Survive Still Wakes The Deep: Monster Tips

Survive the monsters in Still Wakes The Deep with these essential gameplay tips.

Still Wakes The Deep: Tips For Dealing With The Monsters

In Still Wakes The Deep, you step into the shoes of Caz McLeary, an oil rig worker in the North Sea. Initially, everything seems normal, but things quickly spiral into chaos when an unnatural phenomenon rocks the facility. The presence spreads throughout the station, infecting many of the crew members and turning them into crazed, murderous monsters. With no way to fight or kill these enemies, your only hope of survival lies in sneaking past them. Here are some essential tips to help you navigate this perilous situation.

Make Use Of Your Environment

When you enter a new area, always take a moment to assess your surroundings. Look for potential hiding spots such as lockers, the undersides of platforms, or any other nook that can provide cover. The game’s level design highlights these safe zones with bright yellow markers, signaling that a mutated crew member may be nearby.

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As soon as you spot a monster, dash to the nearest hiding place and wait until it passes by. While hiding, use the opportunity to plan your next move by identifying the next closest safe zone. Moving quickly and cautiously from one hiding spot to another is key to staying alive and reaching your destination.

Always Carry An Item

The oil rig is littered with various items like helmets, hammers, and bottles, which might seem useless at first glance. However, these objects can be crucial in creating distractions. Pick up any item you come across, as you are never penalized for carrying them.

Throw these items to distant parts of the stage to make noise and draw monsters away from you. This distraction can buy you valuable time to hide or reach your objective without being detected.

Look Behind You

Unlike many horror games that limit your vision to heighten the sense of fear, Still Wakes The Deep allows you to see behind you. A quick button press causes Caz to whip his head around, giving you a glimpse of what’s following you. This mechanic is incredibly useful when you’re in an area with a monster, as it helps you gauge the distance between you and your pursuer.

However, if you already know a monster is chasing you, avoid the temptation to look back. It will slow you down and increase the risk of being caught.

If All Else Fails, Run

When all other options are exhausted or if you’re about to be caught, running might be your last resort. Every monster encounter can be ended by reaching the next story objective, so if you know where to go, sprinting can be a viable strategy.

That said, running should not be your primary tactic. The damaged oil rig environment can be difficult to navigate, often requiring you to find hidden paths or climb under debris. Running alerts monsters to your position immediately, and unless you can quickly and accurately parse your surroundings, you’ll likely meet a gruesome end.

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To make navigation easier, consider enabling hints, which highlight your objective location on the screen. This can greatly assist in reaching your destination without getting lost or caught by the monsters.

By using these strategies, you can increase your chances of surviving the horrors of Still Wakes The Deep. Stay alert, use your environment wisely, and always be prepared to make a quick escape.

Still Wakes The Deep: FAQs for Dealing with Monsters

What is Still Wakes The Deep about?

Still Wakes The Deep is a horror game where you play as Caz McLeary, an oil rig worker in the North Sea. The game takes a dark turn when an unnatural phenomenon infects the crew, turning them into crazed monsters.

Can I fight or kill the monsters?

No, you cannot fight or kill the monsters in Still Wakes The Deep. Your only options are to hide, sneak past them, or run to escape.

How do I hide from monsters?

Use the environment to your advantage by hiding in lockers, under platforms, or other safe spots highlighted in bright yellow. Move from one hiding spot to another to avoid detection.

What items can I use to distract monsters?

You can pick up and use items like helmets, hammers, and bottles found scattered around the oil rig. Throw these items to create noise and draw monsters away from your path.

How do I look behind me in the game?

You can press a button to make Caz whip his head around, giving you a quick view of what’s behind you. This helps you gauge the distance between you and any pursuing monsters.

Should I always look behind me when being chased?

If you know a monster is chasing you, avoid looking back, as it will slow you down. Only use the look-behind feature to check your surroundings when you’re not being pursued.

What should I do if I’m about to be caught?

If you have no other options, run to your next story objective. Reaching the objective will end the monster encounter. However, running should be a last resort due to the risk of alerting more monsters.

How can I make navigation easier in the game?

Enable hints to highlight your objective location on the screen. This helps you navigate the damaged oil rig more effectively and reach your destination without getting lost.

Are there any penalties for carrying items?

No, there are no penalties for carrying items. Always keep an item with you for potential distractions.

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How do I know where to go next?

Use the in-game hints or your knowledge of the oil rig layout to find the next story objective. Moving cautiously and using distractions will help you reach your goal safely.

Can I replay levels to practice my strategy?

Yes, you can replay levels to practice and refine your strategy for avoiding monsters and navigating the environment.

What makes the monsters appear?

Monsters appear as you progress through the game. Pay attention to environmental cues and hiding spots to anticipate their arrival and plan your movements accordingly.

How important is sound in the game?

Sound is crucial. Use noise-making items to distract monsters, and be mindful of the noise you make while moving. Listening to the sounds around you can also alert you to nearby dangers.

By following these tips and strategies, you can better navigate the treacherous environment of Still Wakes The Deep and survive the monstrous threats that lurk within.

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