Unicorn Overlord: Drakenhold vs. Elheim Guide

Unicorn Overlord: Drakenhold vs. Elheim – A Comprehensive Guide to Your Second Destination


In the fantastical realm of Unicorn Overlord, players are faced with a pivotal decision after triumphing over the first major boss: Should they journey to Drakenhold or Elheim next? This decision marks a significant turning point in the game’s narrative and gameplay progression, as each destination offers unique challenges, rewards, and strategic opportunities. Let’s delve deep into the intricacies of this decision to help players navigate their path effectively.

Unicorn Overlord: Drakenhold vs. Elheim - Fantasy RPG comparison
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1. Setting the Stage: Fevrith’s Five Kingdoms

To understand the significance of choosing between Drakenhold and Elheim, we must first familiarize ourselves with the rich tapestry of Fevrith, the continent where Unicorn Overlord unfolds. Fevrith is divided into five distinct countries: Cornia, Drakenhold, Elheim, Bastorias, and Albion. Each kingdom boasts its own culture, inhabitants, landscapes, and challenges awaiting intrepid adventurers.

2. The Open World Experience of Unicorn Overlord

Unicorn Overlord prides itself on delivering an immersive open-world experience, granting players the freedom to chart their course and shape their destiny. After a pivotal battle in Cornia, the game presents a tantalizing choice between Drakenhold and Elheim as the next destination. This choice isn’t merely cosmetic; it significantly influences the player’s journey, character progression, and gameplay dynamics.

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3. Drakenhold: The Citadel of Challenges and Rewards

Drakenhold emerges as a formidable destination, beckoning adventurers with its rugged landscapes, ancient ruins, and formidable foes. To gain entry into Drakenhold, players must first overcome “The Battle for Mier,” a Liberation Quest with an Enemy Level of nine. This quest serves as a natural stepping stone for players seeking a linear progression path.

Once within the walls of Drakenhold, players are greeted with a wealth of opportunities and challenges. One of the standout features of Drakenhold is its roster of recruitable characters. Players swiftly encounter top-tier characters such as Virginia and Leah, who join the party immediately after “The Battle for Mier.” These characters bring unique abilities, strengths, and narratives to the gameplay experience, enriching the player’s party dynamics and strategic options.

Additionally, Drakenhold offers a diverse range of quests, encounters, and exploration opportunities that contribute to character development and story immersion. Players can expect to navigate treacherous dungeons, engage in epic battles, and uncover hidden secrets as they traverse the rugged terrain of Drakenhold.

4. Elheim: The Enigmatic Enclave of Challenges and Surprises

On the opposite end of the spectrum lies Elheim, a mysterious and enchanting region known for its lush forests, ancient magic, and enigmatic inhabitants. Unlike Drakenhold, gaining entry into Elheim requires confronting “The Resistance Lives On,” a formidable quest with an Enemy Level of 15. This quest sets a higher difficulty bar, challenging players to showcase their skills and strategic prowess early on.

What sets Elheim apart is its strategic use of siege weapons within “The Resistance Lives On” quest. These siege weapons provide a significant advantage, boosting unit levels and bridging the level gap swiftly. Players can leverage this advantage to bolster their forces and tackle subsequent challenges with greater ease.

However, venturing into Elheim comes with its own set of challenges and considerations. The region is designed as a later-game destination, introducing players to higher-level enemies and promoted units. Promoted units possess enhanced abilities and attributes, posing a formidable challenge to players who haven’t reached Renown Rank B, which unlocks unit promotions.

Despite the allure of siege weapons and accelerated level progression, players must tread cautiously in Elheim. Rushing into high-level encounters without adequate preparation can lead to setbacks and frustrations, highlighting the importance of strategic planning and party optimization.

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5. The Delicate Balance: Choosing Your Path Wisely

The decision between Drakenhold and Elheim isn’t a binary one; players have the flexibility to explore both destinations at their own pace. Unicorn Overlord allows players to return to Cornia and even venture into the alternative nation, ensuring that players aren’t locked into a rigid progression path.

When contemplating your next destination in Unicorn Overlord, consider the following factors:

– Your party composition and strengths: Assess your party’s strengths, weaknesses, and composition to determine which destination aligns with your current capabilities.
– Strategic advantages: Evaluate the strategic advantages offered by each destination, such as recruitable characters, quest rewards, and level progression opportunities.
– Personal playstyle: Consider your preferred playstyle, whether it’s tackling challenging encounters head-on, leveraging strategic advantages, or exploring immersive narratives.
– Long-term planning: Plan for the future by anticipating how your decisions in Drakenhold or Elheim will impact your journey and character progression in later stages of the game.

6. The Path Less Traveled: Tips and Recommendations

While Unicorn Overlord grants players the freedom to choose their path, certain strategies and recommendations can enhance the overall gaming experience:

– Begin with Drakenhold: Due to its linear progression and early access to top-tier characters, starting with Drakenhold provides a solid foundation for your journey.
– Utilize siege weapons in Elheim strategically: If you opt for Elheim early on, leverage siege weapons within “The Resistance Lives On” quest to accelerate level progression and prepare for higher-level challenges.
– Balance exploration and progression: Strike a balance between exploration, quest completion, and character progression to experience the breadth and depth of Unicorn Overlord’s world.

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7. The Journey Continues: Embracing the Adventure

In the realm of Unicorn Overlord, the journey is as meaningful as the destination. Whether you choose Drakenhold, Elheim, or
embark on a hybrid approach, embrace the adventure, forge alliances, unravel mysteries, and become the legendary Unicorn Overlord destined to shape the fate of Fevrith.


The choice between Drakenhold and Elheim in Unicorn Overlord is not merely a geographical decision; it’s a strategic, narrative, and immersive experience that defines your journey as a player. By understanding the nuances, challenges, and rewards of each destination, players can embark on a thrilling adventure filled with exploration, conquest, and epic encounters. Let your journey begin, and may the Unicorn Overlord guide your path to glory.

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to the decision between Drakenhold and Elheim in Unicorn Overlord:

1. What is Unicorn Overlord?

Unicorn Overlord is a fantasy RPG game set in the expansive continent of Fevrith, offering players an open-world experience with diverse regions, quests, and challenges.

2. What is the significance of choosing between Drakenhold and Elheim?

After defeating a major boss in Unicorn Overlord, players must decide whether to journey to Drakenhold or Elheim as their next destination. This decision impacts gameplay progression, questlines, and character development.

3. How many countries are there in Fevrith, and which ones are accessible after the initial stages?

Fevrith comprises five countries: Cornia, Drakenhold, Elheim, Bastorias, and Albion. Players can explore Drakenhold and Elheim after completing a crucial battle in Cornia.

4. What are the differences between Drakenhold and Elheim?

Drakenhold is accessible through “The Battle for Mier” quest with an Enemy Level of nine, offering linear progression and early access to top-tier characters. Elheim, on the other hand, requires completing “The Resistance Lives On” quest with an Enemy Level of 15 and provides strategic advantages through siege weapons but introduces higher-level challenges.

5. Can players switch between Drakenhold and Elheim freely?

Yes, Unicorn Overlord allows players to freely switch between Drakenhold and Elheim, explore both regions, and return to previous areas as they progress through the game.

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6. What factors should players consider when choosing between Drakenhold and Elheim?

Players should consider their party composition, strategic advantages offered by each region, personal playstyle, and long-term planning when making the decision between Drakenhold and Elheim.

7. Are there recommended strategies for approaching Drakenhold and Elheim?

Starting with Drakenhold for a solid foundation and leveraging siege weapons in Elheim strategically are recommended strategies to enhance the gameplay experience in Unicorn Overlord.

8. Can players revisit previous regions after choosing Drakenhold or Elheim?

Yes, players can revisit Cornia and explore the alternative region (Drakenhold or Elheim) at any point in Unicorn Overlord, allowing for flexible exploration and quest completion.

9. How does the decision between Drakenhold and Elheim impact later stages of the game?

The decision between Drakenhold and Elheim influences quest progression, character development, and the overall narrative of Unicorn Overlord, shaping the player’s journey and experiences in later stages of the game.

10. What is the overarching goal in Unicorn Overlord, and how does the choice between Drakenhold and Elheim contribute to it?

The overarching goal in Unicorn Overlord is to become the legendary Unicorn Overlord and shape the fate of Fevrith. The choice between Drakenhold and Elheim contributes to this goal by offering diverse gameplay experiences, challenges, and opportunities for players to forge their path to glory.

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