Unicorn Overlord Bridge Repair Guide

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Unicorn Overlord: Guide to Bridge Repair

If you've recently gained the ability to explore freely in Unicorn Overlord, you may have come across a conspicuously broken bridge. This guide will walk you through the process of repairing the bridge, including where to find the necessary materials and the significance of this repair in the game.

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The Broken Bridge in Cornia

The broken bridge is located east of Ouvrir Harbor in the world of Unicorn Overlord. It's near Fort Thessalon, and once you've completed the initial section of the game, you'll have access to this area. The collapsed bridge is a clear indicator that there's a task at hand, and Hodrick, a character in the game, will inform you that repairing the bridge is necessary.

Recruiting a Builder

To repair the bridge, you'll need the assistance of a skilled builder. There are two options available for recruiting a builder:

1. Mordon: Mordon is one of the options for repairing the bridge. You can find him in the Walled City of Barbatimo, which is southeast of the harbor. Upon reaching the Walled City, you'll be given "The Battle For Barbatimo" quest, where you'll face the shield-crushing Warrior class. Completing this quest allows you to recruit Mordon for the bridge repair.

2. Kitra: Alternatively, you can recruit Kitra for the bridge repair. She joins your team during the primary campaign, specifically during the "Priestess Abducted" quest. If you've already eliminated Mordon for some reason, Kitra becomes your alternative choice.

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Acquiring the Necessary Materials

Once you have a builder on board, the next step is to gather the materials required for repairing the bridge. You'll need 30 Corsite Stones for this task. Corsite Stones can be found scattered across Cornia, and there are multiple locations where you can gather them:

- Treyes Village

- Palevia Harbor

- Bellum Ghoria Hamlet

- Fort Veille

However, the most efficient way to acquire Corsite Stones is by visiting the Cornia Quarry. Here, you'll have access to an abundance of Corsite Stone through mining activities.

The Reward for Bridge Repair

Repairing the bridge in Unicorn Overlord comes with its own set of rewards and consequences. Once the bridge is rebuilt, you gain access to the Unicorn Overlord quest. This quest is significant as it leads to the final battle in the game, where you'll face level 40 enemies.

It's important to note that the final battle is a considerable challenge, and you should only attempt it if you feel adequately prepared. However, completing this quest opens up the opportunity to finish the game's storyline.

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Exploring Different Outcomes

One of the intriguing aspects of Unicorn Overlord is how player choices impact the game's narrative and outcomes. The events leading up to the final battle vary based on your actions throughout the game. This means that replaying certain sections or making different decisions can result in a significantly different experience during the final mission.


Repairing the bridge in Unicorn Overlord is not just a mechanical task but a pivotal moment in the game's progression. It signifies your readiness to face the ultimate challenge and explore different story arcs based on your choices. Whether you choose Mordon or Kitra, gather Corsite Stones, and engage in the final battle, Unicorn Overlord offers a rich and dynamic gaming experience that rewards strategic thinking and exploration.

Here are some FAQs related to repairing the bridge in Unicorn Overlord:

1. What happens if I don't repair the bridge?

If you choose not to repair the bridge in Unicorn Overlord, you won't gain access to the Unicorn Overlord quest and the final battle it leads to. This means you'll miss out on significant content and story progression.

2. Can I recruit both Mordon and Kitra for the bridge repair?

No, you can only recruit one of them for the bridge repair. Your choice between Mordon and Kitra will depend on your actions and preferences in the game.

3. Are there other rewards for repairing the bridge besides the Unicorn Overlord quest?

Repairing the bridge itself doesn't offer additional rewards besides unlocking the final quest. However, completing the Unicorn Overlord quest may lead to rewards such as unique items, experience points, or story progression.

4. How difficult is the final battle in the Unicorn Overlord quest?

The final battle in the Unicorn Overlord quest is challenging, as you'll face level 40 enemies. It's recommended to ensure your character is well-equipped, leveled up, and prepared for the combat encounters before attempting this quest.

5. Can I replay the Unicorn Overlord quest and choose different outcomes?

Yes, Unicorn Overlord allows you to replay quests and make different choices, leading to varied outcomes. This feature encourages replayability and exploration of alternative story paths.

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6. Are there any consequences to recruiting or not recruiting Mordon or Kitra?

Recruiting Mordon or Kitra for the bridge repair may have consequences in terms of the game's narrative or character interactions. However, these consequences may vary based on your overall gameplay choices and decisions.

7. Is there a time limit or deadline for repairing the bridge in Unicorn Overlord?

There is typically no time limit or deadline for repairing the bridge in Unicorn Overlord. You can proceed with the bridge repair at your own pace, focusing on other quests or activities as desired.

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