players in a game can vary from 4 to 15, depending on how many participants join.

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In-Depth Look at Among Us Characters


Living characters in Among Us are portrayed as short, round-bodied astronaut-like creatures adorned in spacesuits of various colors. Lacking arms and featuring short legs, their spacesuits conceal their true form. The appearance may include four-fingered hands during specific animations, and a small pack is mounted on the back of the suit.

When eliminated, Crewmates become ghosts with translucent bodies and ghost tails, maintaining their chosen skin. The Reactor Meltdown UI shows a unique five-fingered hand during scanning.

Elimination and Ghost Transformation:

– If eliminated, players turn into ghosts with a ghost tail and translucent appearance.
– Ghosts maintain their chosen skin, but the skin details are not displayed below the character.

Interaction and Naming:

– Crewmates’ names are displayed in white above their heads.
– Impostors see names, including their own, in red.

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Decapitated Corpse:

– When an Impostor kills a Crewmate, a decapitated corpse is left behind, featuring the bottom half of the body lying down with a single bone sticking out.

Weight and Height:

– According to Submit Scan, characters weigh 92 pounds and are 3’6″ tall.
– Exception: Fortegreen weighs 132 pounds, and players may temporarily play as Fortegreen with the username “???” during connection.

Name Changes:

– ForteBass was the default name, named after Forest Willard’s username.
– Between versions 2021.4.2 and 2021.6.30, Fortegreen was named “GareBear.”

Unique Details and Trivia:

– Various animations and promotional art depict characters with disconnected hands and reveal teeth and long tongues for Impostors.
– Characters can drink through osmosis.
– A tweet from Among Us suggests characters either have no toes or each leg is a giant toe.
– Character sprites use a base template, and color is referred to as ‘Crewcolor’ on cosmetics, allowing them to change to the character’s color.

Bugs and Changes:

– Before version 2022.3.29, players on PC could move around and open UIs during the Role Reveal screen, likely a bug.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Q: Can I customize my character’s appearance beyond colors?

– A: Absolutely! You can personalize your character with hats, skins, visor cosmetics, and even pets. Get creative and stand out in the virtual space.

2. Q: How many players can join a game of Among Us?

– A: The number of players can vary from 4 to 15, providing flexibility for different group sizes and gameplay dynamics.

3. Q: Are Among Us characters different in Practice mode?

– A: This article focuses on in-game player characters. For information on non-player characters in Practice, refer to specific guides or resources.

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4. Q: Are there hidden elements or Easter eggs in Among Us character designs?

– A: Given the creativity of the community, players often discover subtle Easter eggs or unique details within character designs. Keep an eye out for surprises!

6. Q: How can I stay updated on new developments or changes in Among Us characters?

– A: Stay connected with the Among Us community, follow official channels, and explore in-game updates for the latest information on characters and gameplay.

7. Q: Can I use mods or texture packs to enhance Among Us character appearances?

– A: The showcased character designs are based on standard Minecraft blocks. While mods and texture packs exist, these designs can be recreated in the base game.

8. Q: What are the practical implications of character abilities in Among Us?

– A: Abilities range from completing tasks and reporting findings to sabotaging and eliminating other players. Understanding these abilities enhances strategic gameplay.

9. Q: Are there specific guides for building characters resembling Henry Stickmin in Among Us?

– A: While not covered in this article, the community has explored various character designs. Look for specific guides or tutorials tailored to your preferences.

10. Q: How do weight and height details impact gameplay in Among Us?

– A: Weight and height details are more for trivia and immersion. They don’t have a direct impact on gameplay mechanics.

11. Q: Can I still move during the Role Reveal screen in Among Us?

– A: Before version 2022.3.29, players on PC could move and open UIs during the Role Reveal screen. This was likely a bug and may have been addressed in subsequent updates.

In conclusion, Among Us characters are not just avatars in a game; they are vessels for deception, strategy, and creativity. Whether you’re navigating the map as a Crewmate or plotting as an Impostor, the intricacies of character abilities and appearances add depth to the gameplay. As the Among Us universe continues to evolve, players can anticipate new challenges, features, and perhaps even more fascinating details about the characters that bring this digital deception to life.

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