Paper Mario: TTYD Tips & Boss Strategies

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door: General Tips

In this section, we’ll provide some general hints and tips to help you get ready for your storybook adventure with Mario and his new friends. This includes details on every partner and party member, as well as tips on how to level up fast.

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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door: Bosses

This section covers all of the bosses you will encounter in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, including individual strategies for each one, and separate guides for the final boss of the game, the Pit of 100 Trials final fight, and two new superbosses exclusive to the Switch version.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door: All Bosses, Strategies, How to Beat Them

Every boss in TTYD and how to defeat them. As with every Mario RPG, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door features a variety of bosses, both weak and strong. You’ll encounter many of them throughout your adventure, and we’ve compiled a list of every major boss fight in the game along with the best strategies for defeating each one.

Two bosses are particularly powerful – the game’s final boss and the hidden superboss. Separate guides for these formidable foes are available.

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Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door – All Bosses

Prologue Bosses


The first notable boss in the game is fought in Rogueport Sewers. To topple this Blooper, you’ll need to use Jump attacks on the tentacles. The Blooper will fall to the ground and leave itself vulnerable to any kind of attack. After a couple of turns, Blooper’s tentacles will regenerate and you’ll need to defeat them all again. Overall, not too tough!

Chapter 1 Bosses

Gold Fuzzy

After collecting the Sun Stone and Moon Stone in Shhwonk Fortress, a Gold Fuzzy will appear and attack you. If you got the Power Smash badge earlier in the game, you can use this attack to quickly move on to the next phase of the fight. Otherwise, just use normal moves.

When Gold Fuzzy calls in an army of Fuzzies, use Jump attacks and make sure you’re targeting the Gold Fuzzy and not the Fuzzy Horde. Eventually, you’ll defeat it. It’s an easy fight as long as your blocking skills are good!


Before you even attempt this boss fight, you’ll want to equip the Attack FX R Badge, which costs 0 BP to use. It turns Mario’s battle sounds into crickets, which Hooktail is afraid of. If you made it through Hooktail Castle and couldn’t find this Badge, check out our Badge location guide. Once you’ve equipped the Badge, this battle becomes much easier.

Fighting Hooktail is fairly self-explanatory: attack her claws with Hammer moves; eventually, she’ll try to convince you to spare her, but this is a trap. Continue to decline her offers and she’ll start eating the audience! Switch over to Jump attacks and she’ll spit out the audience members she ate. Keep it up and you’ll take her down before you know it!

Chapter 2 Bosses

The Three Shadows

For this battle, you’ll need to take on the Three Shadows (known as the Shadow Sirens on GameCube) at once. As a result, attacks that strike multiple targets (Mario’s Earth Tremor, Koops’ Power Shell, etc.) work great here.

All three Shadows can hit both Mario and his partner at the same time, but Marilyn and Beldam’s multi-target spells are strongest. Once you run out of Earth Tremors, focus on those two first and foremost and you should be good to go.

Magnus von Grapple

This fight is fairly straightforward: use your strongest attacks! Pull off Stylish Moves to increase your Star Gauge and then attack with well-timed Earth Tremors. If you run out of Star Power, Mario’s standard Jump or Spin Jump are fine to use instead.

After Magnus von Grapple takes a few hits, he will summon flying fists that serve as separate targets. Flurrie’s Gale Force works well here; otherwise, standard Jump attacks will do the trick. After a few turns, Magnus von Grapple will summon another set of flying fists. Otherwise, this boss fight shouldn’t give you much trouble.

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Chapter 3 Bosses

Rawk Hawk

After making your way through the Glitz Pit’s many challenges, you’ll have to take on Rawk Hawk, the champion of the ring. For the most part, this fight isn’t too bad. Hit him with Stylish Moves to fill up your Star Gauge. That way if you run out of items, you can use Sweet Treat to easily restore some health.

When Rawk Hawk starts hanging from the ceiling, use Mario’s Quake Hammer move to knock him down. Otherwise, keep attacking with your strongest moves and you shouldn’t have much trouble.

Macho Grubba

This boss is a good deal more difficult than the ones you’ve faced before. Macho Grubba can raise his stats and start dealing tons of damage to your party, so make sure you’ve got plenty of healing items and are healed up at the start of the battle.

Attack him with your strongest moves and he’ll eventually grow even larger. It’s at this time when his attacks really start hurting. There’s no special trick to taking down Macho Grubba like there was with Rawk Hawk – balance your turns between healing with items or Sweet Treat and attacking with Mario’s FP and Special Moves to finish this fight as fast as you can.

Chapter 4 Bosses

Atomic Boo

This is an optional boss fight in the Creepy Steeple. After releasing the Boos, use your Super Hammer to dispel them a few times and then Atomic Boo will challenge you.

This is the first boss where you have access to Power Lift, so use it to boost your Attack and Defense and then hit Atomic Boo with your strongest moves. Every few turns, he’ll unleash a scare attack that has a chance of confusing your party. Make sure you deal as much damage as possible and you’ll take him out before he can cause too much harm.


The first fight with Doopliss is super easy – even standard attacks will do the trick. Things are a bit tougher during your second encounter, though!

Doopliss uses your own party members against you. Now that you have Power Lift, use it to boost your stats and then start firing off attacks at Doopliss. After a few turns, Vivian will join your side and help you fight Doopliss. From there, continue focusing your attacks on Doopliss to get your body and partners back!

Chapter 5 Bosses


Make sure you bring a Mushroom or two to this fight! as Cortez does a lot of damage! For the first form, use Mario’s normal Jump attack and a partner who can hit flying opponents (Goombella and Vivian are good options). Eventually, he’ll change form. Damage him some more and he’ll take out all of his weapons as separate targets. You’ll want to use one of your Special Moves now – preferably one like Art Attack that can hit them all at once.

When you’ve dealt enough damage, Cortez will absorb the souls of half the audience and completely restore his health. Fortunately, he only does this once – but it does mean the battle will take a little while, which is why it’s good to stock up on healing items. Once you’ve defeated him, remember to heal up – there’s a second boss battle incoming!

Lord Crump

Lord Crump starts the battle with a couple of X-Naut minions by his side. Focus your attacks on Crump, and when he summons a big row of X-Nauts you can use Quake Hammer to deal damage to all of them at once.

When you’ve dealt enough damage to Lord Crump, he’ll hop off-screen and recover health. This makes the battle even longer, so make sure you’ve got plenty of Mushrooms on hand. Defeat him with your strongest moves once more and you’re in the clear!

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Chapter 6 Bosses


This boss’ tentacles are separate targets, so make sure to bring a partner who can attack several floating enemies at once – Vivian is a great pick for this fight. Once the tentacles have retracted, use your strongest attacks on Smorg’s core.

Power Lift is a solid choice here, as it increases your Attack and Defense and helps prepare you for the incoming onslaught. The tentacles will soon regenerate again, and they’ll eventually form a claw that deals lots of damage if it hits you. Use a Power Lift-boosted Fiery Jinx to take out all the tentacles at once and prevent this from happening. If the claw does wind up forming, make sure you have plenty of healing items to offset the damage.

Chapter 7 Bosses

Magnus von Grapple 2.0

It’s time to fight Magnus von Grapple again! For this boss fight, we’d recommend bringing a partner who can target multiple hovering enemies at once – Vivian is still a good choice, particularly if she’s been upgraded. After a few turns of fighting, Magnus von Grapple 2.0 will launch X-Punches. This is when you’ll want to unleash a multi-target attack to destroy them all at once. Make absolutely certain you keep Mario healthy with Mushrooms and healing items.

After dealing enough damage, Magnus von Grapple will absorb and then fire members of the audience at you, which can easily pick you off if you don’t have much health left. If you’re all out of items, remember to use your Special Moves too! This attack can easily bring you from 20 HP to zero, so be careful. If you’re really having trouble, try using Power Lift to boost your Attack and Defense.

Otherwise, keep it up and you’ll defeat him eventually.

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Chapter 8 Bosses


The first boss of the Palace of Shadow, Gloomtail is a formidable foe. If you have the Boo Cloak badge, use it to avoid his breath attack. Alternatively, you can use Vivian’s Veil move to dodge it. Otherwise, the fight is pretty straightforward – use your strongest moves and Power Lift to defeat him.

The Three Shadows (Rematch)

The Three Shadows now have a new member, making this fight tougher than the last. Start with Power Lift to boost your stats and use multi-target attacks like Fiery Jinx. Focus on Beldam and Marilyn first, as their powerful spells can cause a lot of trouble.


Grodus is one of the last obstacles before the final boss. Bring Vivian for her multi-target Fiery Jinx. Grodus summons Grodus X shields each turn, which you’ll need to destroy with multi-target attacks. Once his shields are down, Grodus is vulnerable to your attacks. Keep destroying his shields and attacking him until he’s defeated.

Bowser & Kammy Koopa

Immediately after fighting Grodus, Bowser and Kammy Koopa will challenge you. Focus on Kammy Koopa first; her spells can be problematic if left unchecked. Use strong moves like Art Attack to deal significant damage to both. Make sure to heal up after this battle, as the final boss is up next.

Final Boss

Shadow Queen

The Shadow Queen is a three-phase fight and is by far the toughest battle in the game. Make sure you have a lot of healing items and a full Star Gauge before you start. The first phase is straightforward; attack her with your strongest moves while keeping Mario’s health up. In the second phase, the Shadow Queen will possess Peach and use powerful attacks. Use Power Lift to boost your stats and attack her hands to weaken her. When her hands are destroyed, attack her main body. In the final phase, the Shadow Queen will unleash her full power. Use all your resources, including Special Moves and healing items, to survive. Keep attacking and healing until she is defeated.



Bonetail is the toughest boss in the game and resides at the bottom of the Pit of 100 Trials. Make sure you are well-prepared with healing items, a full Star Gauge, and a strong badge setup. Bonetail has a lot of health and can inflict multiple status effects. Use Power Lift to boost your stats and attack him with your strongest moves. Keep an eye on your health and use items and Sweet Treat to stay alive. With patience and persistence, you can defeat Bonetail and claim the rewards.

Shadow Queen (Rematch)

In the Switch version of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, you can fight the Shadow Queen again after completing the game. This rematch is even tougher than the original fight, with the Shadow Queen having increased health and new attacks. Use the same strategies as before, but be prepared for a longer and more challenging battle. Victory will reward you with exclusive items and bragging rights.

With these strategies, you’ll be well-equipped to handle every boss in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Remember to keep your health up, use your strongest moves, and take advantage of Power Lift and other Special Moves to turn the tide of battle in your favor. Good luck, and happy adventuring!

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door – FAQs

1. How do I get more Star Points?

Star Points are earned by defeating enemies, particularly in boss battles. The number of Star Points you receive depends on the enemy’s level relative to Mario’s. Stronger enemies yield more Star Points. To maximize Star Points, seek out high-level enemies and bosses, and try to engage in battles with large groups of foes. Additionally, using stylish moves and completing battles quickly can increase your Star Points.

2. What are Stylish Moves, and how do I perform them?

Stylish Moves are extra actions that Mario and his partners can perform during attacks to gain more Star Power. To execute a Stylish Move, press the “A” button at specific times during an attack animation. Each move has different timings for Stylish inputs, so experiment with different attacks to find the right timing. Successfully performing Stylish Moves can significantly boost your Star Gauge, allowing you to use powerful Special Moves more frequently.

3. How do I level up quickly?

To level up quickly, focus on battling enemies that yield high Star Points. Boss fights and encounters in the Pit of 100 Trials are excellent sources of Star Points. Additionally, equip badges that boost your attack power or reduce damage taken to make battles more efficient. Regularly upgrade your HP, FP, and BP when leveling up to maintain a balanced and powerful Mario.

4. What are the best badges to equip?

The best badges to equip depend on your playstyle and the challenges you face. Some essential badges include:

– Power Plus: Increases Mario’s attack power.
– Defend Plus: Reduces damage taken by Mario.
– Quake Hammer: Allows Mario to hit all ground enemies.
– Zap Tap: Damages enemies that make direct contact with Mario.
– Power Lift: Boosts attack and defense during battles.

Experiment with different badge combinations to find what works best for you in various situations.

5. How do I find and recruit all partners?

Partners are recruited as you progress through the story. Here’s a brief guide to finding each partner:

– Goombella: Joins at the start of the game in Rogueport.
– Koops: Found in Petalburg during Chapter 1.
– Flurrie: Found in Boggly Woods during Chapter 2.
– Yoshi Kid: Hatched from an egg in Glitzville during Chapter 3.
– Vivian: Joins during Chapter 4 after the battle with Doopliss.
– Admiral Bobbery: Recruited in Keelhaul Key during Chapter 5.
– Ms. Mowz: Optional partner, recruited by completing the Trouble Center quest “Elusive Badge.”

Each partner has unique abilities that help in battles and solving puzzles throughout the game.

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6. How do I unlock the Pit of 100 Trials?

The Pit of 100 Trials is located in Rogueport Sewers. To access it, head to the left side of the main sewer area and use the Paper Mode ability to slip through a narrow gap. The entrance to the Pit of 100 Trials is marked by a large door. Be prepared, as this challenging dungeon requires strong combat skills and plenty of healing items.

7. What is the best strategy for the Pit of 100 Trials?

The Pit of 100 Trials is a grueling challenge that requires preparation and strategy. Here are some tips:

– Stock up on items: Bring plenty of healing items, such as Ultra Shrooms and Jammin’ Jellies.
– Equip the right badges: Focus on badges that increase attack power, defense, and multi-target attacks.
– Use Power Lift: This Special Move is invaluable for boosting your stats during tough fights.
– Manage your FP: Use FP wisely and recover it with items or Sweet Treat when necessary.
– Save your progress: Use save points whenever possible to avoid losing progress.

8. How do I defeat Bonetail?

Bonetail, the final boss of the Pit of 100 Trials, is extremely tough. Here’s a strategy to defeat him:

– Power Lift: Use this move to boost your attack and defense.
– Multi-target attacks: Use moves like Art Attack to deal consistent damage.
– Heal regularly: Keep an eye on your health and use healing items when needed.
– Equip status protection badges: Bonetail can inflict status effects, so equip badges like Feeling Fine to mitigate them.

9. What are the best Special Moves to use in battles?

The best Special Moves depend on the situation, but some of the most useful ones include:

– Earth Tremor: Deals damage to all ground enemies.
– Art Attack: Allows you to draw circles around enemies to deal damage.
– Power Lift: Boosts attack and defense for a few turns.
– Sweet Treat: Restores a small amount of HP and FP.

Use these moves strategically to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

10. How do I unlock the Shadow Queen rematch?

In the Switch version of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, the Shadow Queen rematch is available after completing the game. To unlock it, return to the Palace of Shadow and approach the throne room. The Shadow Queen will challenge you again, offering a more difficult fight with exclusive rewards.

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