Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes – Inventory Expansion Guide

Expanding inventory space in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is a critical aspect of gameplay, especially as players delve deeper into the expansive world and accumulate various items essential for their journey. This guide will provide an in-depth look at the methods and strategies to maximize inventory capacity, ensuring players can efficiently manage their belongings and optimize their gaming experience.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Inventory Upgrade Guide
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Understanding Inventory Management

When players initially venture into the vast open world of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, inventory management might not seem like a pressing concern. However, as they progress through different regions, engage in battles, and explore hidden treasures, the inventory quickly fills up with various items, ranging from weapons and armor to consumables and crafting materials.

Every item acquired in the game occupies at least one slot in the inventory. Additionally, certain items, particularly stackable ones or larger equipment, can consume multiple slots. This limitation underscores the importance of expanding inventory space to accommodate the growing collection of items without sacrificing essential gear or resources.

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Recruiting Nell for Enhanced Inventory

The key to unlocking additional inventory slots lies in recruiting Nell, a character offering a unique bag that significantly expands storage capacity. Nell can be found in the capital city of Euchrisse, known as Hishahn. However, accessing Hishahn and recruiting Nell requires specific milestones to be achieved within the game.

To begin the journey towards expanding inventory space, players must first establish their castle and progress through the Treefolk Village arc. These initial steps are essential for unlocking access to Hishahn, where Nell awaits.

Upon reaching Hishahn, players should navigate to the top left exit, situated adjacent to one of the accessible buildings. Here, a hidden bag conceals Nell, symbolizing the potential for increased inventory capacity. Interacting with the bag initiates a dialogue that allows players to recruit Nell into their party, marking the first significant step towards enhancing inventory management capabilities.

Temporary and Permanent Inventory Expansion Methods

Once Nell joins the party, players gain access to two distinct methods for expanding their inventory space: temporary boosts and permanent upgrades.

1. Temporary Boost with Nell in Support Slot: The first method involves utilizing Nell’s capabilities by assigning him to the support slot within the player’s team. While this temporarily increases inventory capacity, allowing for additional item storage during specific gameplay sessions, it comes with limitations. Players must forego other support characters while Nell occupies the support slot. This approach is ideal for focused farming runs or intensive item acquisition phases but lacks the long-term strategic flexibility of permanent inventory expansions.

2. Permanent Expansion through Commercial Upgrades: The second method focuses on permanent upgrades that provide lasting benefits in terms of inventory space. This involves unlocking and upgrading Commercial features within the castle’s upgrade menu. Players will notice a specific upgrade option associated with Nell, denoted by a grayed-out image. To unlock this upgrade, players must invest resources, including 40 Pelt and 800 Headquarters Funds. These resources serve as the currency for enhancing castle infrastructure and unlocking various functionalities, including inventory expansions.

The initial upgrade, featuring Nell, grants a substantial boost to inventory space, typically adding ten additional slots. Subsequent upgrades within the Commercial domain offer further expansions, correlating with advancements in castle levels and overall progression in the game.

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Navigating the Upgrade Tree for Inventory Enhancements

While the prospect of permanent inventory expansions is enticing, players must navigate the upgrade tree strategically to unlock these enhancements efficiently. The structure of the upgrade tree often requires players to fulfill specific prerequisites or recruit additional characters beyond Nell to access further inventory upgrades.

One such prerequisite involves recruiting Code L, another character integral to unlocking advanced inventory expansions. Code L can be found within the realm of Euchrisse, similar to Nell’s location. However, recruiting Code L necessitates obtaining the Rune of Currents, an item or quest-related milestone players must achieve to progress.

By meeting these prerequisites and progressing through the upgrade tree systematically, players can unlock successive inventory expansions, gradually transforming their limited inventory space into a robust storage system capable of accommodating diverse item categories and quantities.

Strategic Considerations for Inventory Management

Effective inventory management extends beyond mere expansion of storage space. Players must adopt strategic approaches to organizing and prioritizing items within their inventory. This includes categorizing items based on their utility, rarity, and immediate relevance to ongoing quests or objectives.

1. Item Categorization: Sorting items into categories such as weapons, armor, consumables, crafting materials, and quest items facilitates quick access and prevents clutter within the inventory interface. Players can utilize in-game sorting features or manual organization methods to arrange items efficiently.

2. Priority Items: Identifying priority items, such as healing potions, quest-specific items, or high-value equipment, ensures quick retrieval and utilization during critical gameplay moments. Assigning hotkeys or quick access shortcuts to priority items streamlines combat and exploration experiences.

3. Inventory Optimization: Regularly assessing and optimizing inventory contents eliminates redundant or obsolete items, freeing up valuable space for essential gear and resources. Selling excess items, dismantling equipment for crafting materials, or storing surplus items in designated containers contribute to inventory optimization efforts.

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4. Strategic Loadout Planning: Tailoring loadouts and equipment configurations based on specific gameplay scenarios enhances efficiency and effectiveness during combat encounters or exploration missions. Players can create multiple loadout presets to adapt to diverse challenges seamlessly.

By incorporating these strategic considerations into their gameplay approach, players can leverage expanded inventory space effectively, ensuring a seamless and organized gaming experience in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.


Expanding inventory space in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is a multifaceted endeavor that encompasses recruitment strategies, upgrade pathways, and strategic inventory management practices. By recruiting Nell, unlocking commercial upgrades, and navigating the upgrade tree systematically, players can transform their limited inventory into a versatile storage system capable of accommodating diverse item categories and quantities.

Strategic considerations such as item categorization, priority item management, inventory optimization, and loadout planning further enhance the efficiency and organization of inventory management efforts. Ultimately, mastering inventory management contributes significantly to a streamlined and enjoyable gameplay experience, allowing players to focus on exploration, combat, and quest progression without the constraints of limited storage capacity.

1. How do I recruit Nell in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes?

– To recruit Nell, head to the capital city of Euchrisse, Hishahn, after establishing your castle and completing the Treefolk Village arc. Look for a hidden bag near the top left exit in Hishahn and interact with it to recruit Nell into your party.

2. What benefits does Nell provide in terms of inventory management?

– Nell offers a significant increase in inventory space, allowing players to store more items without sacrificing essential gear or resources. This expanded capacity becomes crucial as players progress through the game and acquire various items.

3. Are there temporary methods to increase inventory space in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes?

– Yes, players can temporarily boost their inventory space by assigning Nell to the support slot in their team. However, this temporary boost comes with limitations, such as the inability to have other support characters while Nell occupies the support slot.

4. What are the permanent methods to expand inventory space in the game?

– The permanent method involves unlocking Commercial upgrades within the castle’s upgrade menu. By investing resources like Pelt and Headquarters Funds, players can unlock successive upgrades that provide permanent expansions to their inventory space.

5. Are there any prerequisites for unlocking advanced inventory expansions in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes?

– Yes, players may need to fulfill specific prerequisites, such as recruiting additional characters like Code L, to access advanced inventory upgrades. These prerequisites often involve completing quests, obtaining certain items, or progressing through specific story arcs.

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6. How can players optimize their inventory management strategies in the game?

– Players can optimize their inventory management by categorizing items, prioritizing essential items, regularly assessing and optimizing inventory contents, and planning strategic loadouts based on gameplay scenarios. These practices contribute to efficient inventory organization and utilization.

7. What are the benefits of effective inventory management in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes?

– Effective inventory management enhances gameplay experiences by ensuring quick access to essential items, streamlining combat encounters and exploration missions, and minimizing clutter within the inventory interface. It also contributes to a more organized and enjoyable gaming experience overall.

8. Can players change their inventory configurations or loadouts during gameplay?

– Yes, players can customize their inventory configurations and loadouts during gameplay to adapt to different challenges or objectives. Creating multiple loadout presets and utilizing quick access shortcuts enable players to switch between setups seamlessly.

9. What role does inventory expansion play in overall gameplay progression in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes?

– Inventory expansion is integral to gameplay progression as it allows players to collect, store, and manage a wide range of items crucial for quest completion, crafting, combat preparation, and exploration. Expanded inventory space facilitates a smoother and more immersive gaming experience.

10. Are there any specific tips or strategies for efficient inventory management in the game?

– Some tips for efficient inventory management include regularly organizing items into categories, prioritizing essential items, optimizing inventory contents, planning strategic loadouts, and leveraging expanded inventory space through permanent upgrades. These strategies enhance gameplay efficiency and enjoyment in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

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