Kingdom Come: Deliverance Beginner Tips

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1. Understand Your Place:

Kingdom Come: Deliverance plunges players into the tumultuous world of 15th-century Bohemia, where social hierarchies and political unrest define everyday life. As Henry, the lowborn son of a blacksmith, players experience the harsh realities of medieval society. Understanding your place in this world is crucial for survival.

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At the outset of the game, Henry possesses no armor, weapons, or combat experience. This makes engaging in fights a risky endeavor, akin to a fish navigating a shark-infested sea. Furthermore, Henry's social status as a peasant places him at the bottom of the social ladder, devoid of privileges or titles.

Navigating Kingdom Come: Deliverance requires players to be mindful of their lowly status and the challenges it entails. Avoiding unnecessary conflicts, seeking allies cautiously, and prioritizing survival over glory are key strategies for beginners.

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2. Avoid Overwhelming Fights:

Combat in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is unforgiving, especially when facing multiple adversaries or heavily armored foes. Engaging in battles without adequate preparation can quickly lead to defeat. It's essential for beginners to assess each combat encounter carefully and avoid overwhelming odds.

When facing multiple enemies, focus on isolating opponents and preventing being flanked. Utilize terrain to your advantage and maintain mobility to avoid getting surrounded. Remember, retreating from a dangerous fight is often the wisest choice, allowing you to live and fight another day.

Similarly, in the realm of quests and activities, avoid taking on too many tasks simultaneously. The game limits players to tracking three side quests alongside the main story. Overcommitting can lead to failed missions and missed opportunities for progression.

3. Train Regularly:

Improving Henry's combat skills is essential for survival in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. After completing the "Train Hard, Fight Easy" main quest, players gain access to training sessions with Captain Bernard. These training sessions are invaluable for honing combat techniques and mastering the game's intricate combat system.

Captain Bernard teaches players crucial skills such as perfect blocks and master strikes, which are powerful offensive and defensive maneuvers. Mastering these techniques significantly enhances Henry's combat prowess and increases survivability in challenging encounters.

Dedicate time to regular training sessions with Captain Bernard to gain a deeper understanding of combat mechanics and improve Henry's combat proficiency.

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4. Learn to Read:

In the medieval world of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, literacy is a valuable skill with numerous benefits. Learning to read unlocks a wealth of opportunities, from improving skills to uncovering hidden knowledge within the game world.

The "Mightier than the Sword" quest introduces players to the art of reading. Completing this quest grants Henry his first reading level and opens the door to a wide range of reading materials, including skill-enhancing books, mission-critical notes, and lore books that deepen the game's narrative.

Furthermore, the reading skill offers additional perks, such as increased charisma and speech abilities when interacting with NPCs. It can even reveal hidden locations on the map, providing valuable insights and strategic advantages.

Exploring the game world and locating rare books becomes a rewarding endeavor, as each book read contributes to Henry's intellectual growth and overall capabilities.

5. Maintain Cleanliness:

Personal hygiene may seem like a minor detail, but in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, cleanliness plays a significant role in social interactions and perception. Dirty or unkempt attire can negatively impact Henry's charisma and speech during conversations with NPCs.

To maintain cleanliness, players can use water troughs found in populated areas or visit bathhouses for a thorough cleansing. Bathhouses not only launder clothes but also offer potions and services that provide temporary character stat boosts.

Additionally, having a clean and presentable appearance enhances Henry's social standing and facilitates smoother interactions with merchants, villagers, and nobles alike.

6. Dress Appropriately:

In the diverse world of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, attire is more than just fashion—it's a reflection of identity and perception. Choosing the right outfit for each occasion can significantly influence how NPCs interact with Henry.

For social interactions and negotiations, high-charisma clothing can boost speech abilities and improve Henry's chances of success. Conversely, wearing intimidating armor and wielding a bloodied weapon can aid in intimidation checks and combat-related scenarios.

Maintaining a balance between functional attire for combat and socially acceptable clothing for diplomacy is key. Keeping clean, high-charisma clothes on hand for important conversations and strategic shifts in appearance can be a game-changer.

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7. Save Smartly:

Kingdom Come: Deliverance employs a unique save system that encourages strategic decision-making and careful planning. The game saves progress during quests, upon sleeping in a bed, or by consuming Saviour Schnapps—a valuable but limited resource.

Players start with three Saviour Schnapps at the beginning of the game, but acquiring more requires either purchasing them or crafting them at an alchemist's bench. Crafting Saviour Schnapps involves specific steps and ingredients, adding an element of resource management to the game:

1. Gather Ingredients: To craft Saviour Schnapps, players need wine, belladonna, and nettle. These ingredients can be found or purchased from various locations.

2. Prepare Ingredients: Begin by boiling the nettles for two turns of the sand timer. This process extracts essential components for the potion.

3. Grind Belladonna: While the nettles boil, grind the belladonna to a fine powder. Belladonna adds potency to the potion but must be handled with caution due to its toxic nature.

4. Combine Ingredients: After boiling the nettles, add the ground belladonna and boil for an additional turn. This step blends the ingredients and enhances their magical properties.

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Crafting Saviour Schnapps provides a reliable method for saving progress at critical junctures, such as before engaging in risky encounters, exploring unknown territories, or making significant decisions. However, the limited availability of ingredients and the cost of purchasing Saviour Schnapps add strategic depth to the game's saving mechanics.

By stocking up on Saviour Schnapps and utilizing them strategically, players can mitigate risks, experiment with different approaches, and safeguard progress without relying solely on autosaves or manual saves at specific locations.

In conclusion, Kingdom Come: Deliverance offers a rich and immersive experience steeped in historical authenticity and strategic gameplay. By understanding Henry's role in the medieval world, mastering combat techniques, learning valuable skills like reading, maintaining personal hygiene, dressing appropriately, and saving smartly, beginners can navigate the challenges of Bohemia and carve their path to success in this captivating RPG adventure.

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about beginner tips for Kingdom Come: Deliverance:

1. What is Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an open-world medieval RPG set in 15th-century Bohemia, where players take on the role of Henry, a blacksmith's son thrust into a world of political intrigue and conflict.

2. What are some key beginner tips for Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

- Understand your character's place in the world and avoid unnecessary conflicts.
- Avoid overwhelming fights and prioritize survival.
- Regularly train with Captain Bernard to improve combat skills.
- Learn to read to access valuable information and skill enhancements.
- Maintain cleanliness for better social interactions.
- Dress appropriately for different situations to influence NPC perceptions.
- Save smartly using Saviour Schnapps to preserve progress strategically.

3. How important is combat in Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

Combat is a significant aspect of the game, but it's essential to approach it tactically and avoid taking on more than you can handle. Training regularly and using proper equipment are crucial for success in combat encounters.

4. What benefits does learning to read offer in the game?

Learning to read unlocks access to skill-enhancing books, mission-critical information, and lore about the game world. It also improves charisma and speech skills during interactions with NPCs.

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5. How does cleanliness affect gameplay?

Cleanliness affects Henry's charisma and speech during conversations. Maintaining a clean appearance can lead to better social interactions and more favorable outcomes in negotiations.

6. What is Saviour Schnapps, and how does it work?

Saviour Schnapps is a potion that allows players to save their progress at any time, outside of the game's automatic save points. Crafting or purchasing Saviour Schnapps is essential for strategic saving and preserving progress during critical moments.

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